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  • Why don't I have any desire for a relationship nor really interaction with a girl??

    I'm a guy, 21 years old, and I find it interested that I don't have a desire for a girlfriend nor really interaction with a girl... never have... I've never kissed a girl either... 21 years old and I've never kissed a girl, now I know for a fact I'm not gay, but idk its weird, recently I had the opportunity I had the chance to have a girlfriend but I completely blew it off as even when I could have kissed her there was no desire to... I have friends constantly trying to hook me with girls and such but just... it doesn't sound appealing... Hell I have a hard time just giving them a hug... and its not that I find women to be disgusting either... but idk, should I actually be worried about this or be grateful? I mean because of this, I see my friends all the time going through break ups and such and it looks really painful... but I don't have to worry about feeling that pain... But at times i do feel lonely as all my friends are off with their girlfriends and such and I have no one... but yeah...

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  • I like cutting myself and watching myself bleed????

    for years now I've been experiencing "random anger outbursts" is what I call them, where I could be doing something... or nothing... and all of the sudden get really really really angry... Normally I just bang my head on something or punch myself till I calm down, which these things only last a few minutes... but last week it went... differently.. instead of banging my head or punching myself, i grabbed my box cutter (I use it at work) and just started cutting up my arm... after I was finished, my arm was bleeding, and I just got a weird feeling that I liked watching myself bleed....

    I'm 21 years old, have a pretty decent job, I'm able to buy everything I want... I have great friends along with great parents so I don't think I'm depressed or anything... so whats the deal?

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  • Windows 8.1 not showing processor and RAM?

    I go to Control Panel > System and it says the Processor and RAM are not available... wtf? I've never had this problem before. how do I fix this?

    its 64 BIT Windows 8.1

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  • Windows 8.1 laptop not updating?

    So I got my Dad a new Windows 8 laptop (has Windows 8.1 on it) had it for about a month now, and every single time he tries updating, it says "cannot update reverting changes" or something like that... then it just gets stuck in some retarded loop..... or it will stay like that up to hours... I googled this and apparently not even Microsoft has answers to this either. on top of that his laptop isn't even running 100% either, well the laptop itself works fine, but Windows 8 is just bugged as heck... nothing really works, he can't get into the settings to turn off the automatic updates... sometimes it wont let him into his wifi options... ya, this is just seriously one broken OS... how the duce do people get around this and whatnot? (and yes his laptop is virus clean) I removed a lot of the stupid programs that came with it that weren't even important....

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  • software to copy all my files from one drive to another?

    Hey guys, so I got this somewhat old 500GB 5400RPM hard drive in my computer, it doesn't hold the OS, but it does hold all my stuff like music, videos, photos and a lot of other different things, not games though, thats on a separate drive as well, well the 500GB is starting to get full from all this random crap being in it, and its somewhat slow, so I went ahead and bought a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive, moving everything by hand though from the one drive to the other would just be a huge pain, is there any special software or something that will do it for me?

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  • Would you get arrested if you entered a home without permission but had a key to the home?

    My friend says that if you have the key (even a stolen key) to someones home you have the full right to enter the home when ever you please, despite you do not have permission from the home owner, and on top of that... He said that even if the key was stolen, all you'd have to say is the home owner gave it to you and you no charges can be pressed even if the home owner denies giving the person the key to his home. is this all true? I'm saying its bullcrap...

    I live in Utah if that makes a difference, but will someone please just clear this all up for us?

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  • Minecraft lagging after awhile?

    So I recently re-installed my OS due to a weird corruption it had... anyways, but ever since that Minecraft has been acting very weird, basically I'll play the game lagless for about 10-15 minutes then suddenly the FPS drops from like 60 to 0... and it wont stop, and it only gets worse and worse and worse! sometimes restarting Minecraft helps, sometimes it doesn't. and I don't understand what the problem is. Here's my specs:

    CPU: Intel i5 2500K

    GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 TI

    RAM: 8GB G.skill 1333Mhz

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-BIT

    I have Java 64-BIT installed, I've tried allocating more RAM to the game but it doesn't help. Looking at the performance tab in Task manager, my CPU/RAM doesn't go up during the time this happens so I don't think they're the cause, I don't know whats wrong :( can anyone help? this is annoying... I've tried doing some googling but nothings working!

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  • Whats faster? a 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive? Or a 7200RPM IDE Hard drive?

    In terms of reading/writing/transferring files... I know the 7200RPM IDE hard drive spins faster, but does the SATA make a difference?

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  • Need help with an old Apple Mac G5 Desktop?

    Hey guys so my friend got this Apple Mac G5 from someone and he wants me to fix it up so he can sell it...

    The Operating System which has Mac OS X Jaguar on it seems to be messed up or something, sometimes it freezes but the biggest problem is the Internet browser, for some reason it doesn't load webpages correctly.

    Anyways several questions answer any. It doesn't have to be all of them.

    1. How would I go about finding out what Mac G5 computer this is? Apparently several different models were made between 2003-2006 before it was discontinued.

    2. How easy would it to be able to get Jaguar OS X? I have a feeling I'm gonna have to do a fresh install on this thing and I'm just wondering how I would go about getting the OS.

    3. Is it actually worth selling? I personally don't think so. He really thinks he can get $450 out of it.. but the thing is just so outdated! not to mention it can't handle the latest version of iTunes and what not meaning newer Apple stuff like iPods and iPads aren't even gonna work on it!

    anyways any help would be appreciated... even if he can't sell it he would still like it fixed up to use.

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  • How to get past a password on Mac?

    So my friend got this Apple Mac G5 Desktop from a guy who gave it to him for free, which now I can see why... 1. the desktop is really old, and 2. programs in it aren't even working correctly.... So he gave it to me to fix up, and I have like no experience with Macs, I got plenty with Windows but not with Macs lol anyways to perform any software update on it and what not it needs a password it looks to be an administrator password anyways... sadly my friend doesn't know it, and he's had it for a few months and has lost contact with the guy... So yea, is there any simple way to remove this password?

    I believe it has the Jaguar OS. if that helps.... if you need any additional information let me know and I'll add it in.

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  • If you suddenly woke up and realized the past 10 years of your life was only a dream?

    How would you react? I would probably just commit suicide lol....

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  • I don't understand why my internet on my computer constantly disconnects?

    Hey guys, so I recently reformatted my computer and ever since doing so, my computer has experienced some disconnections... the only way to fix it is to either

    A. Wait it out which takes about 10 minutes or so.

    B. Refresh the connection by disabling my Ethernet port and re-enabling it.

    At first, I thought it was the internet itself, but no other computer/device is experiencing this problem. I even checked I'm still easily getting about 7MB/s (which is what I'm paying for so thats all in the green)

    so then I thought maybe my network drivers needed to be updated, which sadly hasn't done anything... so I thought maybe it was a virus or something, however scans show up clean nor have I really downloaded anything or been on something that has viruses ever since the format... I really just don't understand why its doing this :( any suggestions?

    this is a desktop. I could be wrong, but I don't think its the cable itself considering that this only started to happen after I formatted the computer.

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  • Whats a CPU and GPU's relation?

    I don't understand why people who are getting like the Nvidia GTX780 or higher need an Intel i7? as they're apparently afraid the CPU will bottleneck the GPU? what does that exactly mean? I was always under the impression that it really just comes down to the game (meaning as long as you have the minimum/recommended specs how is an i7 going to change things?)... I mean don't get me wrong I think having a good CPU is important, but come on, an Intel i7 just for gaming? that really doesn't make any sense... I have an intel i5 2500K and I can get a GTX780 or higher and I don't think it will bottleneck the GPU. Am I wrong? Now thinking about it... theirs no game out there right now that requires an Intel i7... so can someone please explain this to me?

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  • Is it worth it to upgrade to the Nvidia GTX700 series?

    Hey guys, so my computer is getting outdated, right now it has an Nvidia GTX560 Ti and sadly, its not running games like it used to, with Cyber Monday being on December 2nd I'm looking into getting a few upgrades, originally I was thinking about getting a GTX660 Ti but someone told me it wouldn't be worth it, so I thought maybe the GTX670 however than Nvidia like what seemed to be a few months after 600 series release, they released the 700 series... whats up with that? is their even a huge performance increase? also would a 600W PSU be able to run cards that high just fine or is it time to upgrade that too?

    My specs:

    Motherboard: MSi P67A-C43 (B3)

    CPU: Intel i5 2500K

    CPU Cooler: Cooler Master EVO 212

    RAM: G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz

    GPU: EVGA GTX560 Ti

    Hard Drives(s):

    1x 300GB 5400RPM (holds Windows 7)

    1x 500GB 5400RPM (Extra space)

    1x 1TB 7200RPM (Holds programs/games)

    also bonus question: would it be worth it to upgrade my 2 drives to 7200RPM ones or should I invest in an SSD, and get rid of the 300GB hard drive?

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  • Whats so special about the GTXTitan is it better than the GTX690?

    I don't understand why the Titan was made... both the GTX690 and Titan are about the same price... however they're both so powerful it wouldn't matter which one you got because they both would max out games absolutely no problem... so what makes the Titan so special? also would you say its worth the money?

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  • Why is my graphics card not running games as well as it should be?

    Hey guys, so I've had this Nvidia GTX560 Ti for about 2 years now, and in those 2 years its ran games wonderfully! well recently games have been lagging hard, I've had to turn Battlefield 3 to medium settings and StarCraft II starts lagging within like 10 minutes of the game, and these are both games that ran on max no problem.

    I'm pretty sure it isn't the CPU/RAM (Intel i5 2500K/8GB DDR3) I thought maybe heat was the problem but its not my system stays quite cool, I've also scanned for viruses and what not, its found nothing, cleaned out programs that I no longer use.

    what makes it even more confusing is when I play with StarCraft 2 with my friend his game runs just fine! and his system is way less powerful then mine! his graphics card is a GTS450... so I don't get why he's able to run games just fine while my GTX560 Ti is just struggling! and yes all my drivers are up to date and no, its not my internet lol.

    so yea, any suggestions would help... I just don't know what to do. kinda out of ideas on running diagnostics.

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  • If someone challenges you to a fight to the death?

    And you won that fight (meaning you killed the person who challenged you) would you be charged with anything? like murder?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • Question about buying vehicles in GTA V?

    Hey guys, so I'm playing GTA V single player and I was just wondering, if you buy a boat/airplane/carh/helicopter Do you always have to drive them back to the garage/hanger/dock or if you place them somewhere will they automatically go back to where they came from? also if the vehicle were to get destroyed do you have to rebuy it or does it just go back to where it came from?

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  • If you lose a car in GTA V do you lose it forever?

    So, I spent some money into a customized car and I lost control of it when I was testing its speed and into the ocean it went... is it gone forever? I checked my garage and it wasn't there :( so does it take sometime to retrieve it or is it gone forever?

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Should I just buy GTA V for my PS3 than?

    So right now I really really want GTA V, it looks really great and fun and what not, but 1 problem, I'm a PC gamer, and the game isn't out for PC (yet) so should I just buy the game for my PS3 thats just been collecting dust for the past few years and then sell the game when the PC version releases? or should I just ultimately wait for the PC version?

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