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    Can I plug in a VGA adapter into an RGB in port?

    I am trying to figure out if I can use a projector we have for a presentation. It has an RGB in port but my VGA cable fit into the port. If I were to use a computer would the VGA cable work.

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics2 years ago
  • Does the Discover App combine bank and credit card accounts?

    I plan on opening a Discover checking account but noticed that you there are separate logins for bank and card accounts. I wanted to know if it shows all in one.

    4 AnswersCredit2 years ago
  • I can't get service on my phone away from home.?

    I recently got a Pixel 3 unlocked for use on AT&T. When I am away the area near my home service won't work unless I restart the phone. I also tried resetting network settings and deleting the additional APN (that would not go away). How can I fix this?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • What is the best way to/from Staten Island and Rockland County?

    The two fastest ways I see on GPS are GSP/I80 or Palisades Parkway to I95 toward the Goethals Bridge, however I am not sure which, if either, would be good during rush hour.

    2 AnswersNew York City2 years ago
  • What is the best way to the Lincoln Tunnel to avoid traffic?

    I will have to commute from northern Rockland to Midtown Manhattan. What is the fastest way to get to the Lincoln?

    3 AnswersNew York City2 years ago
  • Is my schedule strong enough for senior year?

    I am finalizing my schedule for school starting in September. So far this is what I am scheduled for and I'm not sure if any changes are necessary. I am applying a computer science major to UPenn and Duke (Questbridge applicant), Carnegie Mellon, Stevens, RPI, WPI, UNC, Michigan, UIUC, NJIT, Macaulay Honors (City College of NY), and Stony Brook.

    1st period: seniors typically have no classes this period

    2nd period: Principles of Engineering II (college dual enrollment)

    3rd period: Economics (1st semester) Political Science (2nd semester) (college dual enrollment)

    4th period: AP Calculus AB

    5th period: AP Language and Composition

    6th period: AP Computer Science Principles

    7th period: Gym (required every other day)

    8th period: seniors typically have no classes this period

    For comparison my previous schedule was:

    11th Grade:

    AP Physics 1

    AP Literature

    AP American History

    Engineering 1*


    Health (required)

    Gym (required)

    10th Grade:

    AP Chemistry

    AP European History

    English 10 Honors

    Algebra 2 Honors

    Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    Gym (required)

    9th Grade:

    Mostly honors courses, no college level or AP classes available

    I also have two jobs, am involved in multiple extracirculars, and two credits in ASL.

    I am torn for two main reasons:

    1) Calculus BC is offered but it would conflict with AP Computer Science, which relates to my major.

    2) Physics C but I'm not sure where I could fit it in and Physics 1 was my worst subject in hs (85 compared to all 90s).

  • Best Ivy League for Computer Science major?

    I was looking into UPenn, Columbia, and Brown (in that preference order). Are these the good Ivies for for computer science, I am also looking into more strongly non-Ivies like CMU, RPI, WPI, Stevens, UIUC, Michigan.

  • How can I stop large data use by Spotify?

    I was running low on storage and realized Spotify have 8+ GB of data use and cache I had to clear. How can I stop this from happening? If I can't are there any streaming services for Android (Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) that don't hog storage?

    1 AnswerOther - Computers2 years ago
  • What would be a good cruise next summer for my graduation?

    My parents will take me on a cruise for my high school graduation next summer, they need to know where I want to go soon so they can book early. I've looked at cruise lines such as Royal and NCL so far and some trips have looked interesting like Alaska, East Asia, South America. I like hiking/the wilderness, cultural experiences, something more adventuress and scenic. I've never been on a cruise or left the United States before. Are there any locations or lines you would recommend?

    4 AnswersCruise Travel2 years ago
  • Poll: Best Opera browser theme?

    Light mode, dark mode, or red?

    1 AnswerOther - Internet3 years ago
  • Can I access a computer's network files from my laptop(not stored locally on PC) using a USB-USB connection?

    I need to compress multiple large PDFs (2 GB+) that are on a work desktop connected to a server. The computers processor cannot handle the process. I have a newer laptop that probably can. If I connect the laptop to the desktop via a USB cable can I access those files.

    3 AnswersComputer Networking3 years ago
  • How can I digitally design this interlocking arch?

    I tried to recreate this using Google SketchUp and Autodesk Inventor. However in both programs I ran into a problem trying to create the interlocking piece down the center. How can I accomplish this on SketchUp or in Autodesk?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design3 years ago
  • Is it beneficial to take 4 AP classes senior year?

    I plan to be a Computer Science major and am looking at schools like NJIT, Stevens, Albany, UIUC, Michigan. I was accepted into AP Calc AB, Environmental Science, Language, and Comp Sci Principles. I figured calc and computer science are important for my major. English I know is unrelated but I do well in AP Lit already and I wasn't sure about Environmental Science. I would ask about Environmental Science but next year will be the first year the AP class is offered, there is just a community college level equivalent currently. I know science is important but I've already taken AP Physics and Chemistry. I'm trying to find a balance between keeping up a good schedule senior year and not overextended myself. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I can't snap the back in on the BlackBerry KeyOne in the bottom right corner.?

    I dropped my KeyOne and part of the back came loose. I snapped it back in but the bottom right corner won't snap in. The hinge does not appear to be broken. Can anyone help?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • How can I stop Fortnite from crashing on PC?

    I get this error message when I am playing the game: LoginId:bc9ba33f4194c665ed512b84c278c57f... do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.


    HP Elitebook 2760p

    8 GB DDR3 RAM

    Intel Core i2520m

    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    DirectX 11

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I tried opening with the 64 bit launcher and enabling debugging mode but that did not fix the issue. Thank you

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • How can I get Fortnite to stop crashing on my computer?

    I get this error message when I am playing the game: LoginId:bc9ba33f4194c665ed512b84c278c57fEpicAccountId:You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.


    HP Elitebook 2760p

    8 GB DDR3 RAM

    Intel Core i2520m

    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    DirectX 11

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    I tried opening with the 64 bit launcher and enabling debugging mode but that did not fix the issue. Thank you

    1 AnswerMySpace3 years ago
  • Yahoo Mail stopped working on BlackBerry Hub. Help?

    Today my Yahoo! Mail account just stopped working on my KeyOne. The problem seems to be with the incoming settings. Two step authentication is off and allow less secure apps is on.


    Email Address:


    Authentication: my Yahoo password

    Server: (also tried it without the rim)

    Port: 993

    Security Type: SSL/TLS

    Untrusted Connections: Reject

    2 AnswersSending and Receiving Messages3 years ago