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Diana A. Crowley :]

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I'm Diana (Well no shit Sherlock) I'm 14, fierce as hell, and probably the biggest dork you'll ever meet. (Buffy+ Harry Potter+ fanfiction x pepsi= pure MADNESS.) I love Death Cab, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, MCR, Mindless self Indulgence, and Creature Feature! And the best book ever (my current obsession) is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. ~Metab. Olizmay.~

  • Make me an outfit :D?

    Because I'd love you forever? Polyvore is great and easy.

    I like indie clothing. Plaid is cool, and I love red, purple, and black.

    Modcloth is also a fabulous site.

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  • What to do for a 15 year old's birthday party?

    It's mine :) I really have no clue what to do. I'm turning fifteen on the fifteenth of November.

    I don't want something with a lot of people, I'm not the most social person.

    I'm not going to get much more specific that that so... er, yeah. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

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  • Book Reccomendations?

    I'm 14, and I mainly read adult categorized novels, but I like young adult to.I love Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Scott Westerfeld.

    Some books I LOVE are Gaiman and Pratchetts 'Good Omens' (Which is a supernatural/humor type story, and freaking hilarious.)

    Harry Potter, but not for its literary content (honestly it's not that well written) but the plot is amazing and ADDICTING.


    Thanks! :D

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  • Can Metamorphagi turn into animals? (Harry Potter question)?

    I don't think they'd be able to. I'm not sure though. Can't remember.

    I think Tonks, at dinner in Grimmauld place, was transforming her nose into animal noses (unless that was only the movie...) but I don't think metamorphagi would be able to do a complete transformation.

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  • Poll- newer or older Taking Back Sunday?

    Do you prefer Taking Back Sundays newer, more pop-rocky mainstream songs, or their earlier, hardcore emo lyric songs ^-^

    I personally like the hardcore emoness, myself. Cute without the e is my favorite.

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  • Opinions on my drawings?

    These are camera phone photos- I don't have a scanner D:

    Here's one from about 4 weeks ago. The pictures cut off and the hairs not finished.

    The shadows are supposed to be exaggerated. And his eyes are weird because he's a demon :B

    More cartoony style.

    I didn't edit the size of this one down so its big. And not finished yet

    I'm only 14, so I'm not in art school or even a decent art class. But whaddaya think :B

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  • Where to find a sceneish graduation dress?

    Its eighth grade graduation so it doesn't have to be extremely fancy.

    I like sceneish/emoish styles but a black dress is fine too :B I can't find any D:

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  • Your opinion on an original character of mine?

    Harley Avon Key (H.A.K)

    Personality Description: Harley can be distant often, lost in her numerous thoughts. She’s known for making strange comeback’s, and even stranger conclusions when it comes to assessing a situation. Only the introspective can get a grasp at her knowledge that she rarely flaunts. She, although not realizing it, looks down on the less intelligent, even though she herself seems a bit out-of-it at times. In reality, she notices more than she lets on.

    Harley doesn’t like to talk about her past, instead dwelling on the present. She’s a daydreamer, but knows the truths of society. Not wishing to be burdened by them, she ignores them- creating her own depiction of the world. Music is her only escape from her own mind, and she can get lost, never seen without an iPod. When she’s not listening to it, she’s humming or snapping her fingers to a tune in her head.

    She doesn’t care what people think of her, shrugging if she’s insulted. But when she’s really angry, you don’t want to be in her way. She can get inside of people’s minds, saying exactly what it is that stops them in their tracks. She’s lost friends this way, and doesn’t trust people, only letting her closest friends, who she considers her family, to know exactly what she’s thinking.

    And heres a bit of background information:

    History: Harley was born to a middle class/lower middle class family in Ipswich, England. Her family wasn’t broken to begin with. They were perfectly fine, perfectly happy. In their average sized townhouse that was filled with literature and art. Their lives came to an unfortunate turn when Harleys mother had a miscarriage. The fact that it was 6 months into the pregnancy is what caused her parents to grow more distant then they had ever been.

    Her father, Rupert Key, wanted to be as far away from the place where he lost his child. Quite literally. While her mother mourned over the loss of her son, she forgot she had a daughter. Her father didn’t. So Harley and her father moved to America.

    She hated it. Leaving her entire family, even though her father was the one she most related to, was something that left an impression on her. Her mother never called, and she often wondered if she were even still alive. Life, as seen by Harley, was far from perfect in boring Ohio.

