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  • Does this translate in French correctly?

    Où est-ce qu'est meilleur d'aller quand on va acheter un pull sportif


    Where is it best to go when one goes to buy a sports jacket?

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  • What kind of entry salary should I expect with this resume?

    Resume highlights


    UMASS Amherst: 3.22 / 4.00 GPA

    Major: Political Science : 3.08/ 4.00 GPA

    Bachelor degree: September 1, 2014

    * Recommendation Letter: 2 academic + 1 internship

    Work Experience:

    ************** Worcester, MA

    Role: internship, working with Development Associate

    Tasks: I assisted in the grant proposal writing process from the non-profit organization in order to assist in the fund-raising budget.

    Duration: June-August YR: ****

    * Recommendation Letter

    Starbucks *********, MA

    Role: Barista


    Tasks: Assisting in the making of drinks, cashiering, closing. In my part-time stint at starbucks I was willing to be a listener and was helped to learn what was required of me as a barista, and performed successfully.

    Duration: Part time June-August YR: *****

    *****************, MA

    Role: Farm assistant, high school senior project

    Tasks: Packaging animal food to be distributed via this small business farm/ distribution enterprise. I learned to understand the power of a small business, and the utilization of online distribution of products.

    University Experience:

    UMASS Amherst Student government

    Role: Off-campus senator

    Tasks: Working on a finance committee to decide which RSO student groups on campus received funding from our $30,000 budget. This was a team of 6 individuals listening to presentations from student groups on campus and assessing quality.

    UMASS Amherst International Relations Club:

    A prestigious Political Science club at U

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  • Can I get my Grocery/retail store purchase history from that store?

    When you buy from a store they print out a receipt for you and a copy for the store for merchandise tracking and all that data is in their computer.

    Is there a way for me to receive information on my purchase history from a grocery store like Whole Goods?

    I'm asking because I'm on a vegetarian diet and I want the information of all my purchases for these items.

    I no longer have the receipts because someone living with me threw them out.

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  • ¿cuando usted utiliza tu y usted?

    when you're talking Spanish how do you change the following situations

    Different - Not close College student caught speeding and the police officer who

    caught her.

    Different - Close Grandmother and 10-year-old grandchild.

    Same - Not close Two middle-aged businessmen meeting for the first time.

    Same - Close You and your best friend in high school.

    between using the words tu and usted

    which of those situations do you use tu and usted?

    cuando hablas español, ¿cómo cambiar las siguientes situaciones

    Diferente - Estudiante de colegio No está cerca atrapados exceso de velocidad y el oficial de policía que

    la cogió.

    Diferente - Abuela y nieto Cerca de 10 años de edad.

    Igual - No cerrar dos de mediana edad los hombres de negocios reunidos por primera vez.

    Misma - Cerrar Usted y su mejor amigo en la secundaria.

    entre el uso de las palabras TU y USTED

    cuál de estas situaciones se utiliza TU y USTED?

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  • When you speak in spanish or french when do you use tu or usted?

    when you're talking spanish/ french how do you change the following situations

    Different Not close College student caught speeding and the police officer who

    caught her.

    Different Close Grandmother and 10-year-old grandchild.

    Same Not close Two middle-aged businessmen meeting for the first time.

    Same Close You and your best friend in high school.

    between using the words tu and usted

    which of those situations do you use tu and usted?

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  • Lawsuit against grading of University?

    I want to know the process of how I would file a lawsuit against my University.

    I think certain professors are taking advantage of me and giving me bad grades in INTRODUCTORY

    classes, yet I've gotten much smarter and better as a student.

    I think this is fraud. The department refuses to step in, and I'm basically being failed in a class, but I believe my papers are way above the curve.

    I think the University should be held accountable and I'm tired of getting pushed around. I'm smart enough to represent myself, I just want to take it to a court room.

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  • Need help with taking someone to court who is abusing power?

    This person is a nurse at a hospital who is close to the top of management at the hospital .

    She basically talked to a physician without ever seeing me and had an order issued to send me

    to a mental health clinic. I got out through the mandatory 3 day hold, and trial, but I don't know

    what other laws she can abuse.

    She made up a lot of things I never did, and claimed I did things that never happened, and I don't trust that she won't try to do something else.

    How do I stop this person?

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  • Legal help please urgent held without rights?

    Need some advice.

    If you are put in a mental clinic against your will, because example your mom is a nurse at a hospital and can get a psychiatrist to refer you via judge and make you go there until they decide otherwise.

    What do you do?

    I guess I'm going to contact the District Attorney but I don't know how the process goes.

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  • journey to good health?

    When I was in high school I ate mcdonalds or Wendy's on weeknights and played video games

    till 2 am then woke up to go to school.

    In college being at the cafeteria I was introduced to the potential of what the salad bar had to offer and made sure I had one for every meal. I also started to investigate more unique health options

    like avocados and juice puree from company's like Bolthouse Farms or another brand.. Um.

    Late in college, senior year I switched to the prospect of vegetarianism and progressed only having a meat once a week. This I kept at for 2 years until finally going full vegan. Now I have a variety of choices and I also if necessary will take up on a few vegan meat choices that are all natural soy based, but I usually don't.

    The characteristics of my changing diet are more balanced energy across the day and confidence in my health.

    I also haven't gotten sick since this time, except minor runny nose or rare mild headache.

    I use to get sick like flu or fever.

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  • being a small time job worker with a plan?

    IF YOU ARE LOST in THIS USE Wikipedia or GOOGLE to look something up..

    I did it all the time in college whenever I read things that I missed a detail or two on.

    Finding direction with your pay

    Small time jobs making sandwiches at a deli, grocery store worker are good jobs on a lower wage. This is the kind of job I would get on the low end, deli sandwich server.

