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I'm a 26 year old marketing student, with 4 classes left until that glorious day - the day they hand me my hard-earned degree! I was born and raised in the great state of Texas... only, I'm in the not-so-great, hot-all-the-time, nothing-to-do part of Texas. I plan on moving back to Dallas (where I lived for almost a year) as soon as possible. Anyway, I'm married... have been for five and a half crazy years. We have a four year old son, Jaiden, and a two year old son, Zander. Some people say I've done things backwards... marriage and kids first, college second... but I wanted to be a young wife and a young mother, so I say I've done things just right! My hobbies are: traveling, writing and photography. I live life in the moment, even with all that limits my ability to be spontanious. I strive for success and want to give my boys everything I never had and then some. I'm very creative and have found it to be an outlet for all life tends to hand out.

  • People who live in the great city of Dallas, TX...?

    I used to live there a while back, but my memory of fun stuff to do is limited after all these years. My sister, my mom and I are going so it can't be Lizard Lounge bold (haha to all who get that, even though I wouldn't mind finding some Lizard Lounge party favors for the hotel)... anyway, I need to find stuff to do ASAP, we fly out Monday... anyone have suggestions?If u have party favors, send me an email at :)

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  • Married People - Personal Survey?

    Questionaire ;) Just Cause

    1.) Male or Female

    2.) How long married?

    3.) Children?

    4.) Ages of couple?

    5.) Any infidelity? Who's part?

    6.) Any talk of divorce? If so, when did it start?

    7.)First marriage, second, third, etc?

    8.) Who works?

    9.) Any substance abuse?

    10.) Childhood trauma on either side?

    11.) Do you often vacation together or make time for each other?

    12.) Do you love each other and want it to work?

    Most marriages end because of lack of communication. If you had answers for any of the uncomfortable questions, talk to each other, seek counseling... If you fell in love at one time, chances are, it's still there - just buried under the stresses of life.

    Almost 60% of US marriages end in divorce. Evaluate your answers and take steps to save seperating from the one you love. :)

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  • Why do people hold celebrities at such a high rank?

    Justin Beiber that, Lady Gaga this, Miley Cyrus, the Jonus brothers.... WHO gives a damn? They can sing! So what. I can sing. And what's up with all these people trying to get famous on youtube? First off, what are the odds out of all of them they get noticed. And secondly, when we're dead and buried in a grave does any of it really matter???? There are way more important things happening in this world. I work at a non-profit organization where we help abused kids (who've undergone horrible, horrible things... things most adults never experience in their lives) Why are people spending all their time obsessing over these celebrities, when they could exert that effort into making a real difference. I don't get this world.

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  • US Citizens - what do you believe the government is keeping from us?

    Don't throw stones here, because I realize lives were lost on 9/11, but I have done a ton of research on the WTC disaster, and with the help of my brother in law, who works in building demolition, we've concluded that the towers were an inside job... that explosives must have been planted within the building to make it collapse on itself, otherwise, only the top portion of the buildings would be suffered damage. The planes were a rouge. And further more, in our opinion, they were an elaborate, yet inhuman way to enter Iraq - for what - it's precious resources. You guessed it - oil. If this is true, imagine what other cover ups and rouges the government is taunting us with. I've traveled abroad, and let me tell you, most countries hate Americans. To be hated by the world, for something our government (Whom we have almost no control over) is devistating. I don't know if there's anything we can do except spread the message that we are not brainwashed idiots - that we are free thinking, intelligent human beings. What else do you think they're keeping from us? It scares me to think...We the People. More like, We the People in Power.

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  • Why do people hate cats?

    I have a ton of friends who despise cats. I don't get it. They hardly make noise, they mind their own business, the use the restroom in the same spot... dogs, on the other hand... are loud, in your face and poop everywhere. So, why are cats so hated???

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  • Is having my kids birthdays together a good idea or a bad one?

    They're going to be 6 and 4, both boys. They both like Spiderman, so that's an easy sell on the cake and whatnot. My youngest son's bday is two days after Christmas which means many friends are out of town. My oldest son is the 2nd week in January. So, I was thinking, why not do a joint party this year, say, like the first week in January. We're thinking about renting out a jumper house place, with 8 or 9 different jumpers. Is it mean to combine their parties? Or will it be just as fun for them? They're best buds and do everything together and money is strapped this year, so economically its the best decision. I just don't want to ruin anything for them. Any suggestions?

