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  • What should I do about my "relationship"?

    I have been in a relationship with a guy for a little over a year. About the 11 or 12th month we started arguing about things. I would get mad he wasn't calling or "understanding" how I feel. Although I don't think he cheated on me he has lied to me about hanging out with a girl. I walked into a room and he was talking on the phone, I heard a girl laugh. I didn't really mind it but I was curious as to who it was because I didn't know of any girl friends he had. When he got off the phone I asked him and he said a guy from class. After a while of me being bothered by it he finally told me it was a girl from his class, saying she wasn't interested in him or whatever but he didn't want me to get mad or jealous. He lied to me about a few other things and some things just started to bother me more. I felt like the trust in the relationship was gone. We started to not talk so much and when we did we argued. I try to talk to him and explain how I feel when he does certain things but it seems he just doesn't get it. About 3 weeks ago I asked him for a break. He seemed very upset (almost to the point of crying) he felt as though I was going to cheat on him or find someone else or whatever but I thought we both needed space. I have gone out with my friends to clubs just to take my mind off of it and the whole time I just miss him. I have been really depressed about the whole thing but I want it to go back to being the same as it was before. I am a stubborn person and I guess I am waiting for him to call me, but since I was the one who wanted the break does that mean that I am suppose to be the one to call him. I feel like he may not miss me. My birthday is coming up in 2 days and I want to at least wait to see if he is going to text me or wish me a happy birthday. Lately I have just been wanting to talk to him more. IDK! How does it sound to you ? What would you do ?

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  • Research topic- socialism in america ?

    I am planning to do a research essay for school. I feel that our government is becoming socialistic. I would like to hear the opinions of others before beginning this project. Examples of your opinion and such. Some questions I would like answered are

    1. What is your personal definition of socialism ?

    2. Do you feel the last century or so in the U.S., there has been a slight shift to socialism ?

    3. Do you believe our country was based on capitalism and how would you describe capitalism in your words ?

    4. Do you agree with the Universal Healthcare plan ?

    5. Do you believe that the government should be involved in aspects such as if you have a certain amount of children a government nurse will come into your home to explain contraception, the risks getting pregnant again , the financing it will cost you, and so forth ? If so, how do you think this will work ?

    6. Do you believe that if we approve Universal Healthcare that "we will wait long periods for surgery, certain tests, etc." ?

    7. Have we entered a capitalistic/socialistic era for the U.S. ?

    If you happen to have any other questions you would like answered or are curious about please post them.

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  • Fishing Rods and Reels ?

    I want to get my boyfriend a fishing rod for his birthday next week. He has a new interest in fishing and I know nothing about it. He uses his friends fishing poles and such so I would like to buy him his own. But like I said I know nothing about them .... So if you could give me a little bit of insight as to what I should be looking for when I go shopping for one, that would be a great help to me. I really don't want to spend more than $60 unless I absolutely have to. Because I would like to afford to get him tickets to a football game lol

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  • Trying to find help as a newly graduated LPN?

    I just graduated the PN program and take boards next week. The thing is IDK how to go about applying for jobs and what I should be looking for. I feel like looking online is a waste because everyone wants someone with experience or an RN. Is there a way to sign with a traveling company or an organization working per diem ? or is my best bet going INTO the hospitals to apply? I dont know where to start and I am going to be starting my preReqs for RN in a couple weeks.. any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated :D thanks !

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  • Need help with birth control and emotional issues ??

    I have irregular periods and often don't get my period so I take birth control to regulate my periods ...the only thing is it seems everytime I take birth control I get severe attitude changes within a month and end up stopping them. When I say severe I mean I go crazy ...It usually starts off with me arguing with everyone and crying constantly and then I start thinking " Well if I make everyone miserable why am I here " and start considering suicide. My doctor prescribed me a low dose birth control about a month ago and I began taking it. Slowly I have become an emotional wreck and last week went off on my bf for not much of a reason. Yesterday I hit him and I couldn't believe it afterwards I have even been thinking about suicide again and I totally forgot until today that it may be the birth control affecting me...What can I do ...Should I go off the birth control again ?? Anyone have any similar situations ?

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  • Do you wish you could put your relationship on hold for a while ? Should I break up with him ..?

