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  • What can I do about my employer discriminating against me?

    I guess I will start by explaining my story. I would basically like to know what you would do in this situation, are there any legal steps I can take against them? Please let me know. January of 2008 I applied and was hired for an agent position with West Corporation (a telecommunication company thats "services include processing of customer initiated contacts, automated voice response services and direct marketing services, over the telephone and Internet." on the Bank of America line group (there are several different client based groups throughout the building.) Anyways, I was hired and have been working on this line group processing credit card and loan requests over the phone for 9 months. When I got the job initially I asked my interviewer, a woman in HR, and my trainer if it was against company policies to wear my piercings at work (I have my lip pierced twice and my nose twice). All of them said it was not a problem as this was not a job where I would be seeing the customer. In my entire 9 months of employment not one supervisor, manager, employee or CEO has said a word to me about my piercings. I have shook hands with Don Lawson who is the site director and he never said anything. Well last week I applied for a new line group within west corporation working on the PAL line group as an aide for at home agents. I had my interview last thursday with the operations supervisor for the line group. I was hired that day and Friday I had orientation. Both of those days John (the operations supervisor) never said a word about my piercings. I started training on Monday at 10am I worked monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday...nothing was said. Friday I come in and John informs me that there is a West policy that states employees are allowed one discreet facial piercing. I asked him to show me this policy as I didn't believe it seeing as I have been working there 9 months. Sure enough there is a policy on the employee website but I could not find it in the actual policy manual. Anyways to make a long story short I think it is awful that they are giving me an ultimatum of either loosing my job or taking out my piercings. It is my cultural belief that one should be able to do as they please with there bodies and I feel as if I am being singled out and discriminated against. All the other line groups have plenty of people with piercings. Is this discrimination? Am I being singled out? Is there anything I can do about it or what would you do in my situation. I have bills to pay and I am scared of loosing my job but I need to decide what I am going to do monday morning when I arrive at training. I just dont know if I can take my piercings out and feel like I'm not letting someone walk all over me and not standing up for my beliefs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Why is my yahoo answers name Beef1955?

    My name on yahoo answers is supposed to be furtherfr0mtruth but for some reason when I have been posting answers it is showing my name as beef1955. I have no clue why...I never set my name to be that and when I go to my profile it shows my email as which is not my e-mail. I tried to edit my profile information but when I click edit is says my e-mail is which is right. Has anyone else has this problem and what can I do to fix it?

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