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  • Food aggression towards cats and other dogs?

    I have a sweet, mostly good natured eight month old Border Collie mix. She was given to me by her previous owners when they couldn't take her with them when they moved. She's been deaf since birth but she has responded well to hand signals and so far has mastered sit, will wait, sometimes lie down, and knows that she has to wait calmly until I count to five before she can come in the house.

    However, we have a dachshund/terrier mix that has food aggression. He does okay with the chihuahua/poodle mix that we had before Navi the BC, but if we try to feed all three dogs at the same time it inevitably ends up with him attacking her. He has left marks on her in the past. Rehoming him is not an option. We tried neutering him to correct the behavior, but little improvement has been seen. There are some times when he picks fights with her for no reason I can see. No food-based treats can be given because if he so much as thinks they might have something in their mouths he'll attack. When we give non food-based treats, there has to be more than one, and they can't be introduced while Navi is outside.

    Navi was not food aggressive when we got her, but now the little poodle/chihuahua mix cannot come near her bowl any more than the dachshund can. We feed her separately, inside with us while the other two eat outside. We have three cats, Lucy, Artemis, and Daisy. Artemis is the most inquisitive and investigates her. If he comes too close to her bowl she stands over it, gives him the Border Collie stare, and snaps. Normally the behavior is rectified by taking her bowl away until she calms down and it isn't too severe. However, she has a compressed pork skin bone that she adores. Today Artemis fell off of the couch and ended up too close to her with this bone. She downright attacked him. Luckily, we were able to separate the two before any injury was caused, but the situation is becoming very serious. I don't want to have to give up my dog to keep my cats safe, but I'm at my wit's end.

    It doesn't help that Lucy is rabidly protective of Artemis. She follows Navi around everywhere she goes, and hisses, spits, and slaps at her. After Navi attacked Artemis Lucy ran at her and tried to protect him. That's very sweet of her, but due to circumstances beyond my control she had to be declawed on all four, so she would not win any confrontation.

    Long story short: I need help making my deaf dog less touchy with her food. Help would also be appreciated with advice on how to make Lucy more comfortable with her.

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  • What made you want to become a vegetarian?

    I've heard all sorts of reasons, and I'm curious. I'm an animal lover, as is the reason many people choose not to eat meat anymore, but I still eat it and don't intend to change my mind, even after working closely with cows, chickens, and pigs. I'm especially interested in any sort of unusual reasons. And if you only started because it was trendy, just be honest. I'm curious about that too.

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  • Is there more significance behind "the chicken or the egg?"?

    For ages we've been asked, "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?"

    In my opinion, it is a question of belief.

    A person who believes in creationism will say that the chicken came first, due to it being placed on earth by a divine entity, and beginning to breed afterward.

    But a person who believes in evolution will say that the egg came first, because the chicken had to be born to exist, since it was descended from other species entirely.

    Or am I reading too much into this?

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  • What, of the following, is the best bedding for rats?

    I need the following qualities:


    -Cost effective - not necessarily cheap, but I want to pay a reasonable price for how much is in the bag

    -As little dust as possible

    -Reasonable for two male rats

    -Not difficult to find in stores

    -Comfortable for the rats

    So far I've heard good stuff about Kaytee Total Comfort Pet Bedding, Yesterday's News, Eco Bedding, Carefresh, Soft-Sorbent, and Fresh World Bedding. But if you have anything better, I'd love to hear about it.

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  • How do you feel about gay rights? Why?

    The debate about gay rights and the issue of gay marriage has raged in the United States for quite some time now, and I have been a strong believer in the right to marry and adopt for several years. My reasoning is probably the same as many other pro-rights people.

    I know that while the decision to acknowledge one's homosexuality is a choice, it is not a choice to be homosexual. So one could live their life with someone of the opposite sex, sure. But I believe that the point of life is to live it happily, and if that involves being with the same sex, then there is no reason not to.

    I want all couples to have the right to marry for both emotional and financial reasons. Married couples can share insurance, while unmarried couples cannot. And since gay couples cannot marry, they cannot have that benefit. That is unfair.

