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  • 4th grade science project?

    My husband is out of town and is definitely better at this than I am.... My 4th grader has to do one of two things. She can either a) build something to show what happens to the tectonic plates during an earthquake, or b) build a volcano to show what happens when a volcano erupts.

    Does anyone have any good ideas on how to simulate either of these activities?

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  • Microchipping question?

    I just had my newest dog microchipped over the weekend. I noticed when I got home that they use a different microchipping company than was used for my other dog. Both dogs wear current tags with their name and my phone number on them, but obviously, if they somehow get out of their collar, I want to make sure they can get back to me. Do city pounds/shelters have scanners than can read all the different microchips out there?

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  • Does anyone here use a citronella bark collar?

    If so, what has been your experience? Has it come in handy or was it a waste of time?

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  • Do your parents like your spouse?

    Because apparently my parents don't like my husband of 3 years.

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  • My husband just called me and said he quit his job?

    He has been on his job for three years. Right now he is out of town and working 7 days a week for 14+ hours a day. He's very tired and irritated by the guys he works with. He is angry at me because I didn't automatically support his decision to quit his job with nothing lined up.

    His point of view:

    He is irritated by the "office politics" and hates that he is always being told what to do. He thinks he will just pull the little bit of money out of his 401k to sustain us until he finds something else. He said he would go back to his previous profession if need be (however, he HATED his previous profession).

    My point of view:

    He doesn't "play" well with others. With every job he has had during our marriage, he has had the mindset that everyone else is stupid. He is very difficult to work with. I don't feel that, in this economy, you should quit a job without having something else lined up. No one is hiring. Plus what makes him think another job is going to be any better? You're always going to have someone to answer to, and you're always going to have to work with people you don't like.

    We have two children at home to support. I work full time already. I'm the primary breadwinner in our household, but I'm salaried and don't have the option to work overtime to make more money.

    Did I overreact in not supporting him 100% in his decision to up and quit his job without discussing it with me first?

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  • How do you fix your biracial child's hair?

    My 9 year old daughter is half black, half white. Her hair is medium-to-course in texture and slightly kinky. What products have you tried? I have tried many products for black hair and no matter how little I use, they all make her hair too greasy. I haven't yet found a product for white hair that offers enough moisture. Has anyone here used mixed chicks hair products? If so what has been your experience?

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  • Lack of affection in marriage?

    My husband and I have been married a little more than three years. I know he loves me and I'm not a woman who has to be told all the time that she is loved. But every once in a while it would be nice if he complimented me or surprised me with a card or something small like that. He says he proves his love to me by taking care of me and our two children and always putting us first. I say he should do that anyway because that's what a real man does. Is there any way to get him to see my point of view, or am I being too picky and girly?

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  • Who here feeds their dog a raw diet?

    If you did, how did you get started with it? What resources did you use?

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  • What is the temperature tolerance for a beagle?

    I know most dogs don't like extremes, but I don't know at what point my beagle will get cold, or at what point she may need a jacket outdoors.

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