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  • What gas station has the best quality gas?

    I've heard Arco puts more alcohol in their gasoline to burn faster so you come back sooner, so which one is the best quality gasoline. I simply use regular and drive an '09 Civic :)

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  • When can I see results? Or am i not doing enough?

    Okay. Heres my stats.





    I workout with a trainer at least 3 times a week, (sometimes 4) for half an hour. Then i do cardio for half an hour. Every week i hit every muscle group, and trust me i always leave the gym sweating like crazy and sore.

    Howeverrr. When i started a month ago i was 149.

    Now i am 153. Is it because of muscle gain? My clothes dont fit any different. Neither looser, or tighter.

    Am i doing enough to see any weight loss? Diet is NOT a problem for me. Though i am very sedentary at home.

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  • How can i get my curling iron to. You know. Curl my hair?

    Heres a hair profile.

    Texture: Smooth, but very fine.

    Length: Long

    Color: Black, dyed a million times over.

    I own a helen of troy 1-1/4" clamp iron, and i cannot get my hair to hold a curl.

    I brush out my hair. Spray on some hair spray on my straight hair. Then have tried spraying while my hair is in the iron, (doesn't work), but when i take it out, it just gets a little wavy. I have the heat at 320 degrees. What can i do? Help!

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  • How long will it be before i can rent an apartment out of highschool?

    Realistically, how long would it take if i had a part time job and split the apartment between me and my boyfriend? Perhaps a 3rd friend?

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  • I have a half sibling in Guatemala, AND my dad brought home a woman to our house.?

    My dad is about 45 now. Flies for an airline company as a copilot, so he sees the world and its women. Well, he used to have regular trips to Guatemala.

    Then one day the trips stopped. He got reassigned. Ok, whatever.

    A few months later we get NUMEROUS calls from a woman in Guatemala telling him that she had his baby. I was only about 8 at the time so i knew little of it.

    Only about a year ago. I came home and my mom confronted me about a condom she had found in her bed. Be aware, she has ovarian cysts and cannot have sex. I am a virgin. My brother had no girlfriend and is a virgin.

    This bothers me to no end. My dad always says i act slutty with my boyfriends. Yet he does this to my mom? I feel like i need to confront him on it. The other day he yelled at me for not showing my mother respect. Well, what about him?

    Should i confront him or just leave it be?

    Its almost disturbing to see him now.

    2 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • I need to lose weight.?

    I am 5'2" and 150lbs. I am 15, a month shy of 16.

    So i need some advice. How often should i go to the gym? I have a membership to LA Fitness.

    Should i focus more on Cardio to burn fat, then lifting and stuff?

    Im a chick btw.

    And i was 145 two weeks ago. I went to the gym. Gained 5lbs. No idea why. I feel more muscular but i havent lost any fat.

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • My horse has stiff hocks, what can i do about it?

    My horse fractured her front leg, but it fully healed and she was barely lame so i do not think she is stiff for that reason. (Its affecting her back hocks.) She's always had puffy looking hocks, but has never actually had lameness. A vet recommended injecting them, but i dont see the need for it since she is only 8 and its barely noticeable.

    Is this stiffness going to lead to more problems? Should i discontinue jumping her? I never jump her more than 2 feet.

    2 AnswersOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • Can i get into equine veterinary school with my grades thus far?

    So far i have a 2.0. I can get A's next semester..any hope though?