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Joseph R

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16 year old. Rangers fan. Just trying to help out.

  • Yankees Fans: Are y'all seriously saying the Phillies bought there rotation?

    I mean any other fan, Lee took a pay cut y'all are horrible fans Rangers beat y'all and that ballpark is completely empty y'all have no class at all you ignorant bunch of jerks!!

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  • What are your 2nd Half predictions?

    Here are mine:

    AL East-


    Rays*wild card


    Blue Jays


    Al Central:


    White Sox




    Al West:





    NL East:






    Nl Central:







    NL West





    Al MVP-Josh Hamilton

    AL Cy young-David Price

    AL ROY-Brennan Boesch

    NL Mvp Joey Votto

    NL Cy Young-Ubaldo Jimenez

    NL ROY-Stephen Strasburg

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  • wil the Rangers win there 12th straight?

    think about this:

    Colby Lewis is pitching he has been terrific

    Astros not exactly good

    Josh Hamilton is carrying us with an 18 game hit streak and batting 500 in those games

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  • who is the most likley team to win the world cup that we don't expect?

    who is it not a brazil

    BQ: how far do you think the US will go

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  • Vote Taylor Teagarden in the all star game?

    He's a catcher for the Rangers in double A i think it would funny if he made it

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  • Why is open DNS on my computer? How do i get rid of it?

    Okay, i have some how gotten it on my computer and i have know idea my parents didn't set it and now i can't get on

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  • How to strengthen my arm from shortstop?

    Okay, I'm 13, 100 pounds, and i'm 5'1. I play shortstop for a select AAA team and i need to strengthen my arm. I have know one to throw long toss with and i don't have any weights

    Thank you for answering!

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  • how to get stronger???????????

    alright, i am very weak im 13 and i can only bench 55 my friends tease me about it and i hate it i've been doing extra workout away from school and it is helping but all my friends are in like 75-115 and i just can;t do it its embarissing... what exercises do i do to get stronger in all areas in my body like llegs,hips,triceps etc.

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  • how should i work out?

    I'm 13, 100 pounds, and 5'0-5'1... How should i work out for baseball?

    Thanks for the answers!

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  • my friends arent nice to me?

    i have riends at school who arent nice to me they call me stupid and i dnt havve much in common with them and there on my b ball team i can tell they dnt like me but i mean they spend the night every weekend ive been there 3 yars and havent been asked once im not a nerd i hang out with the athletes like me and they think there above me they all make fun of me how do i control myself and not loose like i want to but i feel like im kepping it bottled up

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  • how to earn money quickly?

    i'm 12 and i know i shouldnt be worrying about this, but i need around $500 quickly for a laptop i cant baysit. I walk a dog for two dollars but thats not enoughthat would take along time please give me some good knowledgeable answers thanks :)

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  • some fun ways to do math homework?

    i have tons of math homework to do is there fun way to do it. i dnt want there isn't help me plz :)

    3 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • how to play well at quarterback?

    alright, I'm the quarterback for my 7th grade football team and i just am very nervous i mean i have to put my hand up someones butt. how do train hard and strengthen my throws?

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  • how do I hit homeruns?

    I'm 12 and I play baseball but I don't hit for power how can I hit For power?

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