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Expecting Baby 2 in October/November. Proud mommy to a beautiful 3yo boy, and wife to a wonderful man and fabulous chef. I work as a portrait photographer at a retail chain, and ADORE my job!

  • 29 was pregnant w severe toothache on a Sunday?

    I am 29 weeks pregnant. At the beginning of my pregnancy a filling came out of a deep cavity in my bottom left back molar. A couple days ago I made the mistake of chewing gum, then Friday night I bit down and I think that's when I cracked it - severe pain shot through my mouth. Since then it's gotten progressively worse on the pain scale to the point it is now throbbing in my jaw. I've been rinsing w warm salt water multiple times a day. I'm trying desperately to make it til tomorrow to see the dentist instead of being charged an arm and a leg at emergency dental, but the pain is excruciating and I worry about the baby. Does anyone have any recommendations to get me through to tomorrow morning? Thank you!

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  • My son doesn't like our potential baby's name. What can we do?

    MY 6yo son does not like the potential name we have chosen for baby. He has no real reason he can put his finger on, and has no suggestions of his own. The closest we've come is he says it doesn't sound right with his and his sister's names.

    How can we get him on-board? It's taken us forever to come to this choice, and it was no easy feat. Ultimately, it's our choice what to name our baby. And I think some of it may be him feeling secluded so maybe if we include him in other things it will set better? But he's pretty adamant.

    Has anyone else been in my shoes?

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  • My unborn child has two soft markers...?

    We had our anatomy ultrasound the other day and they found two soft markers for genetic disorders:

    1) choroid plexus cysts (2)

    2) echogenic focus

    Both could be nothing, and commonly are. But I am also 36. I did do the MaternaT21 test and came back 99% negative chance of the three Trisomies (13, 18, 21), did the AFP and that came back normal. So hopefully my concern is unfounded. Yet, I'm concerned. I won't allow myself to move forward in getting ready for baby #3 to come home until I know more information.

    I'd love a few people who had both of these markers to comment their experiences. Thank you in advance!

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  • I think I have Mastitis what can I do?

    Low-grade fever and breast pain, general "run-down" feeling, chills, and plugged duct. So I'm pretty sure I've progressed on to Mastitis. I'll call doc in the a.m. but what can I do RIGHT NOW to head down the road to recovery?? Thank you!

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  • How can you get gasoline out of clothing?

    After pumping gas today I pulled the nozzle and the little notch on the bottom got stuck, thus spilling gas on my one pair of maternity jeans and my shoes, and dousing my shirt an jacket in the scent. My biggest concern at the time was my son in the backseat and myself being overcome with toxic fumes, so I went home and changed. After errands etc, I came home and threw everything into the wash, added two scoops of OxyClean, and soaked for a few hrs while we all napped. I ran the load but my clothes are NOT rid of the smell. They ate currently air-drying inside (frost warning) with plans to move them outside late morning tomorrow. What can get rid of this horrible smell both on my close and in my machine before I wash another load? Thanks!

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  • Can a baby move too much inside the womb?

    our little mover and shaker feels like she is in constant motion in my belly. This is my 2nd baby, and I don't remember the first being so active... but I didn't work with the 1st kiddo, either. Just curious if I may have anything to worry about, and if I should ask my Doctor again even though I already asked the NP? Thank you!!!

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  • Spotting at 32 weeks after intercourse (warning: very descriptive)?

    My hubby and I had intercourse today, hadn't for awhile. Immediately after intercourse, my abdomen cramped up and I had to lay and relax until it stopped so I could comfortably get up (not long, couple of minutes). Not long after, I went to the restroom and noticed pink when I wiped. Then a little later, more of a reddish color. Then it stopped. Now it's back, it's definitely red and gummy, but then a light watery pink when I wipe. I can feel the baby wiggling around, so I know she's in there and ok for now. What I'm more concerned about is premature labor. I have an appointment Wednesday, so of course I will broach the subject then as advised by the NP, but I was just wondering if this is cause for concern, or par for the course? My husband did climax while still inside, and I've also read that chemicals in sperm may help to bring on labor, so again, I'm on high alert. Just looking for a little insight. If the bleeding/spotting is there in the morning, I'm planning to call the practice, but thought I'd ask you ladies (and gentlemen) tonight just to see. Thanks!

