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  • Are there any free events for Australia Day in Washington, DC?

    Tomorrow, 26th January, 2009, is the national holiday of Australia. The Australian embassy had its event last Wednesday, but it was invitation-only, and as a lowly American intern I'm not important enough to be invited to such things anyway.

    So: do any of the fine people on Y!A know of any Australia Day events in Washington, DC, that are open to public, with free or very low admission? I'm looking to unwind, drink some Aussie brews (not Foster's! Yuck!), and meet some ladies from down under (nothing against Bruces, mind you, but that's not what I'm into). Even just a house party that doesn't mind a total stranger dropping by would be cool. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you're just an Aussie yourself and looking for someone to chill out with you, say so and we'll get it touch!

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  • Yellow is greenish on a new LCD TV?

    I have a new Toshiba 40RV525U television that replaced an old CRT TV that was well past its expiration date. The new picture is great, but some of the hues seemed off so I did some side by side tests comparing colors on the new LCD screen vs. on my laptop screen, and I noticed that the "pure" yellow came out on the TV as being kind of yellowish green. I tried adjusting the tint, but that just made it an orange-ish yellow instead of a greenish yellow. Is this just the way HD TVs are, is there a setting I don't know about, or is the one I have defective?

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  • What do chinese people think of Kim Jong-Il and North Korea?

    I want to know how people who live in or are from the People Republic of China think of North Korea and it's leader, Kim Jong-Il.

    If you are Chinese, what do you think? Do your friends, family, and acquaintances think the same, or differently? What part of China do you live in or are you from?

    If you aren't Chinese, do you have any information, preferably sourced, about Chinese opinions on this subject?

    Thanks a bunch.

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