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  • where can i buy a PS Vita?

    hi i'm was hoping to buy a PS vita white and i was wondering if the price can be like you know $100-130 maybe or close to that cause i would love to have one and is there a place or website ( not amazon nor ebay plz) where i can buy Hastune Miku project diva f edition plz that would help alot thanks !

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  • where is the best plce to train for the elite 4 in pokemon pearl?

    i couldn't beat the elite 4 for i'm going to train uumm is there a place i can train to beat the elite 4

    i have a...

    Empoleon | level 37... moves: surf, waterfall,aqua jet,strenght

    Beautifly | level 58... moves: bug buzz, morning sun, silver wind,guest

    Hunter | level 43...moves: shadow ball, dream eater, dark pulse, nightmare

    Graveler | level 48...moves: double-edge, rollout, rock smash, rock climb

    Staravia | level 28...moves: fly, aerial ace, endeavor, defog

    (Shiny) Golden Magikarp | level 38...moves: splash, tackle, and flail (still training)

    and i haven't been train staravia that well and if yo can really help me (and can you be more precise)


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