    Toll booth operator's make about 22 - 25K at the high end depending on where, but is also sort of a tough appeal job, and may not have long term longevity.

    Apparantly it is a job in high demand, but I will also go to Grocery store worker in a nice area making about 10.50 an hour.

    The #1 fund you can set savings aside for is college online classes.. for instance a state college ONLINE class is approx $1,100.

    This can be done within a month period during the winter or summer semester.. there are 3 summer semesters, and one winter semester.

    If you plan accordingly you can take comfortably 4 online classes (1 per each session) which each are about 1 month long sessions. The course load is about as much as 1 regular college class, but its worth it.

    If you have a vacation from work you can plan your vacation weeks around 1-2 classes in one session. Maybe even 3 classes.

    This is also state college level, EXAMPLE UMASS AMHERST Continuing education online.

    At this rate you could be taking college 4 classes per year.. which is 1 semester per year instead of 2 semesters per year, and still do it comfortably.

    Meanwhile it will probably help you in your real world skills, and make you more studious of your opportunity's

    You also should do your best to minimize your bills and be efficient. If you don't fall behind on bills and keep a good credit, or RESTORE your credit, then you can make a comfortable cheap living.

    Check BANK OF AMERICA credit cards.. several of which are "building credit" cards.. or "re-storing" credit if you did anything to fall behind.

    They have high APR around 22.5% so that if you miss payments you get penalized, the amount you didn't pay 22.5% of, but if you follow your payments or probably if you make minimum payment I don't think you get charged.

    You can get a car like a Volkswagen that is cheap reliable and ag reat car for about $5,000 OR LESS... I've seen one on the lot for $3,000.

    HOWEVER those opportunitiy's should be taken on an individualistic goal mindset. If you start having children then those are actually not very expensive costs to burden, because of food stamps, and tax deductions.. HOWEVER in terms of money it's not as expensive.. BUT in terms of your time, and your energy and mental health it is an incredible difficulty, unless you have older parents with time ont heir hands, retired or extended family who can help.

    I also suggest INVESTING in BONDS.. which I know nothing about... THIS is something that would require a lot of careful research and very little money invested to make sure you understand the process.

    FINALLY invest in a home work out, or a $10/month gym like Planet fitness...

    OR buy something like BODYLASTICS (google it) for $95 it gives you about 7 resistance bands that you can use to build muscle.

    It's what I use as a 24 yr old male, as one of my primary workouts.

    FINALLY switch to a healthier diet.. eliminating 1/2 of unhealthy things in your diet, and replacing those things with healthy FOOD OPTIONS or HEALTHY drinking options.. Like fruits, vegetables ETC... AND sometimes healthy things are things you already like, for instance CHINESE vegetable soup, or vegetable fried rice, instead of pork fried rice.

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  • why is meat called nutritious?

    You can get vitamins and proteins (which are not essential to a diet) .. here's sample

    breakfast: cup of orange juice, grain cereal with milk = 11 g protein

    after breakfast meal (brunch whatever): 1 yogurt, 5g protein

    Lunch : 1 grilled cheese sandwich, whole wheat, 2 slices cheese, 13 g protein

    Dinner: pasta with sauce, french fries, light oil 1 cup of soy milk, 16 g protein + B12 vitamins from meat

    Desert: 1 piece of apple pie 4 or 5 g protein

    50 g protein is total = more than enough.. 40g is more than solid.. 30g probably all that's needed

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  • how to go to college without going to college (sorry no degree, but all the knowledge)?

    I would like more input to build a better structure from other Yahoo users, and this is my starting point.

    If for instance you go to this website, a campus book store, and select a major, a course, you can have a full log of all the books available for that major.

    If you then go to and buy books that are 2nd or 3rd edition verse the newest edition (maybe 5th), the books will be from about 2007 and you can buy them used for $10.00, ten dollars. verse brand new 70 dollars plus.

    You can compare them side by side with newer editions and the books will use 90-95% the same information.

    You can have about 10 books for $100. These books may be hard to understand so work through them.. and set aside a 2-3 year period for learning them. Maybe 1 year..

    Read one chapter and switch books, and alternate, so you get more concepts.

    Spend 20 minutes per day on world news , or Yahoo News or Ny times

    five out of seven days per week.

    If you do all of this for 1 full year you will be on track.

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  • Does any college offer a french online class in fall or winter that I can take?

    I need to take a french class online for credits, Intermediate french II.

  • Do you think it's true women can heavily influence men to make healthy decisions?

    Men try to act cool and make decisions that influence them to getting more women.

    If more women encouraged healthy lifestyles and healthy eating more healthy choices. There are women who are like that who are clean and tidy and salad eaters, but I think there needs to be more. Too many women are acting like men and indulging in the same bad habits. Cigarettes, drinking, poor judgment.

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  • ways to make your drinking water as healthy as possible?

    The ways I know.

    Boil all your drinking water and leave it in a glass bottle that has previously been cleaned using boiling water. Boiling water is a great disinfectant.

    (keep in mind glass doesn't do well with quick temp change, so don't take ice cold glass bottle and fill it with hot water or it might crack)

    Leave the glass bottle out on your counter wrapped in kitchen cloths for 20 minutes until it cools down to warm, then put it in the fridge still wrapped. on the bottom and sides, so you don't leave a mark in your fridge.

    Install a water filter like a PUR on your sink to let water pass through before you boil it.


  • green balls Brita water filter?

    After 2 months I've noticed that there's tiny green spheres on the bottom of the filter area of my Brita filter where there are the 4 filters. On one side with more quantity then the other.

    The filter and the Brita always go into the fridge after I fill it with water. I tried finding this information online and there were a few posts about it but nothing conclusive.

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