    People preach about abused, unwanted children. But do they realize how many of them would have a home if gays could marry, and therefore adopt? The inability to bear children will lead to adoption, and give so many children a loving family. And before anyone says anything about the "psychological trauma" they would face; I know many people who grew up with a mother and father, and the home situation was atrocious. But no one complains then.

    The sanctity of marriage is no longer a factor. Every day people marry on a whim. It is fully possible to get married in a matter of minutes in Las Vegas, at the Hooters hotel. How sacred is that? Even better, some guy dressed as Elvis can lead the ceremony. Couples marry for the money, to make family happy. Celebrities marry for the fame and publicity then promptly divorce for the fame and publicity. I believe that while it should not be legal to force a church to house the ceremony, it should be legal to have the ceremony. And once the law is passed, it should not be revoked. Stupid California.


    The hang ups most people have regarding gay marriage is their religion. I ask, then;

    If they were to be persecuted for being Christian, Catholic, or whatever they are, they would argue that this is a free country and they can practice what they want.

    By that way of thinking this is a free country and people can practice homosexuality if they want.

    They claim that God does not approve or condone it, that they are sinning and will go to hell.

    Their religion, by the same token, preaches tolerance and not to judge. They are as a result sinning.

    They think "it is morally wrong." How so? By their religion's standards?

    No one is forced to practice their religion or share their morals and therefore their religion should not be the standard of everyone's life.

    I could go on, but this is getting lengthy.

    My point is that I want to hear both sides of the story in well organized fashions. I like to approach every debate with an understanding of why each side feels the way they do. If you are against it, why? Provide reasons, please, besides "it's just wrong." If you are for it, why?

  • Is there anything I can do to encourage my cockatiels to mate?

    I have a whiteface male, and a lutino female. She is sexually mature and is 3-4 years old. The male is at least 4, I don't know the exact number. He has some behavioral problems, like not allowing you to take him out of his cage, but he will come out on his own. That, however, is not the main concern.

    I'm trying to encourage them to become interested in each other to mate. I have the money for a nest box, though I haven't purchased one yet. I moved the female into the same room as the male, only a few feet from his cage where they can see each other every day. The female shows more interest in him than he does in her. The most interaction they have ever had, was that he bit her and flew away. I'm thinking this might just mean that there's no way they'll want to mate, especially since he hasn't tried singing to her or anything, I don't think.

    He does have one sort of song and dance where he peeps three times and wolf whistles, with his wings extended during the peeps and folded during the whistle. Might that be his mating song?

    Also, what, if anything, can I do to encourage them to mate?

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  • Going to choose a chinchilla from a litter?

    What should I look for when selecting a chinchilla from a litter? I want one with a good temperament and I also want to know any telltale signs that it may be ill or at risk of being ill. Gender and color aren't a great concern, but tips on gender differences would also be appreciated. I would prefer if only people who know what they're talking about answer, because I don't want to be led astray by someone who has no clue. Breeders would be most welcome.

    Also; what do I need to know when I bring it home? How big will it be, what kind of quirks do I need to watch out for?

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  • What are the laws in Texas on leaving home at seventeen?

    There is a girl in a verbally, mentally, emotionally abusive situation. She was forced to drop out of school at 15. Now, two years later her mother has her on a GED program to avoid getting in trouble with the state. She is unable to complete anything or get anything done because her mother interrupts her all the time. It is my belief that she's trying to make sure she doesn't get a diploma or any equivalent.

    On police record, her mother has been caught with drugs, her father has been in trouble for many, many domestic disturbances and has had to be escorted from the premises, and both are violent and unpredictable. Her mother has manic depression and likely borderline personality disorder. She lives in a constant state of chaos, with absolutely nothing being assured. Some nights she's not even sure what bed she'll be sleeping in, and for a few weeks her mother had her pack a bag just about every night as she threatened to leave her new husband and move in with her ex-husband. The entire situation is ridiculous, abusive, and unbalanced.