    My boyfriend and I have been going out for a while ...almost a year...I am not used to being with someone for so long because I kind of have commitment issues and most of the time rather spend my time single...Lately I have been through a lot of stress (which I put on myself ) But I notice that I take alot out on him ...When I am not spending my time with family or at college I am spending the rest of my time with him ...when I am not around him I miss him but when I am I get really aggravated easily and just want to go home...I feel like we need time apart but I think he thinks that I want to see other people and tells me we break up or dont and work things out ...But when I try to talk to him ...he always has an answer or logic for everything and I told him sometimes I just want him to listen ! but then he starts again with his logic ...He is a good guy I just cant focus on school now that I am with him ...IDK is it worth breaking up or should I just stick with it ?

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  • I want to know whats wrong with me?

    These are basically my symptoms::

    I havent had my period in almost 6 months(although I usually am not regular if I am not on Birth control which I am not ).I have cramping even though I havent had my feels just as though I am. Sometimes it is mild and dull or it can be sharp and achy. I have been going to urinate a little bit more than usual not too much cuz I have been drinking more water..But enough to make me notice it.. I am constipated for the past month and when I do go I get diarrhea. This past weekend I have had an odor not too strong and vaginal discharge white and clear with little brown clots it looks like.. I started feeling really tired and drained and I think I am starting to get a fever..not too sure I dont have a thermometer...I feel achy like I am getting cold sick ontop of all the pelvic area things thats wrong ...I am going to the dr. this week I want to have some kind of idea of what it might be though...and do some research ...any dr. explainations plz

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  • My cat has a wound?

    My cat likes to escape and go outdoors even though I dont like it very much...he came home last night with a wound about 1/2 in deep and 1/2 inch around on his neck ...its not bleeding and I put peroxide I really dont have the money to take him to a vet but if I really have to I will..Im going to go buy a small wrap to wrap around it there anything else I shoud ldk do or know.......He doesnt have a fever but it stinks ...and it doesnt look infected ...Im a nurse but I dont know if anything I know applies to cats ??>>>

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  • How did you know ??

    I think I may have endometriosis ...but I would like to hear what other people have to say about when they first found out or what symptoms they had...please describe...for instance were you constipated or had diarrhea too ...did you feel like you had cramps when you didnt even get your do I know if my periods are really that painful...because I always assumed when I skipped periods and then got them ...the pain was because I didnt get it before ???....The only reason I havent gone to the dr. is cuz I dont have insurance at the moment but I plan on getting it soon I am just curious and a little worried at the point ...also how many of you got pregnant even after being diagnosed with endometriosis??

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  • Dr or anyone with personal experience?

    Ok I am 19 I started having my period when I was about 12 and I was regular I got older ..about 15 ..I started skipping my periods ...first it started with one month then skipping about two months at a time...I started taking birth control at the time to make me have a more regular period...but I found out birth control makes me really emotional ...about the middle of last year I was pretty good ...having regular periods for about 8 months although I spotted a few times in between...But since January I havent had my period ...I took a couple preganacy tests because I was worried although I am very careful when I have sex ...they were all negative ...I have been kind of stressed but I have been getting pelvic abdominal pains...I am in nursing class so I am started to become more curious as to why I havent gotten it...I feel like I have cramps...lower back pains...and lately a slight odor...I also experience constipation ...any suggestions as to what might be causing this wouldhelp

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  • How do I keep my beardie from getting eaten ?

    Well I am going to be getting about a month old beardie in a couple weeks and I have 2 cats and 2 dogs ...who I know will at first thing it is a play toy i am really worried the cage will be high so that they can not get a direct hold of it and my door will be kept closed but I basically want to know if any of you had this problem and how did you deal with it and any other suggestions...I am going to train my dogs not to its the cats I am worried about....I got a fish and they knocked over the tank and ate it was a small tank though so I got another one and they are fine because I discipline them even when they look at it but I still catch them in the middle of the night looking at it ...Thanks

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  • is cutting slits in steak in any way bad ?

    My boyfriend is trying to convince me that cutting slits in steak isn't good. I was trying to tell him it lets the seasoning into the steak. What do you think

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  • Honestly how much weight should I lose ?

    I am 19 years old ...5'2 ...and 167 lbs ....I know I am overweight but I looked it up and one person said like 125 lbs I am thick framed ???

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  • I have a cut in between my vagina and anus. I think from having sex. It reopens when I have sex now. What can?

    It was bleeding and it reopens when I have sex now. How long should I wait to have sex again to let it heal and is there anything I should be aware of ?

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