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  • What are some good crime shows I can watch on youtube?

    So far I've exhausted... 48 hours, Real Crime, Snapped... and then of course the dramatized series like CSI and Criminal Minds. What else is there? lol

    Yours Truly, Crime Show Fanatic

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  • Anyone else not feeling Christmas this year?

    Background: My grandma, who was my world (she was like a mother to me), passed away Nov. of last year. I missed her last Christmas to leave town with my husband. :( Then she died a month before Christmas. I'm just not feeling it this year. My mom came over and put the tree up, even though I could have cared less... but I have two young boys who are looking forward to it. I'm trying to figure out the mediun between me not giving a rats *** about celebrating and putting on a smile for them while they open gifts. Anyone else not feeling Christmas this year? :"(

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  • Migraine Sufferers - What's your remedy?

    I've had vicious migraines for almost 4 years. I've tried everything and the only thing that helps is my Rx for lortabs. They're addicting, so I know I can't take them forever... any other suggestions? Cause, this really sucks.Thanks

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  • Fill out this sentence. One with the most laughes wins!?

    I took my __________ to the _________ . The line was so long that we _____________. Before long, two ___________ were chasing us, and to escape we _______________. Afterwards, we decided to call it a day and went ______________ to relax.

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  • Who would you rather kick it with?

    1.) An obese woman with a great personality and sense of humor


    2.) A super model who's a total ***** and wants nothing to do with you or anyone else but herself.

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  • Why do they call the perp in Criminal Minds an unsub? I don't get it...?

    I've been watching episodes on youtube for a couple days, and everytime they say unsub, I'm confused. Is there a meaning to it? Even my sister, who's a hardcore fan doesn't know.

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  • What's the process of attaining an RN license if I already have a Bachelor's degree?

    My Bachelor's degree is in Business Marketing, and I've recently decided I'd like to go into nursing instead. How do I go about it? Will it only take two years to attain since I already have a Bachelor's degree? How is this previous coursework applied, or is it? Thanks so much in advance, so far the school is sending me in circles.

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  • Do you think my crafts are priced fairly?

    I opened an Etsy shop recently and want to know public opinions on my pricing. Do you think it's fair? It generally costs me a little over half of what I charge to make the products. If you were me, would you lower the price, up it, leave it? Thanks! Here's the link.

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  • How long can a cake sit out unrefrigerated?

    My son's bday party is tonight, and I bought a 1/4 sheet white cake with whipped icing from WalMart. I plan to decorate it myself with his Transformer toys... right now it's under the cake dome, but I wanted to start on the decorating ASAP. Would it be okay if I do it now? Once done, I couldn't replace the cake dome as it wouldn't fit back on. Would it still taste fresh if it sat uncovered for 3 hrs before the party? Thanks in advance

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  • Anyone have personal opinions on the Biltmore apartments in Dallas, TX?

    We're considering moving there, the FATH property on Melody Lane, close to the Northwest Highway/ Central Expressway intersection. Just looking for yays and nays about it. We're specifically interested in the 2b/2b townhome. Thanks!

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  • Personal opinions on Klonopin and Lexapro?

    My doc just switched me from a Paxil/Xanax treatment to Lexapro/Klonopin. The other treatment was working okay, he just wanted to raise my dosage and felt like Klonopin would be a better higher dosage choice for longterm. The Lexapro switch was my choice, just wanted to try something different and see if it worked better. Dropped the Rx off just now and was wondering, has anyone out there had any luck with these medications? Positives? Negatives? Thanks

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  • Entry level pay for someone with a BBA in Marketing?

    I know starting salaries vary, but what (as a generalization) should I be expecting to make on an annual basis working for an ad agency or doing marketing work for an individual company?

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  • Need help with rock/alternative songs?

    I'm trying to make a CD and I want stuff that is released and not released... I like bands like A Perfect Circle, Bullet for My Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Seether, etc. Not into milder or harder stuff, basically a pretty limited window which is why I'm having a hard time putting together a CD... any bands like these bands or songs from these bands that I may not know about would be greatly appreciated! Points to best list! Thanks

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  • Las Vegas "to do" list - What should I put on my list?

    So my sister and me are going to Vegas in 3 weeks. We're staying at the Bellagio for the weekend. What are the things to do in Vegas, where are the places to be? And what's avoidable/waste of time/waste of money/etc? Also, how much spending money is enough for the weekend, including food and drinks?

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