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  • Would like some book series recommendations.?

    Would like some book series recommendation.Mainly interested in fantasy genre. Preferably with main character(s) being vampires. If not, characters with supernatural abilities or magical powers.

    I am interested in stories with the main character(s) being antiheroes. Someone who doesn't care about being totally evil.

    Prefer the main character(s) to have a very witty sense of humor. similar to Skulduggery Pleasant series.

    With very minimal romance... if at all...i don't mind sex... but don't like mushy mushy stuff where every other page is about how in love they r with their significant other... if there's 3 pages of romance in the whole book series... that's okay.

    Lastly, would like the stories to have more than a single main character... where you can immerse yourself with the stories of other characters and u'd like to learn more about it... especially if it's a story where there is a strong sense of camaraderie between the main characters. characters who will fight side by side against all odds.


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  • can anyone tell me the name of this song and artist?

    it appears only briefly around 5 minutes 40. in the video...


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  • can i get some tv series recommendations?

    would like to watch something with supernatural powers... similar to:

    the gate, charmed, buffy the vamp slayer, witches of east end, teen wolf, sleepy hollows, being human

    i'm actually more interested in those with powers, where they can make things happen with their powers... conjure fireballs, teleportation, telekinesis, etc.

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  • can i get some vampire book series recommendations?

    My requirements:

    1) A series, not just a single book.. i want to keep busy

    2) Main character(s) must be vampires

    3) I'd love the main characters to have special abilities, like twilight (being vampire + telekinesis for example)

    4) Must be full of action. I hate those supernatural books where the main character has some type of ability... but then in the end it isn't really important to the book... the whole thing pretty much narrates some supernatural being and then they don't really use their powers, and the whole book just revolve around their life, love life, work, people they interact with etc... and it's like the fact that they are some type of supernatural entity completely redundant to the book or series...

    so i want it to have a lot of action... vampires sucking blood, using their super speed, enhanced vision, hearing, smell... using their special abilities...want it to have lots of fights, wars between different species.


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  • what are some entertaining gaming apps for the elderly?

    my mom is 60, and wants some gaming apps for her tablet, but i don't really know what she would like. nothing too hard to play, entertaining enough, she could kill some time. thanks

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  • Trait/gene inheritance?

    okay so I am curious... you know how it is possible for 2 white people who both have black hair, brown eyes.. have a child who has blonde hair, blue eyes because of an ancestor with such traits?

    would it be possible for 2 white people to have a black baby? and obviously be their biological child... say generations ago a black person and a white person have a baby... and that's pretty much the only point of mixing with a black person... say from that point forward, the mixed baby, as well as all his descendants only get together with white people... to the point where at some point, they only start having white babies... and then at some point in the future generation... a person from this family (looks completely white), procreates with another white person....

    would it be at all possible for their baby to come out black? because of the baby's ancestor... but both people are white, and they r both the child's biological parents... no cheating... 2 whites producing a black baby? would it be possible?

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  • any tv series about grifters?

    looking something similar to leverage, white collar... tho i would actually love it more if the characters weren't such "good guys" ... i mean leverage... the whole gang does it only for the good of other people... and in leverage... caffrey pretty much only uses his criminal ingenious for the fbi...

    would like characters more similar to lauren cohan's character, bela, in supernatural... she was a thief and she didn't care whether she was in the side of good or evil... she only cared about her gains... she pretty much only did good things when she was in trouble not for the heck of it..

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  • are there any tv series similar to leverage?

    Looking for something similar to leverage, kinda more focused around "criminals"... but i don't want something too serious.... like leverage had a somewhat light atmosphere.. there's prison break, and I liked it.. but it felt somewhat darker, with a heavier atmosphere as compared to leverage... so i'd like something where the main character(s) are criminal.. but not too dark a show..


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  • need some anime recommendations.?

    interested in something with the main character being extremely smart...

    with the main character being somewaht of a mystery solver. not necessarily looking for something about police/detective investigation....

    just a really smart character that is really good at picking clues, solving puzzles,etc... like edogawa conan from case close, light+L from death note, akiyama from the manga the liar game.

    the liar game has nothing to do with solving crimes really, so it doesn't have to be about fighting crime... but... has to have extremely smart character...

    do u know any other anime with such characters?


  • would like some anime suggestions. thanks.?

    I would like recommendation for 2 types of anime...

    1) main characters are vampires... i love vampires... so wanna watch something intersting with good action/adventure where the main character(s) are vampire

    2) i am interested in watching something with extremely intelligent character(s)... something that is aobut solving mysteries... but doesn't necessarily have to be about detective stuff.... stuff with characters like edogawa conan (case closed), light + L (death note), i don't know if there's an anime, i read the manga, liar game with akiyama and yokoya... which is not about police procedural at all... but i really like those types of shows where the main character is extremely intelligent, and it's like always solving puzzles

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  • any netflix suggestions?

    alright... i'm bored... for the longest time i've been juggling watching some tv shows that i've already seen (ncis, ghost whisperer, bones, buffy, xena)... see a few episodes of each series whenever i'm bored...

    i'm super bored now... don't wanna watch any of them..

    i'm not much of a horror movies kinda fan... but have watched a few horror movies recently... and kinda liked them a bit... if you have any suggestions for me to watch i'd appreciate it... when it comes to horror movies i'm not at all into psycho killers... more into supernatural stuff like final destination, chucky, saw ouija experiment, and ouija resurrection on netflix...stuff like that

    would appreciate any suggestions u could give me.


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  • ncis which is ur favorite female agent?

    so far the main cast have always been pretty consistent except for when it comes to female agents... caitlin, ziva, and now most recently eleanor... what's ur order of preference and why? :)

    by order of preference i mean... did u like caitlin best, then ziva, then eleanor? or whoever u liked best and whoever u liked the least?

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  • being human (us vs uk)?

    haven't seen either show... thinking about it... so...

    i'd like your opinion about both shows?

    first of all i'd like u to give me an overall comparison...which show did u like better?

    like the whole series in general...

    and then i'd like you to give me a comparison about more specific things... which characters did u like better? the uk or their us counterparts? did u perhaps say... maybe u liked the werewolf and the ghost in the uk series but hated the uk vampire, but it's the opposite for the us series... u may have liked the vampire but not the ghost and werewolf...

    and story-wise which one did u like better?

    and special effects? which one was more impressive?


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  • can you give me some tv recommendations?

    alright, so i'm kinda re-watching old tv shows on netflix... right now shuffling between buffy, xena, ghost whisperer, criminal minds, charmed, bones, scandal, medium....

    the thing is that I've already seen all those shows, and and it's like... okay good enough to kill some time... but... seriously already seen them!!! lol...

    so if you can actually give me some recommendation similar to those shows... i'd really appreciate it... I'd actually love to watch something similar to ghost whisperer except that the main character would be a male... like some1 with such a sensitive gift such as melinda's... doesn't have to be about being able to see ghosts... but yyou know... like i'd like to see something similar and see how it'd be portrayed by a male lead...

    if there's no such show... i'd still appreciate any recommendation that you could give me that you think i'd like based on the shows i've mentioned above... also... suggest as many things as you can, just in case i've seen them... like... people would probably suggest the vampire diaries... i saw a few seasons.... hated it after a certain point... so give me as many choices as you can think of that you think i could enjoy... thanks

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  • i would like to get some suggestions on vampire book series?

    first of all... the more books into the series... the better!

    secondly... interested in books where the main character(s) are vampires... i don't mind if we read as they are turned into vampires, or if they are vampires from prior to the start of the book.. but main character(s) vampires... not humans that hunt vampires or are friends with vampires...

    and lastly what i'm looking for mainly is about vampire books with a sense of adventure, excitement, fights... i am more interested in books where you can also appreciate secondary characters... that you fall in love with them, even the enemy side, wouldn't mind actually liking them...but for the main character(s) and his/her friends... i really would like to see how they are important to their lives, a sense of camaraderie, unity, that they would risk their lives for each other, that they are there when it counts...

    my favorite novel series about vampires is the shadow world series by dianne sylvan... really shows those points of camaraderie that i mentioned before, and that's exactly what makes it my favorite book series... if you could give me suggestions similar to that, that contain those elements... i would appreciate it greatly. thanks

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  • going down memory land... watching dragon ball again :)?

    okay something that never made sense to me as a kid, and now that i'm actually watching it again from the beginning... i started wondering again...

    where is the logic in the dragon being able to grant such outrageous wishes? I remember that shenlong is supposed to be limited to being unable to grant wishes that are beyond its creator's ability (kami)... and quite honestly... kami is rather WEAK... and i doubt that kami would have at all the ability to resurrect the dead, and yet, i wonder which character in the dragon ball universe wasn't killed and resurrected by shenlong later on :)

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  • why do i get "failed to connect to a windows service"?

    I wanna know how I get it. I have googled it, and found how to fix it... but this is the second time, in as soon as a week, as I have gotten it.

    I first got the "failed to connect to a windows service" about a week ago... I googled it, found how to get rid of it... I got rid of it... and I got it again today... when I have googled to try and find why this is happening, I only get the "how to fix it"... but not why.... i dont wanna keep getting this every week, or every other week... if i am doing something to keep getting this problem, and i can avoid doing that... i'd rather not get it at all...

    also my computer is pretty new, have only had it for like about 3 months.. so i don't know why this is happening.

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  • how do you guys feel about dc comics movies turned into movies/tv series?

    and by that i mean how they often make the movies/tv series different from the original comics... for example the arrow and flash tv series... in the comics the green arrow and the black canary are involved.. same with the flash.. berry is supposed to marry iris...

    and it's not just about romance wise... but any other changes that they might make in the movies/tv shows that aren't part of the original comics... i have read about the upcoming spin off of the arrow tv series that sara lance will be part of the main cast as the White Canary.. which i'm guessing she will be GOOD... but in the comics... not only aren't the white and black canary not related by blood (the white canary in the comics is asian)... the white canary is also her arch nemesis... she's a villain...

    also in flash.. there's caitlin snow.. in the comics she's a super villain, killer frost..

    so anyways... sorry about the long rambling... i was wondering how u guys feel about such changes?

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