    But her dad tried his hardest, he really did. Which is why she couldn’t blame him when he killed himself.

    Harley takes all the blame, constantly telling herself that if she had perhaps paid a bit more attention, been more aware of how her father wasn’t happy, how his smiles were plastered on, an illusion that had everyone fooled. The death of her father left her with enough money to keep her off of the streets. But because she’s under eighteen, her father had arranged for her to move back to England, with her mother.

    So she ran.


    Likes: Hairspray, piercings, thinking, painting- most frequently walls (she says canvases are too small and enclosed),

    Dislikes: Silence (she finds it quite annoying),

    Occupation: Writes to a local publishing company under the not-so-secret penname of H.A.K., although almost no one knows this fact. She works in a small

    I think shes introspective because she blames herself for her dad killing himself, wishing she noticed the way he was acting like everything was fine.

    So what d'you think :]

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  • Where can I watch 'Breakfast with Scot' online for free?

    Any other sites besides youtube and Hulu that it might be on?

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  • Any good book recommendations?

    I'm 14, but I can read at a higher level so adult-er books are fine.

    Prefferably something funnier, and with a supernatural element to it.


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  • Whats your favorite band? :]?

    Just for fun :O

    I can't name one, I don't expect you to.

    I like

    Death Cab for Cutie

    Franz Ferdinand

    The White Stripes


    My Chemical Romance

    Mindless self indulgence

    The Killers

    The Hives

    Queens of the Stoneage

    Creature Feature

    Vampire Weekend

    and The Yeah Yeah yeahs

    (And of course more, those are just some of my favorites ;])

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  • Any good book recommendations?

    I'm 14. I read things like Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Poppy Z. Brite books, Scott Westerfield books, and Harry Potter, but I'm not looking for kids books. I've read Twilight, but I didn't like it.

    I like books with a Supernatural element to them, like angels and demons (but nothing religious) or vampires. Nothing 'scary' though, because while I'm obsessed with anything horror movie related- I'm not much for horror books.

    And I can read at an adult level, so more 'mature' recommendations are fine ^-^

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  • Muse compared to Radiohead?

    Oh come ON. They're not alike. I don't get this comparison at ALL.

    Muse has a different sound than Radiohead, and I LOVE Muse, but I'm not into radiohead. I don't dislike them, they just don't do anything for me.

    I know both of the lead singers have good falsettos, but so does Adam Lambert and I guess Mic Jagger. So really.

    Does anybody know WHY they're even compared?

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  • Remus/Sirius- Who's the chick?

    :] I loveeee this slash.

    I'm trying to decide who the girl is though.

    Sirius LOOKS like more of a girl- longer hair, spends more time in the bathroom, 'dainty' hands, and long as **** eyelashes.

    But Remus is more emotional, short, and- er, has a 'monthly problem.'


    Any thoughts?

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  • How do I download WoW Quest Helper...?

    if the automatic download doesn't work?

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  • World of warcraft names?

    Im making a night elf druid on my new account. (I have 2)

    Nothing to fantastical and warcrafty, but not just a common name.

    Maybe something that means something?

    Or something related to supernatural ^_^ (the show)

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  • Make me a Scene outfit? :S?

    Im not a poser- and if anyones here to say "Oh scene is sooo unoriginal" Or Scene is SOOOO out of style"- go back to your little abercrombie filled rooms and your fugly uggs.

    Unless you dont wear abercrombie or uggs. then just shaddup.

    I dont mind generic stores- but i usually shop from places most people have never heard of.

    Dont say hot topic or ill set you on fire (Unless its jewelry or bows. then its okay :D)

    Polyvore works ^_^

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  • My Dog ate Desitin...?

    :( it says to contact poison control if its swallowed but shes a dog so... O_O

    Help? Idk if shes gonna be okay. She threw up like 4 times

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  • What to do for a Birthday Party...?

    I'm turning 14 on November 15th :}

    Please don't say sleepover- I'm having a sleepover obviously.

    I'm just asking about some ideas of what I could do.

    My friend suggested going to the mall... :\

    I don't have a clue :O

    Thanks :]

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  • Supernatural- Cassie question?

    Where is Cassie (from episode Rout666 of Supernatural) from? :] I'm writing a fanfiction :D Woot.

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