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  • What happened to Bone Thugs n Harmony/rap in general?

    Everyone knows Bone Thugs n Harmony for Crossroads, Home, Young Thugs, The Weed Song, and maybe a few others.

    However, has anyone heard their new stuff? Garbage. Sounds like a Christian rap group.

    Whats happening to rap? I think artists have been out of the hood and everythin for too long. They have nothin true to rap about. how many songs can you make about makin money?

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  • NY hip hop song name?

    Heres one of the lines in the chorus:

    This goes out to the bronx brooklyn queen n long island

    cant forget about that little island called staten

    Ive been under rated for a long time....

    Heard it on HOT 97 or Power 1051


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  • Old rap song........?

    The chorus had the line: This one heres for the projects..

    Sorry i cant remember more. Its an old song.

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  • Buying roses for Valentines day?

    First of all, am i better off buying flowers online or going to a flourist?

    Im not going crazy with a huge assortment. Id say like 40 dollars is ideal give or take a few bucks. Anywhere from 12-18 roses.

    Second, would you get them the day of or the day before? Or should I order them and have them ready to pick up Sunday (for an assortment yea but for a bouquet)?

    Last, just red rosese or mixed?

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  • Country that doesnt allow black people?

    Im not trying to be prejudice or anything but I heard that there is a country that doesn't allow black people to live there. It supposed to be in Europe.

    If anyone knows the name to it or if this is a false fact, let me know.

    Im just shocked that there is a country that doesnt allow black people and want to research this a little bit.

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  • cheating on a test in college?

    what would you do if you saw multiple people cheating on a test in your lecture?

    Would you send an anonymus note?

    Would you say nothing?


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  • Question for girls...i sorta know the answer already but looking for other opinions?

    So ladies, if a guy asks you out to dinner and you just say, "sorry, im going out with my friends tonight."

    This means one of two things:

    1. Not interested but ur going to be nice

    2. ur going out already, he caught u at a bad time

    However, ladies, if you dont say, sry but how about tomorrow? or some other time, does that mean you arent interested?

    if i dont get a rain check offer, i take that as not interested. Am i wrong?

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  • Nightclubs in LI and NYC?

    First off, does anyone have any other sites besides and for club info?

    Both of those sites used to have all of the good clubs on them but now theyre kind of dead, or maybe more clubs closed down...also a possibility.

    Im looking for 18+ or 19+ places on LI or NYC besides:

    Shy Lounge

    Crazy Donkey


    Molly Blooms (garbage)

    Does anyone know if Nubar is still open?

    How about Paradox?

    anyone from the island or ny let me know whats up

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  • Nightclubs in LI and NYC?

    First off, does anyone have any other sites besides and for club info?

    Both of those sites used to have all of the good clubs on them but now theyre kind of dead, or maybe more clubs closed down...also a possibility.

    Im looking for 18+ or 19+ places on LI or NYC besides:

    Shy Lounge

    Crazy Donkey


    Molly Blooms (garbage)

    Does anyone know if Nubar is still open?

    How about Paradox?

    anyone from the island or ny let me know whats up

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  • for girls that are trying to send signals?

    how can a guy tell the difference between if hes catching u at a bad time or if ur not interested?

    my general rule is if she doesnt make a counter offer, she dont wana chill. however, i find that thats not always an accurate way of determining if shes interested.

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  • i think im messing this up slowly but surely?

    I used to have this girl, hook, line, and sinker. like, she'd come hang out, everything was real laid back

    now, she wont come out for lunch, breakfast, dinner, anything. wont chill at all.

    so i wna know how to regain control of the situation? do i ignore her? i can do that but i see it back firing too...

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  • ladies, when you get into a fight with a guy(quick survey)(answer only if youre female, ages 17-24)?

    Ladies, everyone knows sometimes people dont see eye to eye on things and sometimes this causes an argument. However, does this kill or enhance a guys chance with you (before you are official)? (i.e. make u respect him or make u think hes an ******)

    Given the following situations: just answer did he blow his chances with you or not?

    1. You cancel the date on him at the last minute and he gets pissed

    2. He gets mad that he never sees you.

    3. You get mad that you never see him

    4. You called at a bad time for him n he is sharp with you

    5. Youre mad cuz he didnt pick up the phone

    6. He calls you too much and you get annoyed

    7. He breaks a promise

    8. Takes a joke over the line

    9. Pisses you off some other way but in the end apoligizes

    Now provided that they guy appoligizes, does this change anything for any of the scenearios?

    I cant say im guilty of all of these but ive heard of way more than these, these are just common...

    Suppose its really your fault and he gets pissed and in the end says he doesnt want to be mad at you, what would u think?

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  • what would you do in this case?

    I been talkin to this girl in class, got her number, the whole 9 yards.

    i think she likes me but i cant tell if shes just being friendly or see this as something more.... Id say we hit it off pretty well, talk every class, walk with her after class, etc

    i usually answer these questions but i cant read whats right under my own nose.

    im just lookin for something that would be a sure sign that shes interested...something more than just a friend

    Second, would you date a girl that you see every single day or wait til the end of the semester? i want to wait until the end of the semester to make anything official because i think it may be awkward to be dating a girl in ur class. but on the other hand, i dont want her to think im not interested if she is....

    so basically im asking for idiot proof signs that would tell me shes interested in being more than interested and also, should i wait it out?

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  • if you have a 2007-2008 ford fusion, please answer this?

    do you have any sort of protector for the inside of your door handles? I got my car used and i find it odd that there isnt a little black rubber insert in it that would cover the bolt for the arm. The rubber piece would be similar to the one in your cup holder or next to the cig lighter by the shifter....

    did it come with one? if not, where can i get it? i havent looked online yet but will do so...

    i just hate that i cant clean down there around that bolt

    1 AnswerFord1 decade ago
  • i think its right but the prog says im wrong (Easy calc question)?

    Evaluate the integral for S (x^2 - 3/x)

    This is what i wrote:

    (1/3)x^3 - (3/4)x^(4/3)

    4 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • what to do about this girl (10 pts best answer)?

