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  • How to shower, and wash hair with no hot water?

    So, this is probably a silly question, but we currently don't have any hot water as the gas company found a leak in our gas line, so they cut the line, and a plumber has to come out, and fix it.

    I washed my hair Tuesday night(the night before the hot water got cut due to leak), but not since then and it's driving me insane, lol. I have some family coming over on Saturday, and I just feel gross although I have taken a shower both Wednesday and Thursday, just can't wash hair.

    Any good, quick ways to go about this? Thanks!

    25 AnswersHair3 years ago
  • How to tell if male cat is playing with, or attacking a small kitten?

    I take care of an outdoor cat, and one of the neighborhood mama cats had another batch about 3 months ago, and they started coming out about a month ago, but I've only seen one lately.

    The male cat I take care of is just under a year old, probably about 10-11 months old.

    For the most part, he is okay with this kitten. He shares food, water, space, etc. Will smell, and 'clean' the kitten, etc.

    However, he seems to be getting a little rough today. He just laid down, and did the wiggle, before running at the kitten, and kinda throwing him down, and biting on him. He was biting neck area, and kinda holding onto him. Then he stopped, and then did it again, on top of kitten, biting neck area.

    He then stopped once again, and the kitten ran off, but not too far. Then came back.

    I'm assuming he's just playing as the kitten doesn't seem to be scared of him, or meowing in pain or anything. I just can't tell if he biting roughly/hard, or just playful.

    Any idea?? Thanks!

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  • Is one month old too young for a puppy to be away from its mother?

    Someone down my street is selling pure bred pit bull puppies. She said the mom had them just a little over a month ago. We asked what she feeds em right now, and she said puppy chow. And both the mom dog, and father dog stay outside and the puppies are inside.

    So basically, she's already taken them away from mother's milk I'm assuming.

    Is this too young for a puppy to be away from its mother? Seems odd to me.

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  • Was this my period, or what was it?

    So my period should have came around the 28th of October. As it came on the 28th of September. However, I had sex with my boyfriend on October 10th, we used protection, but then it broke so we went without. He pulled out and then came. About a week after this, I had brown, odorless discharge? It wasn't heavy like a normal period, but it wasn't just spotting either.. I had no cramps, no signs of it being a period, etc. It was just brown discharge. It lasted about a week(my normal period lasts about 3-4 days). We did have sex a few more times after that.

    I'm assuming that was my 'period' because I haven't gotten anything around the 28th, and it's November 4th, and still nothing. It's just weird cause it wasn't at all a normal period. So I don't know what to think about it.

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  • What size do I get if 7/8 is usually too big?

    So I'm getting some Miss Me jeans online, I'm a size 7.. but Miss Me is like 5/6, 7/8... there's no just size 7. The couple times I bought jeans that were a size 7/8, they were too lose, and didn't fit tight and good.

    I don't wanna get a size 5/6 and have them be too small, cause they probably will be, but I also don't wanna get 7/8 and have them be too big.

    What should I do ?!

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • Met him on Grand Theft Auto: Online.. I need advice/an outlook on this situation?

    A few weeks ago, I was playing GTA Online. There was a group of guys talking sh*t, and killing me, all that. One of the guys wasn't killing me though. He was just standing around, but eventually this guy messaged me, flirting with me? telling me he liked me? and this is without even knowing what I looked like or if I was actually a girl lol.

    So I talked to him a little, kinda blew him off cause he kept flirting and I don't do the whole video game flirting crap. But eventually that same night, we started talking on the KIK app. He saw my profile pic, I saw his. He claims after seeing my picture, he liked me even more. So we talked and talked, and after a few days, I started to like him A LOT. And he likes me a lot too. He told me all about his life. How his ex f*cked him over and that's why he's in court now, etc.

    I'm 19, Arizona. He's 28, Connecticut.

    He texts me everyday. He calls me everyday. If I don't call him, he gets upset cause he wants to talk to me.

