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  • I'm being threatened with copyright on a picture, I need a few answers!!!?

    Ok, I use this picture on my web page, and you can find this picture many times on photobucket.

    Today I received a letter telling me to remove it because it was their website logo. I looked at the site, and the image is similar but not the same. AND if you look it up on photobucket, their picture is not on there, but the one I have is many times. I also looked at their site and its copyright 2008.

    So can someone please tell me if I have to take it down and what they can do if I don't remove it?

    And I've had that image for well over 3 years, and because it says copyright 2008, does that mean I had it first?

    Also, its not even the same image! Is there an exception for that? Plus mine looks better and more professional honestly..

    Here is my pic:

    Here is their pic:

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  • My cat has horrible behavior problems, how can I stop her? All help appreciated.?

    My female cat is a little over 2 years old, I got her when she was less than 6 months old from a friend who had a chihuahua and it wasn't working out for them. She was a spunky hyper kitten. Well, ever since she was about a year old she has had horrible behavior problems. Now I know cats can be trouble, but if you scold them and stop them from doing what they are doing they don't normally head to your room and hop into your clean laundry basket and take a little tinkle on everything! or hide out for a couple hours then when things have calmed down go jumping on shelves knocking the breakable things down! Its almost like she is getting revenge on me, and I don't know what to do about it!

    Anytime you scold her or change things, like giving her a new toy or cleaning out her litter or moving around some furniture she goes crazy and knocks things down, purposely claws furniture while your walking over to her telling her to stop, and tinkling on anything that's cloth(clothes, rugs, curtains, blankets, even paper) and is on the floor.

    I have no idea what to do with her! I cant keep her, but I'm pretty sure no one wants a cat like her. I've tried keeping her in an extra large dog (for lots of space) while I'm out or after she does something bad or even when I'm sleeping but she'll sit at the door and take her paw and rattle the door.

    Just last night she sneaked into my room and jumped up onto my bookcase and knocked off my hamsters cage, breaking the cage and terrorizing my little hamster until I was able to run in and stop her and my other cat and my mothers 2 small dogs.

    All help is very appreciated!

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  • Are men receiving additonal money after taxes have been returned?

    I have heard that all men are getting additional money around right now. What I have heard is that men automatically get $600 and if they are married they get an additional $600 for their spouse and if they have children they receive $200 for every child. can anyone confirm or correct this?

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  • Anyone know any cool group/crew names?

    I want a really awesome group name that has to do with the number 13, rockabilly/greaser/pin ups (if you don't know what that is think back to the 50's), thick luscious legs, hot rods/rat rods, and has to include the word dame/vixen/or demonias.

    Any ideas?

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  • How do I get the smell of cigarettes out of my handbag/purse?????

    So I bought this purse from ebay and when it arrived I opened the package only to be blown away by the stench of cigarettes! I don't know what to do! I've been airing it out now for about 24 hours (some advice from a friend) but so far its no use. I can't wash it and I'm afriad to spray cleaners/odor absorbents on it becuase the material may turn or ruin. Any help?

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  • What is the age to legally move out of your parents home?

    My cousin is almost 17 and a half years old and she can not stay in her parents house. Is there ay way to leave the house without getting emancipated? And what are the consequences if she does leave the house ilegally? Any help is welcomed.

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