    My question is, I've been told that you can legally leave home at seventeen and the police won't force you to go home and the parents cannot press charges. If she leaves, her mother will if she can. But she needs to get out of there. She is reduced to tears on a daily basis and her health is in question, as well. She has had chronic bronchitis since she was seven from her mother smoking. Both her step father and mother still smoke heavily, and at times her bronchitis gets so bad that she can't get from one end of the house to the other without wheezing and needing to sit down - and this is a tiny house. She has no inhaler for it, either, and will not be getting one because her mother would assume she is faking. This has become a critical mass situation, and waiting until she is 18 to leave is not a desirable option. She needs out now before further mental, emotional, and physical damage is caused.

    To restate: In Texas, can a minor at seventeen legally leave home, especially in an abusive situation?

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  • Can a breeding female cockatiel still be a pet?

    I have a three year old female lutino cockatiel and am considering breeding her. I've heard from a few sources that once I begin to do so, she'll be too aggressive to be a pet. I would love the experience of breeding cockatiels, but not if it were to mean losing her as a pet in the process. Is it true that she'll be aggressive toward human contact even after the mating season, or does it just occur during incubation of the eggs and raising of the chicks? If so, how aggressive, and how variable is it with different birds?

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  • What's your opinion on gay marriage?

    I think it'd be interesting to get people's views on this.

    Please don't make your answer religious. If it's against your religion, that's okay. Don't go marry someone of the same sex. But I want valid, substantial reasons for or against it.

  • Avenged Sevenfold - Yay or nay?

    I was just curious, but I noticed that a lot of people have either insane fandom or deep loathing for them. Why? Do you love them, or do you hate them? Give reasons. Make them better than "They're just awesome!" or "They suck."

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  • What song is this?

    In the '07 talent show at my school a couple of kids did a really awesome act and I want to know what song they danced to. I have the video. Does anyone know what song it was?

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Emancipated minor laws in Texas?

    My best friend lives with her mother and step father. Things used to be fairly okay, but then they began taking away her social life bit by bit. I used to be able to go over there, but now I'm just a bad influence. That's sad, considering I've talked her out of suicide and tried to help her stop cutting. But in the one time I've seen her lately, I think she's butchered up her arms and legs again. She can't take 2 1/2 more years of living in that house, I know it. I need to find some way to help her before she loses it. What are the emancipated minor laws in Texas? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? This is a kind of urgent situation. I can't lose her, she's one of the most important people to me. Right now I can't even call her, they took her phone away "to give her time to breathe away from me".

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  • A long and confusing relationship. Or a lack thereof.?

    I need some major help.

    In my first year of Jr. High I started crushing madly on one of my best guy friends. For eight months straight I focused on him until I finally gave up after asking him out for the third time. Yes – back then I was rather pathetic and clingy. Now I try not to be so much. And I manage. Only problem is, as Jr. High usually goes, much more drama ensued after that.

    Now we hardly ever speak and most of the time when we do it’s me initiating it. It had been like that since about a quarter of the way through 8th grade and all of 9th, until his best friend expressed feelings for me. He and I dated with the original guy’s blessing, he seemed so happy to see us together. But the relationship we had was odd. I’d say we were friends. But the first time he’d ever really seen me up close since back then was the Valentine’s Day Dance, which his friend had originally asked me to. I went in a short black halter-tie dress, not too slutty, not to Church-girl. If I’m not mistaken, every year he’s seen me at one of the dances, he’s been unable to keep his eyes off me. I dunno about this year, I kinda kept my eyes on my bf. But he did come up to me and say “I haven’t hugged you in forever,” and hugged me, even before my bf did for the first time. (Yes – a week together, and he hadn’t hugged me yet.) But what’s funny is, when you say you haven’t hugged someone in forever, that generally means you have before but I don’t remember ever hugging him. We were tight, but not that tight. Still.

    I’ve also heard it said that people think the guy I dated and the guy I was crushing on had a rivalry going over me at one point. Right before my ex asked me out they stopped talking, I never saw them together, neither mentioned the other, and the original’s other best friend came up to me and started talking to me about him for some reason in a rather suggestive manner. I know at this point if I was to touch him in any way beyond friendly, verbally or physically, someone would kill me and put my head on a pike.