    However, I was talking to his friend last night on GTA. A friend hes known for 4 years but only through work, and his friend told me ''if I were you, I would just let it go'' he says he's slow, not like retarded, but kinda stupid(lol), and this friend is 40 years old with kids my age so I trust him on what he tells me, he says he seems off and he seems 'different' and not all there.

    There's alot more 2 it but im runnin outta room lol. But I really like him and he seems to like me too. Thoughts?

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  • How do I use the voice changer on PS3 with Turtle Beach P11 headset?

    I know where to find the voice changer, but the thing is... I've turned it from normal to high to low, and neither setting changes my voice.

    How do I get the voice changer to work?

    1 AnswerPlayStation5 years ago
  • Anybody on here have a subscription with Ipsy? Question about waiting list?

    So... I just signed up for Ipsy, and it said to get off of the wait list, complete the 4 easy steps. Which were all easy, I completed all 4. And then it just says earn 250+ points when a friend subscribes under your link.

    Now, I'm curious... How do I know if I'm actually off the waiting list? Do I actually get off by completing those 4 steps? Someone told me you don't always, but I'm not sure. And how do I know when my first Ipsy is coming? Do they send any tracking links or anything like that?

    Thanks ! :)

    2 AnswersMakeup5 years ago
  • Should I dress interview appropriate or can I wear something more casual/everyday(that's still nice)?

    So I left my job last week, and I applied at PetSmart about a week ago. I went in Saturday morning and spoke with a manager and explained to him that I applied for a hiring position as a cashier, and I was wondering if that was still available or if there was any other opportunities available for me at that time. He told me they're currently looking at applications, but he told me to come back Monday or Tuesday. He didn't say why - but I'm going tomorrow around 3pm.

    Should I wear something that would be more appropriate interview wise? Or something casual, but nice?

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Can anyone help me figure out how many overtime hours she had? (Business Math Question)?

    So I'm working on a project for business math and so far, I've gotten everything correct, but I'm kind of stumped on this one. I've tried it several different ways and none of the answers seem right to me..

    Hourly Rate [$9.95]

    Regular Hours [40]

    Overtime Hours 1.5[ ? ] 2[]

    Straight-time Pay [$398.00]

    Overtime Pay [$179.10]

    Total Pay [$577.10]

    I need to figure out how many overtime hours she had for the 1.5 overtime. (the box with the question mark is the answer I need to figure out).

    Any help? Not looking for the straight answer, just looking for the equation that I can do that will lead to the correct answer. Thanks !

    2 AnswersHomework Help5 years ago
  • Any tips/tricks on hand washing a Rayon shirt?

    I bought a shirt online that's rayon. It's a ''boyfriend tee'' so it fits big, but I wanted to wash it to shrink it just a little, but I checked the fabric and it's Rayon. So has to be hand washer.

    However, it's really wrinkly. Any tips/tricks with hand washing and getting wrinkles completely out? Thanks!

    1 AnswerCleaning & Laundry5 years ago
  • Replacing PS3 hard drive? Help!?

    So I need to replace my PS3 hard drive, I have 0 room left to even play. It's only a 12gb. The only game I really like and play is Grand Theft Auto V so I don't really want to buy a new PS3 or a PS4. I typed in PS3 hard drive on Google and it came up on Amazon on what hard drives would work and how to replace it, but, just to be sure, would this hard drive work?

    It was recommended by Amazon but I just want to be sure.


    4 AnswersPlayStation5 years ago
  • How does vacation time work?

    I've been at my job a little over a year, I currently have 22 hours of vacation time.

    How does it work? Vacations consist of one week, so would they spread that 22 hours out over the 7 days? Nobody there has told me how vacation time works and when I ask someone, they don't give me the answer I need....

    I don't plan on using it any time soon but I was just curious how it worked.

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • Do I need a broiler pan for this shrimp or can I use a cookie sheet?

    So I bought a bag of coconut crusted shrimp that comes with a sweet thai chili sauce. I was gonna make it right now, but on the directions it says you must use a broiler pan ? I have one, but we NEVER use the broiler so it's probably really dusty and dirty but idk for sure.

    Is it a must that I use a broiler pan or would a cookie sheet work?