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  • Please answer my question about my 3yo?

    I posted a question earlier and the only answer I've gotten is, to me, illegitimate. Can someone else please asnwer, anything? You'll get the points and I'll know that this guy doesn't get points for being mean. Thank you!

    Question below:;_ylt=Aq4F7...

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  • Night terrors, bad dream, sick - 3yo?

    It's just now 3am here, and my son woke up probably a half-hour ago crying hysterically. I went to see why, and from what I understood through the sobbing was something about hairspray, something about getting a bar off of him, his throat hurt, and that he didn't like, well, pretty much anything and can't make a decision. He was sobbing and kicking his legs, writhing around like he was in pain, he didn't want hugs, didn't really want to be consoled. We ended up sitting in the living room for a few minutes, then he said he wanted to go back to bed, and a glass of milk. I got him the milk but when I got back to his bedroom he was throwing his animals and pillows off his bed, saying he doesn't like his animals, and he didn't want the milk, his throat hurt, but he refused medicine. I ended up carrying him outside for a sobering moment, and he calmed down a little, stopped crying completely, and we talked for a minute. I walked him back to bed upon request, responded to a few more nonsensical questions, offered him the milk again, and sat on his bed until he was asleep. I've NEVER seen him act quite like that before, and I'm not totally convinced he was really awake for 90% of everything. Any opinions on what may have just happened? It's highly possible he caught something from day care, since they pass around just about everything and one of the girls was sick recently, and it could just be a combination of strong will, sickness, and a dream. Just wondering if anyone may have experienced anything like this before. Threw me a little, and I didn't really know how to respond. Thank you!

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  • We picked our baby girl name - opinions?

    After much thought and perusal, we have decided on our baby girl's name... Our son's name is Keegan Beale, as food for thought. The final choice is:

    Ainsley Mae

    Ainsley is Scottish (a nod to family heritage) and means One's Own Meadow, and Mae is from May, my husband's grandmother's middle name, as well as my great-grandmother's middle name. Keegan liked this name better than anything else, and it seems to already suit her pretty well. :) Just thought I'd share and see what everyone thinks before we set it in stone! Thanks!

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  • Minimum age for Cubs run the bases night?

    I know that kids under 15 can run the bases on Family Nights at Wrigley Field, but what is the minimum age? We would love to take our 3yo either way, but if he can run the bases we'll get in there super-early!!! Thanks!

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  • 15wks Pregnant, head cold causing nausea?

    I feel terrible. I am currently 15wks pregnant and I have caught either a head cold or have allergies that are killing me! I have tons of mucous and drainage, all clear, but it's making me nauseous. I am exhausted, and I can't stop coughing (which is especially annoying since I pee a little every time I cough really hard!). I may have a very low-grade fever that comes and goes, and headaches that come and go. This is day 3, and I don't think I'm getting better. Any thoughts/diagnoses/recommendations?? Thanks so much!! (btw, this is my 2nd pregnancy, and last time I never got sick. This time I work full-time around kids all day, and have a 3yo who may now have this, too, but seems pretty unaffected other than a cough.)

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  • Can someone help me -- domestic abuse?

    I don't know where to draw the line at domestic abuse or her husband just being a jerk:

    He insults her with everything he sees as a flaw

    He knocks her lack of housekeeping skills (they both work full-time, though he is the bread-winner)

    He wants her to make more money/get a new job

    He hates paying her student loan, a degree which she honestly isnt using to full potential

    He has slugged her once on the jaw, though didn't leave a mark

    He has destroyed their kitchen three times and had to clean up broken glass, dishes, pottery, food, and replace a broken back door

    He is almost always drunk when any of this happens

    This has been gradually worsening for three years now, and I am afraid will only get worse. Should I tell her to get the heck outta there? Clearly they are both unhappy. Would counseling help? They do have a kiddo, sweetheart of a toddler. I don't know where to go with this. Would counseling help them? I don't think she wants to leave but I know she wants it to get better.


