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I'm a revolutionary socialist and member of the Socialist Workers Party. I've been a political activist, Trades Unionist and anti fascist for a long time. I take great pleasure in exposing the fascist BNP as the neo nazi party that they are. My political education has enabled me to see through the lies and misinformation of this nasty little group of Hitler idolising, Holocaust denying, white supremacists...much to their dismay here on YA. As you can guess, I am anti racist, pro democracy and oppose all forms of discrimination based on skin colour, religion, gender, ethnic origin and sexual orientation and as a result have many friends from diverse backgrounds. I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many different parts of the world including Pakistan, Afghanistan Sri Lanka, Canada, US and many other places. I support workers in struggle and look forward to the day when we finally shrug off the shackles of capitalism! ONE SOLUTION...REVOLUTION !!!