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i am knowledgable in most subjects and if i dont know something i like to learn bout it. im skeptical and also just a little crazy. check out my youtube. name is countryace.

  • Camping trail help? only for experienced campers to answer please?

    I am trying to find a trail in big bear where me and my buddies can take our jeep for off roading and then pitch up a tent for the night. Could someone make a good suggestion please. A good stream or lake for fishing in walking distance it would be awesome as well

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  • Bear hunting in california?

    So i wanna go bear hunting. I read the manual and it says that centerfire rifles can be used. But i heard that there are some calibers you cant use. Is this true? And if so which ones can and cant be used and please show your resources for getting this info.

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  • gun experts i need your help. i dont need any B.S. from posers. this is a serious question?

    ok so i am going to get a new gun. but i need to know what is better. a closed gas operating or a open gas operating system? the gun i have in mind is going to be a .223/5.56 but in order to get the exact gun i want to know which is the better system. i do have a budget of 800 to 1000 bucks. if you guys can give me your insight and maybe some ideas on a good .223/5.56 would be very appriciated.

    i live in california so it sucks. but any and all suggestions are very much appreciated.

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  • i need some serious help with my girlfriend. please i need opinions from both guys and girls.?

    ok so i am going out with this amazing girl. she is a devout christian and i am to. but she goes to a public school. so her dances are a little well you know, lots of grinding. and i found out that she usually participates in it. i got together with her after her last dance so i thought she might change but she is telling me she doesnt want me to go because she doesnt want me to see her dancce like that. i have been leanient about everything with her but i dont i can let this slip by. i am her boyfriend right? why cant she dance with me? so i guess my real question is if she doesnt take me to her dance but decides to go and get her freak on, does that put me in the wrong to dump her?

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  • where can i pulish my works?

    i got some really good writings and poems that i would like to publish. where can i do that in california?

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  • what is a good beginner .308?

    ok so my friend knows i am a crazy person who loves guns. and he asks me what gun should he get for deer hunting and if zombies attack the world. i told a .308 would be best since he wants something inexpensive, and i have been told that .308s is a good hunting caliber. but he wants a gun from cheap to intermediate price range. what guns (chambered in .308 of course) are cheap yet reliable. for some reason i can only think of the expensive ones, and the mosin nagant but i dont know how well those shoot. the gun and its price would be nice if you have any suggestions.

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  • hey i need help to see if this is a good poem. and also a title. help please. thank you.?

    ok so i have written this poem for my girl for christmas. i dont have a title so if you have suggestions please speak your mind. and also criticize the heck out of this thing. i wanna now how well i have done. so this is my poemright below:

    All the while the leaves went by-

    They led my eyes to the sky-

    When I saw the blue-

    I couldn’t help but think of you-

    My life became oh to slow-

    But now I come to know-

    Blessed by grace-

    Just to see your face-

    I hope these words are meaningful-

    For you are the most beautiful-

    I want to be by your side-

    For all that time we can abide-

    please feel free to use a colorful vocab. be simon from american idol for me. please and thanks ya'll. Happy holidays.

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  • Mini 14, good or bad?

    ok so i am in the market for a new gun. i was thinkin a Mini 14 cause i like the .223 caliber. and i am on a budget of roughly $300. and a new Mini 14 is around $820. should i look for a used one or go for a different gun. and if for a different gun which? caliber i dont care about as long as it is not a .22LR or .17HMR. i already have two .22's. so any help would be good. Thank you in advance!

    12 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • How old do you have to be to get a fishing license in CA.?

    im having a hard time finding the rules on the internet, and i forgot is it 16 or 18? or maybe its older i dont know.i just turned 16 and im headin to catalina and i want to bring my pole for a little fishin, and maybe teach a girl or to how two fish jk. i just want to fish.

    2 AnswersFishing1 decade ago
  • Mitchell AK22 need some help on it?

    i just got a mitchell AK22 passed down from my grandpa. now i have been doin some lookin on the internet but i cant find anythin for it. so if ya'll have any sites that u can recomend it would be greatly appreciated. like i said i did my lookin. i aint lazy when it comes to my to my guns. so if ya'll could help me that would be great.

    thanks in advance -Ace

    2 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • Im losing sleep over this girl. could it be love?

    i have been friends with this girl for bout a year and a half. and in the past two months i havent been anle two shake her out of my mind. and i started losing sleep over her as well. i mean it was ok til now cause i have footballand i need some sleep. i have dreams of her constantly and i know that is not normal.and then to make even more simple a girl is like toatlly in love with me. i have confirmed it from three different people. they are all differnet people i had talk to her one didnt even know her. but she lives in Florida and i live in California.

    i need help with two things: 1. is it love with me and my dream girl? and 2. what should i do with the girl i like andd she likes me but live on other sides of the country?

    any help would be grateful and first to help gets best answer.

    i need some sleep!!!!!

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