    I know this girl is interested because well, she flat out said she loved me while she was way wasted....i didnt really act on it...not important as to why

    anyway, basically, shes indicated to me that she still wants to hang out but is busy. more or less, this girl never picks up the phone to call and never has anything to do but is always willing to come along...provided that shes available.

    now heres the fcuked up part....whenshes busy, ive noticed, she wont tell me, "Hey, im busy, but lets go out next fri" no, that would be courteous. instead, she simply wont alll! she avoids conflict...

    To me, i see it that she has no respect for me. To not call back or leave me hanging or not adknowledging that she recieved my call/text and couldnt get back to me, thats pretty disrespectful. So i just dont call/text/IM for a month or so and then we start all over.

    so i havent seen her in probably 4 months(a funeral) and before that, 3 months.

    now, i havent talked to her in a couple of days...i really am kind of pissed that she didnt even respond or get back to me the next day. I feel like if i call her, then im not having any respect for myself. i dont know if i should even call her

    i dont know, someone, some advice

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  • Songs similar to this? Hip hop fans...(old school)?

    anyone know any songs similar to this one?

    Youtube thumbnail

    I like the retro beat on it. Anyone got any other songs with the same kind of idea?

    5 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • Poll: The New Yahoo Page (opinions)?

    Does anyone actually like this set up? I really hate it and want them to stop redirecting me to They only redirect me sometimes but i absolutely hate the new page!

    I dont like how theres that whole drop menu. not for me...

    Anyone actually like it?

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  • Ladies, this may sound a bit weird but apparently im not alone?

    So my friend and i both ran into girl problems around the same time. so now we are both somewhat discussing our observations.

    So ladies,

    What do you think of a guy that talks about his problems with you? Is it a major turn off?

    Do you really expect us to be the only ones calling? (at least most of the time)

    (my own question) Do you really care about what we have to say? Most of the time, when ever I start talking about an interest of mine, which my girl couldnt relate to, she made it clear enough to me that she could really give a sh*t less(yessing to death).

    Whats with the hard to get bullsh*t? i dont get it. That just pisses me off and makes me less interested.

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  • Really dont know what to do (please read the whole thing) 10 pts B.A.?

    So this girl I've known for a long time, our families are very close and we always sorta had a thing for each other. we talked on and off and got really close senior year.

    /now, her and I started to really get close around March of 2008 and we were friends until about feb of 09. Last winter, we talked mostly, hung out once and then got into an argument in Feb. We dont talk from then until yesterday at her aunt's wake. i only go because i know the family so well.

    Last summer we hung out, we saw each other every weekend. We partied a lot. We would get drunk and start a whole feeling up sorta deal out of the party but never anything too serious. However, one night she starts going on about how she loves me, how she think we are going to get married and all this stuff. Then she asked if i loved her and all this, i didnt really know how to respond. I was just like, You're Drunk...and left it at that. It threw me for a bit of a shock and i was put on the spot and couldnt answer because i really wasnt sure about her.

    So fastfoward a few months, that type of night never happens again. We talk and talk and get close and i start saying things indicating im interested and likewise with her and then out of nowhere, she stops talking to me until about new years...prior to this, she is away at school however so while she was away, i got close to one of her friends, which she always got jelous of every time i was with her friend...she'd always pick a fight but never too bad.

    So fastfoward last winter. She hadnt been able to hang out whenever i asked. Then started to avoid me and lie, saying she had school work and made other plans. I never confronted her on it but our sisters would hang out and id here she was out from my sister. so, one night i ask my friend to go out the night after i just hung out with her friend and she knew it. She doesnt even answer the question but goes on about all these assignments due and saying how she doesnt have time to go out all the time(condescendingly) and i said, "so you cant go out. Ok bye." i was pretty sick of this routine by now. she gets mad b/c of my attitude and i explain that i dont need her tale of woe...and then she goes on attacking me. So i just play defense this time instead of attacking back like i usually do. I dont say anything bad about her and basically repeat i was just trying to be nice and invite her out, i dont need this. So i finally say, "You know what, just stop. Forget it...dont ever call me again, youve just pissed me off more than anyone ever did." and she comes back with, "Dont call me either" and thats the end of it.

    So then i find out her aunt dies. I go to the wake and talk to her brother. She comes up to me with a b.s. wave i do the same. Then i walk to the other side of the room to talk to her mother and brother and she comes up again. While im waiting to talk to someone, she says hi again. Then she includes herself in a convo and i finally ask what job she has, i get 2 answers that dont answer the question and just say forget it(outloud). Then her sister asks and i say, thats what ive been asking... Well, at the end of the night, im saying good bye to everyone and my plan is to walk right past her. i didnt want to give her the idea i was there for her. So as i walk past her, she comes infront of me, hug, kiss on cheek, thanks for coming, and i just say take care and thats it.


    Finally the question:

    Since she did show interest last night at the wake and last summer, should I try and fix this relationship? Should I initiate it or wait for her to initiate it? Should I just move on?

    My reasons against:

    1. She was really out of line, not me

    2. I dont know if i really do forgive her. A large part of me is still angry with her.

    3. I dont want to give in and be weak. By giving in and reinitiating conversation, its almost as if im saying its O.K. for what she said. [not to mention that i heard from someone she was using me for me friends(last summer)]

    some people say, "youve known her so long. you cant let this ruin your relationship." however, this isnt the first fight and im pretty damn fed up.

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