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  • I need help!10th grade research paper for british and world literature?

    okay so i didn't do this paper because i didn't know it was required... and now im stuck and i need it to pass.if i dint pass my dad is gonna make me move back to savannah please somebody help me. i would write the damn thing myself but i only have 2 days and that's near ******* impossible :(

    anybody still have their 10th grade british literature research paper? its the one for the 2nd semester end and its supposed to be 1,800 words... gahhh! help me anyone? a way to plagiarize without getting caught or something? I am in 10th grade, I do online school with k12 (GCA academy)

    ps please do not tell me its my fault and im stuck and will fail and blah blah i know and i dint need anyone else telling me that..

    a big thanks to anyone who even took the time to read this

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  • need help!only hamlet questions i cant answer on the quiz?

    Why does Laertes curse the priest at Ophelia's funeral?

    He is upset that his sister is not receiving a full and proper Christian burial.

    He blames the priest for his role in Ophelia's death.

    He thinks that the priest has been paid off by Hamlet to bury Ophelia in unsanctified ground.

    He knows that the priest is the same one who presided over Polonius's burial.

    How does Laertes demonstrate the level of his grief over Ophelia's death?

    he commits suicide, as well

    he jumps in the grave with her body

    he attacks Claudius and Gertrude

    he departs immediately for France

    At Ophelia's funeral, Hamlet insists that __________.

    his grief for Ophelia is forty thousand times that of Laertes' grief

    he is not the person who killed Polonius in Gertrude's chamber

    he has returned to kill Claudius for murdering the former king

    only Gertrude knows that he is not truly insane, but faking madness

    How does Laertes die?

    He drinks from Claudius's poisoned cup of wine.

    Hamlet kills him at Ophelia's funeral.

    He is murdered by Claudius for accepting Hamlet's apology.

    He is cut by his own poisoned blade.

    Who kills Claudius?





    At the conclusion of the play, who does Hamlet say he wants to be the next king of Denmark?





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