    5 AnswersCooking & Recipes6 years ago
  • My dog keeps choking/gagging?

    Yesterday, she was really down all day long. She wouldn't eat her breakfast, wouldn't eat any treats.. she took the treat I gave her and buried it outside, we switched her food out for her dinner, and she didn't eat that either. Drank some water but not a lot. Her eyes were really droopy and low, she slept a lot and was also up and down a lot.

    Today, we switched her food out for her breakfast, she still didn't touch it, she's been drinking more water and looks better then she did yesterday, she eventually ate a treat and her breakfast, but the only problem now is, she keeps choking/gagging? Like dry heaves I guess you could say? She usually does this after she drinks water, but today, she's doing it a lot even without drinking water?

    We're gonna take her to the vet when my dad gets home from work but just curious if anybody has any idea?

    4 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • Is it worth it to switch to Verizon? Or should I stay with Cricket?

    So Cricket is changing networks and because of that, I have to get a new phone by March. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which I absolutely do not like! I really want an iPhone 5S as I loved my iPhone 4 and have no clue why I ever went back to an Android.

    Thing is, the iPhone 5S is $600 and they have none in stock right now due to waiting on the iPhone 6 which will be almost $800 and I'm not spending that on a phone nor do I wanna spend $600.

    My boyfriend had an idea of just adding me on his line of service, he already has two lines and a 3rd line would cost just $65 a month(which I will be paying for myself) and the iPhone 5S this weekend is only $70.

    I prefer to stay with Cricket, but do not want to spend money on another Android because I will not like it. Verizon is a lot cheaper for the phone I want and will like and be happy with, but I've also heard Verizon charges people more than what they are told. But not exactly sure....

    Stay with Cricket, or go with Verizon? (sorry if it doesn't make sense, I tried as best as I could :p )

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • Does anybody know this rap song?

    It's chicano rap somewhat. I had it on my MySpace playlist YEARS ago! Like 5-6 years ago, lol. Some of the lyrics I remember from it are:

    ''I gave you all my trust, I fell in love from the start''

    ''So now I say goodbye and wish you the best, just know you lost a very good friend'

    Ah, I've never found it on the internet but just curious if anybody knows where I can find it, if they know it! Thanks

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop6 years ago
  • Has anybody bought anything from Sammydress?

    They have a lot of cute stuff for good prices, but I've heard bad things... but have also heard a few good things as well.

    If you have bought from them, what was your experience? Would you recommend it or not?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • Anybody have the HTC Desire 510?

    What are your thoughts on it? I have to get a new phone soon due to all of Cricket's upcoming changes. I was gonna get the iPhone 5S but they said they are gonna discontinue it eventually with Cricket. I have the Galaxy S4 right now, have only had it since about April(?)/earlier this year and I don't care for it.

    What are your thoughts on the HTC Desire 510?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • I wanna quit my job, but everybody tells me not to?

    I work as a cashier at a grocery store(which is extremely boring, but i'm thankful I have a job). I've been there for just over a year now.

    I hate it there. There are 3 managers total at that store. The main store manager and two assistant managers. The main manager and 2nd assistant manager is super cool, but the 3rd assistant manager is a d!ck and always rude to me. If I need help with something, I can't even ask him cause he's gets angry and rolls his eyes and sighs at me. But if I need help and don't ask him, he gets mad also?

    There is two ladies that work that that I know do not like me. They are constantly telling the 3rd assistant manager(he doesn't like me either) sh!t i'm doing ''wrong''.

    Like the other day, I saw the customer service lady(she does not like me) and 3rd assistant talking about me. 3rd assistant then comes over to me and tells me I need to start following certain procedures like ringing up turkeys by the PLU and entering the weight cause apparently I've been entering them by department and entering price, in which I have not done it like that ONCE, and almost everybody there would know that.

    It's hard to be motivated and feel good when you know you're doing the right thing, and someone is constantly there putting you down and trying to get you in trouble. I honestly do what I am supposed to do and then for people to say I'm not, it's so very frustrating :(

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago