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  • I have ligament damage, and would like to know what type of workout I can do?

    I was going to start with a personal trainer next week, but went to the Dr. to get the OK first. I found out I have ligament damage in my right ankle, and am now in a ASO brace for at least the next 2 to 3 months.

    Any suggestions on what I can do? I don't want to pay for the gym membership if I'm not going to be able to use it. I've got a tread mill, stationary bike, yoga ball, yoga mat, and sit up/crunch roller at home.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Which is better for you?

    Barilla Plus pasta, or Barilla Whole Grain pasta?

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  • Pattypan squash bread?

    I've got an over load of Pattypan squash (as well as yellow and green zucchini), and I was wondering if anyone had made zucchini bread with pattypan squash.

    I need to process it soon, and if I can make bread out of it, I'll shred it, and freeze it, otherwise, I really have no idea what to do with so much of it.

    Also, do you think any summer squash can be used for breads? and not just zucchini.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Bee sting pain? HELP!!!!?

    Last night, while mowing my lawn, I ran over a ground nest of yellow jackets. I got stung about 6 times, some worse than others. The ones on my arms don't hurt too bad, but itch like mad. The one that I have on the right wrist - outside - itches, and is annoying. The one on the left wrist - inside - hurts just as much now as it did last night!!!

    The one above my upper lip isn't too bad - I think I got the bugger away before he got me good, however, the last one, about 1/4 of an inch below the corner of my left eye, is driving ma insane. My face is swollen, red, and my eye itches like you wouldn't believe.

    I made my husband go out and get me "Sting Eze" last night, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I've tried Benedryl, and am popping Advil like there is no tomorrow...

    Any suggestions?


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  • Abnormal reflexes (all)?

    I had a neuro exam on Friday, and my Neurologist found abnormal or hyper, reflex reactions of everything. I was also unable to tell when the a cold object was placed on my arms, legs, feet and hands, but could feel it on my trunk, and face. The "pin test" I got about 75% correct.... I have some slight tingling and "pins and needles" feeling in both legs, if I sit too long, but moving will cause the sensations to stop.

    The Dr. sent me for 4 MRIs and didn't find a thing. He did tell me it could be in my brain, but because the issues cause me pain as well, he doesn't think it's the brain (I have a 'pulled' back - which was the reason for the visit).

    Does anyone know what could be wrong with me? The Dr. has got both me and my husband scared out of our minds. I don't know what's going on... I can't find much information on the web - I could be looking in the wrong place...

    Thanks for any and all help!!!!!

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  • Cymbalta for chronic MP pain, and withdrawal?

    I'm currently taking 30 mg of Cymbalta for chronic nerve pain as a result of my MP (Meralgia Paresthetica), as well as a total of 900 - 1200mg of Gabapentin per day.

    As a result of my "Great" health insurance, I now am forced to buy my meds through the mail, or else I'm charged double. I was told that I could start that procedure next month... so I wasn't worried about 'going cold turkey' with my Cymbalta.

    Needless to say, the insurance company screwed me, and now I'm without the Cymbalta till next week.

    What I want to know, is how long to the withdrawal symptoms last when going 'cold turkey' from Cymbalta? I've not had it for the past 3 days, and am feeling quite jittery, and hyper, not to mention 'medicine head'... I'm quite dizzy, but that could be the Gabapentin as well... Is this normal? Will they go away once I get my meds back?

    Thanks... Sorry about the rant, I'm not a happy camper now, and don't feel that great... I just had to vent!

    Thanks again!

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  • Wedding Announcements - Part 2 - CORRECTED?

    I really messed up. I'm sorry....

    These are the announcements I picked out. My last post had the wrong link in it.

    Wedding announcements - part 2?

    OK, Thanks to you, I've found the announcements I want, BUT, they don't have matching response cards, or thank you notes.

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find something to match these announcements? or have you seen any other site besides that has similar announcements with the matching items? I don't need a wedding invitation, just response card for my reception.

    Thanks in advance.

    Married 4/5/08

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  • Wedding announcements - part 2?

    OK, Thanks to you, I've found the announcements I want, BUT, they don't have matching response cards, or thank you notes.

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find something to match these announcements? or have you seen any other site besides that has similar announcements with the matching items? I don't need a wedding invitation, just response card for my reception.

    Thanks in advance.

    Married 4/5/08

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  • Wedding announcements?

    Does anyone know of a good site to order just wedding announcements? I don't need invitations, save the date cards... just the announcement, reception response, and thank you cards.

    Every place I've found has "sets" with more than I need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Married 4/5/08

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  • Has anyone used to change their name?

    I just got married, and am now lost. I'm trying to figure out the best/easiest way to change my name. has a package for $30 that says they will change everything for you, everything included.

    Has anyone used this? If you did, did it work well? If not, what did you do to legally change your name?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • "Fake" nail length - and American or French Tip?

    OK - I normally don't wear any sort of fake nails. I really can't with my job (I'm a software tester, and have to do hardware testing as well sometimes, so nails won't work), but I want them for my wedding.

    My apt. is this evening, and I haven't decided on a length yet, nor a tip. My dress is white white, so I'm thinking I'm leaning towards French tip - square, but because I don't wear them all the time, do you think they will look funny? and I shoudl go with American tip - square instead?

