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  • Of Mice and Men Defending George Milton?

    Okay, so I've got a severely overdue essay that I'm attempting to write. The purpose of the essay is to defend George Milton against the killing of Lennie Small. I've got my first two main points, but I need at least one more. So far I have that if George hadn't killed Lennie, he would have suffered severely at the hands of the mob, and that George loved Lennie and was protecting his child-like innocence. I really need a third!

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  • iTunes cd burn taking a loooong time?

    So, I'm trying to burn a cd for my friend. Everything is going fine, until it reaches one song, and then the "time remaining" goes UP, instead of down like it should! It's currently at 45 minutes and 15 seconds remaining. I have to leave my house, hopefully WITH the cd, in a little over an hour! HELP!

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  • Topic for end of term research paper?

    I am way behind writing my end of term research paper, and I still don't have a definite topic! It has to be about some aspect of life in the 1930s... I was thinking Child Labor, but I'm really not sure... Please help me come up with at least a topic!

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  • What kind of animal is Kevin in Up?

    You know, that multi-colored giant bird that Russel kindof adopts?

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  • What does this emoticon mean? --> x)?

    I can't find the definition anywhere.... What does it mean?

  • How do I cheer up my VERY depressed friend?

    My VERY close friend is really, really depressed... Is there anything I can say/do to cheer him up? He's like... borderline suicidal. Please help!!

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