    The bf and I broke up kinda badly and so my ex bf and I are on ‘Talk When Necessary’ terms, and the original and I never talk. We haven’t for weeks and it kills me, he and I used to be so close. I miss it.

    But yesterday, it hit me. He got a new haircut – straightened, dyed black, over one eye emo-style, making his blue eyes stand out more than they already did. Now he’s a drop-dead hottie. When I first told him I liked him, he was That Nerdy Boy No Girl Would Date but Me. Now that he’s matured, gotten a better physique, and become more masculine, all sorts of girls want him.

    To the point. Yesterday I was sitting in the cafeteria, nonchalantly scoping to see if I could find him. I’d heard he had a new haircut and I wanted to see it. Next thing I knew, I saw a tall, skinny, muscular guy talking to my ex with his back turned to me. I couldn’t figure out who it was or if I knew him, but you know how it goes when you’re thinking “Damn, you’re hot from behind, turn around so I can see the rest of you.” Those were my exact thoughts. When he did, our eyes met from across the cafeteria for a brief moment and in that brief moment, I felt a lot of weird things at once. As soon as I realized it was him, I couldn’t breathe, my mind when blank, my face got hot, and my heart started to flutter and pound at the same time, in that order. I don’t know what to think. I can’t still like him, I know I can’t. He not only has a girlfriend he says he loves, but he’s got a thing for this other girl, he didn’t want me back then so why would he want me now, and I screwed it all up by dating his best friend.

    I’ve always got odd feelings when talking to him. I always get warm inside, laugh a lot, and even giggle some. He makes me giddy, for lack of a better word. He said at one point, a couple months ago, that he wishes he had never turned me down back then. But he did and that’s all that matters now. I’m almost certain he wouldn’t take me even if his girl and he did break up. And I’m not even sure what to think of what happened to me right now. It unsettled me a lot. I keep trying to say it’s because of the shock of his new haircut, but I don’t know. I was going to test it today, look at him and see if I feel that way, talk to him, but I got pulled out of school one period before lunch because I had skulls on my shoes which represent ‘death and dismemberment’, so we can’t wear them. So it’s all up to tomorrow. What I need to know right now is any advice? Any at all?

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  • Futurama episodes?

    Does anyone know where I can watch full Futurama episodes free? I'm looking for "The Sting" specifically, I started watching it last night and never finished.

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  • Is he cheating?

    This question really sux, but outside opinions are nice.

    My bf and I have been together since October 8th or so. He and I have a connection that I've never felt before. I'm physically attracted to him, but emotionally as well, more deeply than ever for anyone else. And I know he's had some difficult times, just last year he went through a scorching breakup and he's still a little wounded. I think I ought to mention that he's schizophrenic and has at least three voices/personalities. I've literally met one, and I like him and all. But I don't know about the others. I know I can't be hard on him over much, because it may not be his fault. But once we were on the phone and he had to go at 12:15 at night because 'his grandmother called'. And his phone is off all the time lately. Maybe he's just trying to tell me to back off a little? I don't know, I don't think I'm smothering. But I do know he still has feelings for his ex, and just started going to the same school as her again.

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  • What song is Zoey Bloch skating to in Ice Princess?

    I love the song Zoey Bloch skated to at the sectionals, anyone know what the title of it is?

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  • I need an opinion on healthy weight - Am I anorexic?

    I really need help. I'm 14, and I have trouble eating. Its not that I don't want to, its just that sometimes I can't motivate myself to, and if I try, I start to feel sick. I never eat until I'm ful anymore because I find it nearly impossible. Instead, whenever possible, I eat a little bit by bit to try to fill up my stomach.

    I'm 5'3", maybe just a little taller, and my weight has stayed between 96-104 lbs. Right now, its at 100 lbs, and my BMI is 17.7. At one point, I was up to 104, and in less than a week, I dropped to 97. Even if I do gain the weight, I can't seem to retain it.

    I've tried different motivation. My boyfriend lost someone to anorexia so he's really sensitive on the subject. He's started to figure out something's wrong, as I'm starting to look a little unhealthy and my best friend, the only one who knows, is threatening to tell him.

    So, I need this question answered: am I already anorexic, in danger of developing anoreixia, or just fine?

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