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Mental health counselor. Husband 36 yrs was pastor for 25 yrs thus I was a pastor's wife. Taught every age 18 mos-adult. Singlehandedly put on Christmas program w 47 children age 3-14; a job my professor termed impossible! LOL. BA in Psych. w minor in educ. having taught spec. ed. Master of Spiritual Nurture earned on the way to MA in Counseling Psych. Physician's daughter. Worked n med &/or mental health field since age 12 (now 53!) including private practice since 1994. Focus on EDs. Pers struggle w ED & other mental illness issues. Medicine, Psych, Religion, Relationships, Collecting (dolls, nativities, butterflies, asian stuff) & more interest me. Looking for people interested in starting food addiction treatment hosp. in W WA. Write me.

  • Does anyone know of a Korean Language Lutheran church or fellowship in the Seattle area?

    I have a Korean friend who speaks english very well but her husband and a couple they know do not. They have been attending a Korean Baptist church but they are not happy there and wish for a Korean language worship service or eat least a bible study or prayer meeting to attend that is in Korean and is Lutheran. They live in Everett WA which is N of Seattle. Areas around us are, Marysville, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Bothell, Shoreline, Richmond Beach, Snohomish, Stanwood, Smokey Point, Federal Way, Bellevue, Kirkland, Juanita, Kenmore, Kent, Auburn and oh gosh too many to list....I maybe should post this in the Seattle questions or in the language section... let me know what yu think or better yet, know. Thanks

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  • Gypsum, Jimson weed or Gypsum weed?

    in official lyrics sites the word in the song, Back in the Saddle, as sung by Gene Autry; the words say, "the lonely cattle feed on the lowly gypsum weed" but as I have researched more and more, I find that Gypsum is a mineral used commonly in Wallboard whereas Jimson weed is a potentially deadly hallucinogen also known as locoweed! Sooooooooo is there such a thing as Gypsum weed or did Autry and his writer friend make a big mistake?

    Also if the cattle were spost to feed on the stuff didn't Autry know that would have made them loco?

    Please give me websites to read. Thanks.

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  • Cat puking and lost meow?

    My kitty (9 yrs old) lost her voice about 3 1/2 months ago. we have had her to vet x2 and he thot first that it was a virus but it didn't/hasn't cleared up so he started thinking, cancer. no tangible growths in throat (he felt her deep and long and looked down her throat. we wouldn't pursue cancer aggressively w chemo etc so we elected not to put her through trauma of bronchoscopy.

    her voice hasn't returned and now she is vomiting. not the vomiting that some cats do, but this is totally new for her. She has never had vomiting problems or hair balls and now she vomits every time she eats. We clean her bowl everyday and put fresh food in it. We give her fresh water in a clean bowl too. We also clean her box every day. She is mostly an indoor cat although she occasionally goes out on our patio and sits and watches the wind.

    She licks her lips all the time so I was thinking GERD but the vet said that cats don't get GERD as far as he knows and he has worked exclusively w cats for over 10 yrs.

    Any thoughts, suggestions?

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  • Does anyone have any information on a company out of Vancouver, WA called,

    I have read their website but I would like to know more about them. What does .us mean? Are they for profit or not for profit? How did they start? When did they start? Are they privately owned or part of a franchise or a single person's small business? What exactly do they do? How much do they charge the nursing homes for their services?

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  • Who in Everett, WA gives the most honest deal with flooring?

    I have severe asthma and my doctor has asked me to get either laminate or vinyl flooring (or hardwood or tile) to replace my carpet. My landlord agreed to let me do it with no charge for not leaving it the same way as I moved in.

    Now, I have had Empire, Flynn's and Totally Floored all give me estimates for laminate. I am also going to go to Home Depot and Hatloe's Carpet One (the Carpet One located in Everett) is coming tomorrow to make an estimate.

    Problems: I get 357 sq ft according to the landlord's dimensions

    Empire and Flynn's get 641 sq. ft.

    Totally Floored gets 549 sq. ft.

    1 company charges 5% and another 8% more sq. ft. for waste when they cut along edges and transitions.

    1 company separately hires out an installer, two companies have their own.

    Nobody seems to have the exact same flooring: Mohawk "Northern Maple" is one, a version of "Northern Maple" with padding and in a softer less yellow tone also by Mohawk and a Blonde Cherry Dream and a Spring Oak.