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  • My HUGE baby belly, 13wks!?

    I am almost 14wks pregnant and I felt like today my belly was huge and had that hardness that comes later in pregnancy. This is my 2nd, so I know I'll show earlier but I think yesterday looked quite a bit farther along than I really was. I think it may have been gas-related... Would gas have done that? I even had my husband look and feel and he was like WOW, whys it so big??? All normal? Thanks!! :)

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Custody case scenario?

    A friend of mine confided in me yesterday about her marital situation, and now I can't sleep. When their daughter was younger, 18mos or so, her husband got drunk and left the child alone in the house in her crib. She said when she got home the baby was safe and crying, an dad was nowhere and not reachable by phone. He turned up some time later (no idea how long, not sure that it matters) having walked home, drunk as a skunk, from their local bar. She said he walked in and when confronted about the baby he threw things around and made a big mess, breaking things... She didn't want to talk about details here, yelling involved and she said he was saying some harsh words (baby safe in crib). I asked why she didn't call the cops and she said he didn't want to be one of "those ppl".

    My questions are, should he pursue a custody case against her, could he get full custody since he makes more money that she does? And what is it called when you leave a child in a situation like that?? Should/could she have pressed charges? I think her husband has a drinking problem, and that this maybe wasn't an isolated event. I have never seen her with bumps or bruises, but they CANNOT have a healthy relationship. She is pursuing divorce now, but is concerned about living on her meager salary. The little girl is now almost 5, i so believe. Thanks.

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  • Does anyone have a solution for restless legs during pregnancy? (13wks)?

    I'm 13 wks along, and already I'm experiencing what I presume is pregnancy-related restless legs. It's a horrendous feeling of not being able to keep my legs still, like they must be in motion. It generates from the hips and goes on down. I am losing sleep already. Even just sitting here and typing this is tough. And of course, it's only really at night. I had this last time I was pregnant, but it didn't rear it's ugly head until much later. Does anyone know what may help?? I have GOT to get some sleep. Thanks!

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • What can I take for gas - 12 wks pregnant?

    I've had some serious gas pains today, (yes I'm sure it's gas), and would LOVE to take something. What is safe to take for specifically GAS while you are pregnant? Thanks!

    1 AnswerPregnancy8 years ago
  • I can't get a handle on my "morning" sickness?

    I am almost 12 weeks and praying for the days later in pregnancy when I don't feel like this anymore!! It's almost like I'm afraid of food, and I can psyche myself out of eating anything. At least now everything is starting to taste normal again, but the THOUGHT of it makes me literally gag. I managed to not eat an actual dinner tonight and now I'm MISERABLE - hungry and nauseous as all get-out. What can I eat to ease myself off feeling this nauseous, so I can eat something more substantial? I did try to snack throughout the day, but it's dinner time that kills me, every time. Tonight my hubby and superhero had to work late, so I was left to feed myself and my 3yo. Managed to get something down him, but only a tiny bit for myself. Gosh, I hate this feeling.... Thank you!!!

    9 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Any good morning sickness food recommendations?

    I'm almost 12 wks and suffering from morning sickness, right around dinner time. Nothing sounds good, but the thought of food makes me NAUSEOUS! Typically my hubby is home and will make me eat, but not tonight. Does anyone have anything that maybe worked for them? Worst part is I'll have to go to the store, where I can talk myself out of whatever I was thinking might be a good idea. AND it'd be great if it was toddler-friendly. Any suggestions?

    1 AnswerPregnancy8 years ago
  • Yellow vaginal discharge 10wks pregnant (no foul odor)?

    I've noticed some yellow discharge when I wipe. I am almost 11wks pregnant, confirmed strong heartbeat at last prenatal visit. I've had random spotting thru these first couple months. Could it be more spotting, or just another weird pregnancy symptom, or infection? Its relatively odorless, no burning, etc. I don't remember it with my 1st, but I was muuuuch sicker and NOTHING seemed right!!! someone who has experienced this, help!! Thanks!

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago