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About Me: The name is Ollie & I'm 16. I’m probably one of the worst spellers you will ever meet (my internet has spell check). On top of that, I can forget something in 5 seconds if I’m even the least bit distracted. I’m a very shy person at first but once I get to know you I’m can be pretty awesome person. Pretty much everything about me depends on my mood (even my eye color). I can be creative, outgoing, stubborn, clever, understanding, Crazy, independent, friendly, completely stupid, unsympathetic, old fashioned, insecure, a complete jerk, inside-out & everywhere in between. Interests: Friends & Family, the Outdoors, My iPod/Music, Seep, Movies, Inside jokes, Those little moments that are too good to put into words., Pretty Pictures, Living life to the fullest, Laughing every chance you get, Loving with all your heart.