    I am on disability and am having volunteers from a local agency move my stuff out and others move back in. I am renting a truck to store my stuff while the job is being done. My landlord is taking out the carpet and tack strips so the only work is putting the floor down.

    I have approx. estimates of $2400, $3300, $4400 and $6600!

    How can I find out who is most honest? What information do I have to have to compare accurately? Have you personally done business with any of these companies? What else can you tell me?

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  • Does Grapefruit effect Effexor's potency or...?

    and what is the effect? My husband is on Effexor and he is eating grapefruit and drinking the juice often. What about other citrus and other anti-depressants? I have searched and find conflicting info so please do a good job finding an answer to this one.

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  • How often do carpal tunnel sxs return and how soon?

    I had bilateral CTS since I was 18 (that's when I first had sxs and my Dr. dad dx it). It got worse over the yrs and after shots, splints and pills; I finally had surgery on both wrists less than a yr ago. (1 hand in Sept. and 1 in January). The last few days I have had painful tingling in the fingers of one hand and have had numbness coming on for a few weeks. I was just so used to it that I didn't realize it was coming back right away. Now I can hardly stand it or get rid of it even by dangling and twisting my arm. I know from answers that it does come back but I want to know the often, how soon, what can be done and have you personally experienced such a return?

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  • Professionals, are you interested in eating disorder treatment?

    I want to start a non-profit food addiction tx center in the Pacific NW. I will need counselors, drivers, dieticians, cooks, nurses, doctors, nurses aides, psych techs, housekeepers, office staff, fund raisers, grant writers and more. I would prefer people with addiction training, psych training and or personal addiction/ed experience. Contact me through my profile. I am very serious. Meanwhile: if you read this far and need help for yourself, I know several places on the East Coast or Texas. Possibility of a private home a few other places.

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  • Are lobotomies still done and if so what is the proceedure now?

    as opposed to the old leucotone/icepick deal? I just finished reading "My Lobotomy" by Howard Dully who had one at the age of 12 mainly because his stepmother didn't like him. I was discussin it with someone and she said she knew someone who had one and was very happy about it and that they do them nowadays but they are much more accurate and safe. Does anyone know if this is true?

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  • How to transfer files from XP to Vista using a flash drive?

    Gateway notebook w Office 2002 XP Professional. Uploaded all WORD, PPT, Excel and photos to two 256MB flash drives. Installed Office 2002 on new puter w Vista Business. How to download files from flash drive to WORD documents in Vista? In detail step by step please. Thanks!

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  • toshiba,h.p.,fujitsu or lenovo?

    i've nailed my choices 4 a convertible tablet pc down to toshiba portege, h.p. tx2000, fujitsu lifebook and lenovo think pad. i want to buy it b4 feb 7 and just cant find enough info at c-net or amazon or elsewhere. how about your personal opinions.

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  • How do I find out what my inheritance is?

    I know I am receiving money from a relative who passed away because I received a notice in the mail from a service wanting to know if I would like to take a loan out on the inheritence and I received a letter giving the probate court date.

    I spoke to my relatives partner and told them how suprised and honored I was to be receiving money. They never said how much I was getting and I feel awkward asking. Is there a way I can find out without actually contacting the lawyer? It would be nice to know but then I feel like I should wait and let it be a surprise. Money can really mess with your mind......

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  • Eating Disorder, OCD, fetish? Is it harmful physically?

    I have a client who eats her fingernails, skin, hair, nasal discharge and bu****s, eye crust and scabs. Is this a person stuck in an infantile stage of develpment, part of a fetish (she is non-sexual and claims to have no libido) or simply a form of pica? My actual main concern however is whether the consumption of her own flesh can harm her in any way. I have heard that cannibals are more likely to develop brain diseases and I am thinking this is a form of self-cannibalism.

    A recent writing assignment reveals that the sight of the blood is very important to her.

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  • Eating Disorder, Fetish or what? And is it harmful?

    I have a client who eats her fingernails, skin, hair, nasal discharge and bu****s, eye crust and scabs. Is this a person stuck in an infantile stage of develpment, part of a fetish (she is non-sexual and claims to have no libido) or simply a form of pica? My actual main concern however is whether the consumption of her own flesh can harm her in any way. I have heard that cannibals are more likely to develop brain diseases and I am thinking this is a form of self-cannibalism.

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