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  • Is she not interested?

    I have a girl's number. I've only seen her a couple times face-to-face (not on a date).

    What does it mean if a girl returns every other text, or calls when I send a text? Sometimes she won't reply until hours or a day later, and says "sorry, I was busy".

    I asked her once if I was annoying her when I text her, she said no. When she sees me she smiles and waves at me, when she got a new phone she approached me to tell me she would need to save my number again so text her and tell her it's me.

    I think I just like her too much and want a direct yes or no if she likes me also.

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  • What is Dre talking about? only get herpes and "everything else" from having sex with someone who has these stds. You don't have to sleep with a dirty person, people can be tested, etc. So basically what your implying is that every person who has had intercourse has herpes and other stds, which makes no sense what so ever.

    This guys crazy right? If a man puts his penis in a woman's vagina, he's going to get a disease, right?

    Or are STDs a myth?

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  • Where did the idea "sexual intercourse is good" come from?

    Why is it good to have herpes and everything else?

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  • Why aren't there pyramids and mummies in the middle east?

    If the ancient egyptians are the same people that live there now, why don't they still build pyramids, or know how the great pyramids were built, and why doesn't the rest of the middle east resemble egypt?

    Native Americans can still explain the Indian stuff in the U.S.

    Why do Modern Egyptian have around the same amount of knowledge of "their creations" as white Europeans?

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  • Someone said I have trouble being social with others, what do they mean?

    I'm a public speaker, entertainer, basketball starter and president of my youth volunteer group, what do they mean?

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  • How is sex good but porn bad?

    Please refrain from biblical, spiritual crap, or movie romance.

    My personal belief is: If you can't WATCH sex, you shouldn't be able to HAVE sex!

    That's like cooking whenever you have the chance, but protesting the Food Network.

    I read a survey on psychology today that stated 70% of women were in love when they lost their virginity, but only 10% of men.

    So I repeat: DON'T give religious or "movie romance" answers!

    And don't talk about objectification, because the same thing is happening when no cameras are rolling. I'm asking for a practical "real world" answer, and if the only thing you can think of is bible stuff, and feminist stuff, then YOU DON'T HAVE AN ANSWER!

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  • I don't relate to people, feeling alien.?

    I don't feel connected to people.

    This is not 'Social anxiety'! I'm an entertainer, and a public speaker.

    I just don't understand how people "relate" to each other, why people have relationships, or even how you make that happen.

    I don't understand the mindset of "normal" people, like the social Internet thing, viral videos and picture sharing, I don't understand why people do this, or "seem" to enjoy it.

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  • Why does sex need to be a "conquest"?

    Any clue when the idea of sex being a conquest was put into place or why?

    Things in life are difficult enough what's the point of "worthwhile" relationships being something that is difficult and complicated?

    Women "playing hard to get"?

    Men "dreading" long - term relationships being the only candidate for one.

    Why do the majority of people like this? A seek out these kind of relationship dynamics?

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  • Give me some insight...into sex.?

    I Hate the idea of "normal" people having sex, it upsets me in a REAL WAY, please...please do not joke with me, as I am TRYING to understand life, and not make *stupid mistakes* toward people that don't deserve it, because I'm angry.

    I'm a fan of porn, but I like it like a movie (something I don't expect to happen in real life) I think women are VERY beautiful and attractive, smart, funny, capable, amazing beings...but I don't want to have sex with them (I have rejected many advances), and the thought of ANYONE (male or female) having intercourse INFURIATES ME.

    I'M NOT GAY, I'm attracted to women, I just don't want ANYONE penetrating ANYONE.

    If there was any way to better get it across that this is not a joke question, this is a person "reaching out for help" I need to know why do people have sex, why is it good, I masturbate and I love it, but the idea of a penis in a vagina (in real life, not porn) makes me what to hurt people, and that bothers me, but people having sex bothers me more.

    please don't answer with any "well you're stupid" comments, dude...I'm just trying to talk to someone.

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  • What's "normal" about facebook?

    I keep hearing people say it's "weird" the batman shooter didn't have a facebook account. I have a facebook account and no one speaks to me, no one gives a $hit about the things I type or suggest, so what's the point of me having one, and how the hell is it suppose to be <i> connecting me to people</i>?

    I'm the loneliest I've EVER been in life, I'm 27 years old.

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  • Are they introverted, or do they just not like you?

    Why do people keep equating introversion with shyness? Is this because shy people keep calling themselves introverts, like fat girls call themselves thick? Those are 2 different things.

    I'm an introvert, I don't like small talk, I've given speeches, preformed on stage, played sports, in front of 100+ people and lead large groups of peers and haven't broke a sweat.

    But I don't give a $hit what you ate for breakfast, or the silly $hit that happened the other day. How does that equal shyness. Is it just difficult for americans to comprehend someone who doesn't want to, or dare I say PREFER not to speak to them, or be spoken to?

    Why does America value extroversion, while country like china and japan value introversion?

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  • How should I feel about sex?

    I don't want Genital herpes, Human papilloma virus/Genital warts, Hepatitis B, Chlamydia, Syphilis, or Gonorrhea.

    Am I wrong to feel this way?

    If not...then why are the rest of you having sex?

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  • What does it mean if a girl says...?

    You look like you've had sex...twice, (but only) with one person.

    The parentheses () are to impliy tone of voice.

    I'm in high school, the girl is in my class, I don't actually know her beyond a first name, and it wasn't a 1 on 1 conversation, it was a kinda random comment made to me, and I don't really know what it meant. I'm a virgin.

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  • Is it difficult to not have sex? (abstinence/celibacy)?

    Everytime I hear about abstinence people respond with a "yeah, right" and refer to celibacy almost like a mental illness.

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  • Who told you a man makes the first move?

    How did you learn a man makes the first move when starting sex?

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  • Who tells people to have sex?

    From birth!

    Who or what tells people to have sex?

    Who told you sex was good?

    Was it your parents? Did they tell you sex was good, so have it? (The Talk)

    Was It a peer that told you sex was good, and it was something to do?

    Did you see porn and want to do what you saw?

    Don't say nature!!!!! Nature just makes a person aroused, what that person does with their arousal is up to them, wether it's intercourse, masterbation, or being ashamed, etc...

    But where did you personally get your ideas about sex.

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  • Do Stds Exist? Are they real?

    I don't want to catch a sexually transmitted disease; so I don't have sex.

    I have been in situations where girls have wanted to sleep with me, or want me to "make a move" and I will literally leave: get in my car and drive away. Only to later have people angry, or upset with me, the girls I just mentioned or male friends.

    But according to "normal" people: In Conversation, In music, On TV, In movies, on the Internet, Humans spend the majority of their lives having sex.

    So are STDs not real, are they an urban myth, like a ghost story?

    Do people not get STDS in real life?

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  • Why is sexuality referred to as "Dirty"?

    Typically by people that are sexually active. Is this "social construction", i.e: "what people are SUPPOSE to say about sex."

    It seems blatantly hypocritical.