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  • What is a good union for local CDL truck/delivery drivers? I have looked into teamsters, are there any other good unions?

    I've looked into local teamsters, looked on google, just curious are there any unions for truckers/cdl drivers?

    And do different unions offer different benefits/wages etc.

    If so, then what would be a good union for local CDL truck drivers ?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • got a 27 on my asvab?

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  • whats the difference between cadillac, pontiac buick and saturn?

    i know interior and exterior but in quality? which one is better?

    im looking to get either one between 1995-2005, i found a few with really low miles, used by old folks.

    so, which one is better in terms of:







    opinions and facts welcome!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • What are some good Expedited companies to work for?

    What are some good Expedited companies to work for? (The ones that use large straight trucks with sleepers, and yes i have my Class A CDL) would prefer to drive a company truck.

    And one more question, how would someone like me contract through fedex for the same position or VAN delivery? or how would i find a contractor? craigslist failed.

    i live in near WA/OR area. Thanks.

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  • chevy 350 5.7 dies in gear (in D and R) parking and nuetral is fine.?

    so basically, if i throw in parking or neutral, rpms g down and truck just dies.

    in neutral it idles at about 1000 to 1,500 rpms. at D or R it idles at around 500 and lower and then dies

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  • walmart hiring exam/application?

    we got a new walmart by us, not even a mile away, sucks in a way.

    anyways, i applied about a month ago, (also applied previously 2 years in a row) they scheduled me for an interview, manager told me she will call me back within a week for my 2nd interview and more detail. about a week goes by, i call them back, and a different lady tells me that my application is none competitive (marked red) and that at this point she cant do anything about it and told me to re-apply in about a month. 1 month goes by, i re-apply and call them back the next day, manager tells me the exact same cr@p and tells me its due to my exam that i took at the end of my application (i don't remember taking any exam) so i hang up cuz im already pissed off and i call Walmart HR, i asked the guy and he checked my application and told me its marked green, everything looks great and it shows that its competitive, i call back the manager, she almost instantly tells me the opposite, says that they only "see" what the "above or home office does" tells me to wait for 90-120 days and then re-apply, i told her look lady, i dont have time to wait 60-120 days!? thats ridiculous, i really need a job, its close to home, and you guys are rejecting me cuz of some stupid "exam" that i supposedly took, you don't even know me or how i work, give me a chance, hire me. all she said was ok, wait 60-120 days and hung up. I think thats ****!n ridiculous when they reject people that have a desire to work.

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  • are kids still required to recite pledge of allegiance?

    what states banned or have no laws regarding students to recite the pledge of allegiance?

    do you think kids should still be required to recite the pledge of allegiance?

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  • how to get into Law Enforcement in Oregon?

    i was wandering, how can i get into Law Enforcement in Oregon? I graduated with criminal justice. Clean record and have my DPSST and defensive tactics training including baton, hand cuffing, asp/pepper spray self defense and pistol/range.

    I know for Washington State, you need to go through Public Safety Testing, they test your physical, written and oral interview including a lie detector interview.

    But, how is it for Oregon? Were do i start?

    I cant find any info on it.

    Is there a website like public safety testing or do i just go a local police/sheriff/trooper station and apply?

    please answer respectfully.


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  • how to get a job with tsa?

    how and were do i get a job with tsa?

    ive been on and looked on craigslist, but i cannot find any info on it. I live near PDX area oregon, closest air port.

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  • are there any positions in the military or/military branches or/jobs were i do not need to take an asvab?

    so basically, my question is this, any military branch/job or position were i do not need to take my asvab test?

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  • Which ethnic group is older, Russians or Ukrainians?

    ok, so im tired of arguing, and this topic has been brought up alot around my russian and ukrainian friends, they always argue about ridiculous things like, Russia is older, or Russians are successors of Ukraine or without Ukraine there would be no russia, and i heard some ridiculous things from both sides like Ukrainians are basically an out cast that were sent by the Russian kings for crimes committed. Anyways, just wanted to hear some opinions, buy mostly facts. Thanks again.

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  • why do collectors like dirty coins?

    so, my grandmother gave me a fairly big chest box with old coins (yes including Nazi Germany coins, soviet union, some Korean and Nam coins) also bunch of half dollar and silver dollars. Anyways, my question is this, i wanted to clean my coins, did a bunch of research, but never really found the asnwer as to why collectors prefer old dirty coins instead of shiny new looking coin?

    i was about to start cleaning some coins, watched a couple youtube videos, then told a buddy of mine, he got pretty pissed, so dont really know what to do at this moment. would like to know why and what to do. thanks for all the answers in advance.


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  • what is the best company to go work for that provides CDL/Driver training?

    About a week ago, i paased my general knowledge, combinations and air brakes, everything except the drive, i have never driven a truck, although almost everyone in my family that i know of drives a semi of some sort. Anyways, my question is this, what is the "best" company to go get training/CDL to work for? i read some crap about swift, england and CRST, any other companies out there?

    I have an Oregon CDL Instructional Permit (Class A)

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  • Security team/company/group/business?

    i want to open a security company operating in oregon/washington states. i want a legitimate company, with discipline, professionalism and respect. I want it to be an opposite of the "traditional guards". I went to college and graduated with a criminal justice degree, also have about 3-5 months total experience in security, might not seem a lot but i am just tired of being treated like a "guard" and like you're a nobody. I also have training in defensive tactics, baton, handcuffing, self defense, and my DPSST. My first customer would be my church, thats were i want to start off with.

    the problem is, i have no idea were to start, can i make it as a charity business and then later on make it as a LLC?

    and i couldn't find anything on opening a new business in oregon state, so if your from oregon please help!

    also, if i reside in oregon, can i open a business in washington state?

    thanks for all the answers.

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  • CDL testing/exam help?

    So i live in Oregon, and i'm trying to get my CDL, any advice, suggestions?

    I have my Oregon CDL book, but to be honest, i get bored/distracted after 5-10 min of reading that black/white book, anyone know of any websites or programs that i could probably practice with out having to read the book, i'm not talking about cheating, just looking for another way to learn.

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  • what are your thoughts on reincarnation?

    so, my uncle told me about reincarnation, i heard about it a while ago, and i decided to do some research on my own.

    It makes sense to me in way because God said, you will reap what you sow or Karma in other words. I am a Christian, i believe in God, but this is very interesting, i found couple places in the Bible were the Bible does not support it or deny reincarnation, Example: when apostles asked Jesus and John if he was the Reincarnation of Eli. It only becomes more suspicious when they asked, and they said the scriptures and prophets told ahead of time that Eli, Moses and Christ will return. Bible also talks about us having new bodies, a new earth and so forth. Just want to hear your thoughts on it.

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  • any free adult dating sites?

    free-like were they dont charge you a dime

    (besides craigslist haha)

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  • what to look for when buying a used car?

    so im in this financial place, im in college full time, just lost my job, i used my moms minivan to get to college and back, now it broke, and i really need a car, ive been looking on craigslist for used cars, my tops is $1,500 yah, i dont have the money to go higher, last pay checks i had were paid for student loans. anyways, i have found some pretty good deals, cars with low mileage and awesome shape like grandmas car, cuz i know grandmas and older people in general take care of thier cars and they do not abuse thier cars as would teenagers. anyways, my question is this, when i come to look at a car, the seller always tell me how great the car is, and its almost new, but when i test drive it, sometimes i can ear the gears shifting hard or the car wobbling, is there anything i should look for? tires? suspension? engine? how do i find out if the car hasnt been abused?

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