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  • Replacing the Remington ISS - Remington Integrated Safety System on a model 700?

    Without getting into the liability issues of doing this, does anyone know how to do it ? If you are hesitant to explain it I can understand that - how about a web link - It almost seems like it can't be done or Google would have turned up something. What I am trying to do is permanently remove this safety from the bolt. A permanent deactivation would also work.

    I tried Google and all I found out was info for the 870's, which I already knew.

    The gun in question is a basic Remington model 700 ADL with the ISS.

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  • What would be a rich persons "Fair Share" of paying Taxes ?

    Once again I just heard the president and other liberals saying that rich people are not paying their fair share of taxes. So my specific question is, and is targeted at those liberals among you, what would be the “fair share” of taxes for a rich person to pay.

    Lets define rich the same way as the president does. Those people making over $200,000 per year. Would 40%, 50%, 70% 90%, 99%, be considered fair ? I’d really like to hear what some of you think. But in answering the question - please answer THE question. What exact percentage would be fair ?

    Thanks for your responses

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