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  • Am I weird?? ?

    Does anyone else sit on their balcony at night smoking weed for about 20 minutes and just listen to the outside world? 

    I feel like my neighbors are judging me LOL 

    I live downtown and love the hustle of the city and plus it's getting nicer out 

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  • Dream question, help?

    So I've noticed today that every time I dream about my mother, I'm always violent towards her. Not in the beating sense, but the 'rude' sense. Like in one of my dreams, I just yelled at her to the point of me crying. And in another dream I think I hit her multiple times, and last night i dreamt that i dumped a bucket of water over her head.

    it's all out of anger

    why am i dreaming of this?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • help! comparison essay on SETTING?

    so i'm doing an essay on comparing setting and im doing it on two stories that are in a club/bar during the 1930s. what else do i include? it has to be 800+ words.

    please help!

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  • Greek Furies HELP for essay?

    So, I have to write an essay on a monster, and i've chosen FURIES. the three hideous goddesses who were curses and they avenged crimes

    my essay has to be about some sort of argument based on them

    any ideas as to what i can do for my arguement?


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  • would this be disrespectful to his parents?

    i'm planning on going to visit my boyfriends parents in august, with my boyfriend and we're not married, but my mom is christian and she said that his parents will respect me more if i sleep in a different bed than him. he says his parents are fine with me sleeping in the same bed with my boyfriend, and we won't be doing anything sexual anyways.

    and my mom said that if my boyfriend were to come home with me, he wouldn't be allowed to sleep in my bed either.

    what do you guys think?

    yeah, she's my mother and she makes a good point, but if his parents don't care, then why should i sleep in another room?

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  • tattoo ideas, what do ya think?

    so my life goal is to travel the world, and while travelling the world i'd collect keychains.

    i already have two keychains: a key from rome, and a british flag in a heart.

    would it be lame or cool to get some sort of keychain design from each country that you've visited or really liked?

    i was thinking that i'd either do a sleeve on my arm, or a collection on my side.

    not on my back, waaaaaaaay to ticklish! my first tattoo guy got really annoyed at me for moving! i couldn't help it! lol

    so what do you think?

    opinions welcome :) even the negatives :) xx

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  • Income Tax Question, PLEASE HELP!!!?

    So I worked full time for a year in 2011 after working part time for 4 years.

    the 2011 year, my work took over $3000 worth of taxes from me.

    when i went to go get them filed, along with my other T4 which only taxes $40, they said i owed the government $300 and they're saying that i get NOTHING back.

    W T F. i worked hard and get NOTHING?

    why is this so? i should get SOMETHING back, right?

    someone please help :)

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  • Accounting Question PLEASE HELP journalize?


    Nov30 Emily books a second class for December 4 for $125. She receives $25 cash in advance as a down payment.

    please and thank you! :)

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  • Accounting question PLEASE HELP. journalize this?

    Emily gathers some baking equipment for her store, she finds a blender that originally cost $750 but decides that it's currently worth $400

    please need help! :)

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  • Which One Do You Like Better? Help :) ?

    I really wanna go into fashion designing, and i'm having a tough choice on my logo, even tho it's not really a logo. lol.

    anyways, its a short form of my first name, combined with my middle name.

    so, JAELEE

    i have a few differet ways of doing this, so here's the picture, and please tell me which one you like best.

    thanks =)


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  • Tattoo Idea??......:)?

    so, im getting a tattoo.

    but idk where to put it.

    i have an idea, but i may think the other idea is better

    1) chinese symbol of happiness:

    Behind Ear


    Back of Neck

    2) My Zodiac sign


    Back of Neck

    or Behind Ear.

    it will be either or.


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  • Visa before applying abroad? HELP?

    Hi, So I really want to study abroad, but my question is:

    Do I need to obtain a visa before applying to study abroad in a different country?

    Like, if I get the Visa before applying, and then I apply, and then i'm rejected, what do i do?

    thanks, =)

    3 AnswersStudying Abroad1 decade ago
  • UK visa fees for Studying AND working? help :) ?

    okay, so i'm planning on studying in London for 2 - 3 years, and working. im a permanment resident in Canada, and i was just wondering the Fees, and if i need 2 visas?

    please help :)

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  • Difference between ON-RAILS and FREE ROAM video games?

    i don't get it.

    can someone please help :)

    also, mention some games for On Rails and Free Roam.


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  • Need a Thesis Map for English Essay, please help.?

    On Poverty

    Please include what the main ideas for each paragraph are:

    Major Problems and Causes

    Maternal Health and Over Population

    Childhood and Education

    and Disease.

    thank you, =) .

    1 AnswerHomework Help1 decade ago
  • resume didn't send right VIA email, what to do?

    so, i just sent an email with my resume attached to a potential manager.

    and then so being curious i decided to send it to me AFTER i sent it to her.

    and so i open the attached file, and t comes out as .MPEG as in MOVIE

    and i wanted it to come out as .doc as in microsoft word document

    what do i do ?!

    please help.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Need Objective for Resume, please help.?

    So, I'm applying as a Summer Program Leader, and Need to make a resume.

    The decription is "working directly with the Summer program Coordinator and another leader in the developement and delivery of the Children's Summer program for children 6 to 12 years of age.

    I need an Objective, because I can't think of one,

    thanks =).

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  • Algerbra II Logs; Help, please?

    i'm stuck on two critical thinking questions; please help, and show the work as well, :)

    1) 2(log 2x - log y) - (log 3 + 2log 5)

    2) log x * log 2

    thanks :)

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Making this Negative Sentence Positive; please help =)?


    We are in receipt of your letter of complaint. You claim that the part-time employee who you hired from our firm is not competent. We cannot be responsible for every one of our employees. It is your responsibility to interview the person and determine whether or not the individual can fulfill the job duties of the position within your company.

    Also, I would suggest that you might have trained the person for the specific work that you have. We cannot anticipate every companyís needs. We do give our part-time people training, but when we do not know what you need, we cannot train for it.

    Next time you call us for an employee, make certain that you clearly identify your needs so that we may with you more closely.


    please help me :)

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Making Negative Sentences Positive; PLEASE HELP :)?

    i'm doing this this for BCA class on this stuff.


    1 We are sorry, but our policy does not permit pets in the hotel. You will have to make other arrangements for them.

    2 We have treated your Coleman tent with Scotchguard, but we cannot replace it since it became mildewed when you failed to dry the tent out before placing it in the carrying bag.

    3 We have fixed your broken bike, and hope you will have no further trouble with it.

    4 This information is being sent to you now so that we can avoid later misunderstandings about our credit terms.

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