    The wedding is in 9 days, at sunset in the desert in Sedona AZ.


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  • To tip or not to Tip?

    OK, I'm getting married in 12 days, out of town. It's a combination destination/elopement wedding. I'm going through a wedding planner who's husband is doing the ceremony. I'm having a photographer (she's the photographer) as well as a videographer - a different person. It's a package deal, everything included for the 15 min ceremony for $1500.

    My question is, who do I tip? The wedding planner has been great. She's made recommendations for hotels, making reservations for my hair/makeup, as well as dinner reservations for us after the ceremony. Do I need to tip her? I think I should, but that's part of what I'm paying for in the package. Also, the videographer... he's included in the package, but a private person not associated with the company (not a partner) Do I tip him?

    I know I'm going to be tipping the limo driver - but I don't know who else. The celebrant? wedding planner? florist? cake maker.... everything is rolled into the package.

    HELP! I'm stressing! :)

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  • Pre-wedding stress?

    OK, I just found out that the hotel I wanted is booked solid. While normally this wouldn't bother me, today when I found out, I broke down in tears, and got an instant pounding headache.

    I know it's just stress, but is this normal? I don't remember my sisters going through this! Maybe it's because I'm doing a destination/elopement, and I have to have a hotel, I don't have another option... or maybe it's because it's just the 2 of us, ant I don't have a bridal party to 'fall back' on.

    I don't know, I'm just really stressed right now. I just want to go home and eat a pound of chocolate, washed down by Ben and Jerry's "Chunky Monkey" ice cream.

    I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm PMSing either :(

    Thanks for letting me vent!!! :)

    BTB 4/5/08 - 19 Days, 456 Hours - Sedona AZ

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  • Sever lower leg cramps?

    I have problems with my lower back (L5-S1) - herniated disk, and I have Meralgia Paresthetica - I am currently on Gabapentin and Cymbalta for chronic pain. They block the nerve receptors, and they do help, but not a great deal.

    Anyway, I suffer from horrible leg cramps as well. They effect both lower legs, usually causing my knee and ankle to hyper extend, so I can't 'walk it off', and I'm sore for several days, to a week after the 'episode'.

    I'm just trying to find some relief. I've had blood work done, and my levels are all good. I've also seen several neurosurgeons, PT professionals, and several neurologists, not to mention my GP. No one can give me any answers :(

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  • Chanel 19 parfum?

    I know this isn't to "Weddingly" but I was wondering if any of you ladies out there knew of a scent that was very close to Chanel 19? I don't wear the stuff every day, and I can't justify spending close to $100 for an oz if it's just a 'special occasion' - the perfume would go rancid before I got another chance to wear it.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Does this irk anyone else? Or is it just me?

    I know that everyones financial situation is different, but it just really bothers me how many people ASSUME that the cost of their wedding/parties/showers should be someone else's burden. Whether it is asking parents for money, or asking invited guests for money, to having a "dollar dance" just to offset the cost of the wedding.

    It makes me sick to think that tere are so many people out there who think they have to have the best of everything right now. They aren't willing to wait a year or 2 to save the money themselves. If you want t $30,000 wedding, I say, you better have the money to cover it yourselves.

    Do we live in such a materialistic society that we measure love with dollar signs? Do we feel like we are 'owed' beautiful things? What ever happened to hard work and patience?

    I'm not putting anyone down, just ranting. FH and I have worked our butts off to get where we are financially. I can't imagine asking anyone for anything! I'd be embarrassed to ask for money!

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  • Wedding makeup?

    Does anyone know if I can have a makeup artist do my wedding makeup using both my own personal products (Tru Minerals) as well as theirs?

    Or is this just not done?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Is this too much to spend?

    OK - My wedding is going to cost us about $6000 or $7000 for the 2 of us only - no bridal party, no reception...

    The total cost includes my gown, airline tickets, car rental, the actual ceremony/flowers/cake/photographer/videographer...

    Pretty much everything.

    Do you think this is a lot to spend on a wedding with no guests? This also includes a mini-honeymoon.

    Thanks in advance!

    BTB 4/5/08 - Sedona AZ

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  • BTB and former BTB - did you have a hard time at work the closer you got to your wedding?

    I'm personally having a hard time doing anything at work. Anything that requires a brain! :)

    For some reason, me being on this board helps calm my nerves, and I can relax... then I get home and can do more planning. Problem, I'm on here while I'm at work!!!

    Anyone else having the same issues?

    BTB 4/5/08 - Sedona AZ

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  • HELP!!! I'm getting married in 1344 hours (or so) and starting to panic - Need to destress! Any suggestions?

    OK, I'm starting to freak out! I just realized that I'm leaving to get married in 56 days, or 1344 hours... I need to have everything done by then - hotel reservations, buying the rings, making the final decision on the flowers and cake... my alterations, his tux rental.... the list goes on and on..... not to mention, packing for a 2 week vacation - honeymoon is later this year - and get the cats taken care of... the house cleaned...

    I'm really starting to stress!!! What did/does everyone else do to help destress? Any and all suggestions would be appriciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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