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  • Stairmaster + eating extra calories = bigger thighs/butt?? yes or no?

    I just started exercising so I want to ease myself into it before I get a personal trainer. I started with 20 minutes on levels 5, 6, & 7 on the Stairmaster and now am gonna do 30-45 minutes. This way I can become more exercise tolerant before I get a personal trainer. But I want my thighs to be more shapely and fill the natural wide gap I have between my thighs as well as make my butt bigger. I know cardio burns fat everywhere which is why I chose Stairmaster versus Eliptical, etc. because I figured going up stairs could help build muscle if I ate a large excess of calories?

    So if I eat an excess of calories and do the Stairmaster can I gain muscle there?

    Also, I used to not exercise at ALL and eat whatever I want (sometimes I ate a lot and sometimes food just wasn't interesting to me at all), but I have a fast metabolism so I never gained any weight (never lost any either)

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  • why do i have 1 hair on my stomach that grows SO MUCH longer/faster than anywhere else?

    i literally have ONE strand of hair out of ONE folicle on the left side of my stomach that grows faster than the hair on my head. it's SO long and not near my pubic hair area. i don't even have that much hair on my stomach though i do have some but they're just regular tiny hairs that aren't even noticeable that every girl has.

    my mom has the same thing but on her chin.

    wtf is this?

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  • is 36A and 28D/DD the same size? READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE?

    are the size of the breasts the same?

    because the 36 and 28 measure under your breast and then the letters are the number of inches more than the number of inches around under your bust. so would an A cup in all the band sizes be the same so like if you were just to look at a girl's breasts who was a 36A and a girl's breasts who was a 28A, would the breasts be the same size?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • can i take Fenugreek while on birth control pills?

    i'm on Caziant (BCP, generic of Cyclessa) and want to take Fenugreek (herb) pills to help increase bust size.

    herbs aren't regulated by the FDA so there are no studies

    but is it pretty safe to do it?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health7 years ago
  • butt question for guys?

    i have really thin legs (naturally small frame) and my butt it naturally pretty big and it's all fat pretty much which i like. but it doesn't look big since the muscles and bones underneath and my thighs/legs are so small. it doesn't look good in clothing.

    should i do a ton of leg/butt exercises to make it bigger? i'm scared that it's going to make my butt not all fat content haha and more into a hard muscular one which i really hate. but it looks a lot better in clothing.

    do you prefer a smaller "jiggly" butt or a really big one but it's really muscular and plus the thighs are huge too

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  • will using the stairmaster make my thighs bigger (and butt and calves)?

    i want my thighs and butt to be bigger but not my calves. does the stairmaster target the thighs and butt kind of and not at all the calves?

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • GUYS: do you prefer exotic bombshell types or pretty/hot girl next door type?

    sexy and cute exotic bombshell


    pretty and hot girl next door

    or just exotic looking girls or girl next door types

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  • does smoking marijuana on birth control pills increase chances of blood clots?

    or is it just cigarettes

    is hookah once in a while ok?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • should i go on birth control with my family history?

    i'm 19

    i used to smoke every day for a little bit (just quit a couple days ago because i want to start birth control) and i only smoked at most 5 cigarettes in one day

    both parents have a-fib. my dad has high blood pressure and heart flutters and diabetes and he used to be a heavy smoker

    i had a period where i kept having heart palpitations and any stress or mild exertion would result in a really rapid heart rate. even when i was just sitting sometimes it would be really high like one time it was 132 and i was laying down watching TV. i had to stop smoking the green because every time it felt like i was going to die and each time got progressively worse

    went to a cardiologist and was put on a 24hr holter monitor and he said everything was alright (even though my mom looked at the chart and the lines were erratic but i guess we don't know how to read it)

    heart issues went away (this was a few months ago)

    but for some reason these past 2 days i've been getting some palpitations again

    1 AnswerWomen's Health7 years ago
  • is smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day bad for you?

    i like to start my day off with 2 cigarettes. i might cut it down to just one because the second one doesn't give me a buzz it just feels good to keep smoking.

    will it do any real damage? also i'm going to go on birth control soon and i'm 19

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  • is smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day okay?

    i only want to smoke 1-2 every morning to start off my day because i love it. i'm wondering if 1-2 will do any damage or am i good?

    6 AnswersHeart Diseases7 years ago
  • how to get more voluminous hair with body?!?

    i'm asian and i have stereotypical asian hair - super straight, flat, sleek, shiny, and smooth. it's great but my highlights don't look as good because it's so flat. i wish my hair had more body and volume and was coarser. how would i achieve this? teasing doesn't last long on me at all. root lifting sprays don't last more than a couple minutes on my hair. there's just absolutely NO body

    2 AnswersHair7 years ago
  • GUYS: does sex still feel good with a condom on?

    is it still enjoyable and feel really good or would you rather just get a bj

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • GUYS: big toned butt or smaller jigglier butt?

    would you rather a girl have a huge butt but it's huge because it's toned and muscular (lot of squats) or a much smaller butt but it's all fat and jiggly


    4 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • hangover with a migraine. normal?

    i know everyone gets headaches as part of their hangover. but i get really bad migraines. i'm wondering if this could be a sign of something or am i just unlucky in the fact that it happens but it doesn't mean anything

    1 AnswerOther - Health7 years ago
  • hangover help please!?

    when i first started drinking, i never got hangovers no matter how much i drank. now i'm always getting hangovers. i know that's normal. but usually when i'm out with friends and drinking a lot, i'll wake up with a hangover but my head isn't throbbing. it's more of a general under the weather and slightly nauseous feeling with a small headache. but i'll drink a little bit of liquor (far less than when i'm with my friends) by myself to relax or destress and whenever i do that, i wake up with a HUGE headache that doesn't go away. is it because alcohol affects you differently if you're just sitting by yourself not doing anything versus talking and being active with other people?

    i also mix with a diet and caffeine free coke because that's all we ever have in my house. maybe the lack of sugar and/or caffeine is causing this?

    please don't call me an alcoholic i'm not and that's not what this question is about

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  • why when i drink do i feel more alert and sober?

    when i start to drink a little bit, i'll get buzzed. but then after that initial buzz, some more alcohol only makes me feel more alert and sober than when i was actually sober. and there is an definite moment when it switches from buzzed to very alert like i'll be thinking "wow, i feel really alert right now". of course i know i'm not sober and can't drive but i feel so alert and even more so.

    it used to not be like this and it actually happens like that to me when i smoke the green. it used to not be like that either. expect now i can't even smoke any because it makes my heart pound and go really fast

    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits7 years ago
  • GUYS: never had a bf but not a virgin. thoughts?

    would you date a girl like this? i'm about to be 19 i've never had a real boyfriend but i'm also not a virgin.

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