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  • A name for our baby girl... Please help!?

    My husband and I have painstakingly compromised on a list of names... here they are:







    Which TWO names from the list do you like the best? Any other suggestions? Any suggestions for middle names?

    Oh, by the way, our last name is Ward.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • PLS HELP!!! - We need a name for a baby girl!?

    Even though our baby isn't due til the end of Oct, the doc said that it will be born no later than the 1st wk of Oct. Our other girls are named:

    Lyndzie Rae-Ann (4)

    Katelyn Breanne (2)

    We have tried to think of a name that has "lyn" in it, but can only come up w/ Breelyn- HELP! We have a lot of names that we kinda like but none that we are in love with... do you like any of these? Any suggestions of other names?

    We have considered:

    Claire Alexandria

    Alyssa Michelle

    Breelyn Cheyenne

    Kamryn Kate

    Makayla Faith

    Bethany (Mid name?)

    Amy (?)

    Kandyce (?)

    Ayinslee (?)

    Hannnah (?)

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