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  • Reconnecting A Child And Father?

    My husband is recently coming home from prison March 20 he would have been in there for 8 1/2 months. my son is currently 1 1/2 (18months) how do I get both of them , more so my son to get comfortable with him &'d how should I get my husband to not feel like he's unwanted or his son doesn't love him . What process should we take as a family . Please and thank you

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  • TDCJ target release date?

    Hello my husband has made parole sep 28th 2016 . They told him he would have to do a life changes and skill class for 3 months. He started that NOV 1 2016 . Here it is January and im preparing for his release . I was expecting him released some time in march cause that's when he'll be done with the clas . But I called the parole board and they told me February is he target release date not march . Does anyone have any knowledge or input when he could possibly be release . Experience?? Please and thank you

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  • My sister just went to jail for assault?

    Family Violence Asslt(A/C)___Bodily Force(H) : can someone give me some insight/ information about that charge

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago

    I'm having a hard time believing god is real . No one really knows . I think it's a mind thing . And that's what I've been taught My whole life . Specially being African American . I mean so far I kinda believe it but in mind , I kinda don't . Idk what to believe in in this world . I feel bad for even questioning it .

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  • Tylenol (pain and fever ) infants?

    Sooo I have Tylenol pain and fever infants . I need to give it to my son . Hes between 28-30 lbs , one year . Anyways I have hundreds of seringes instead of the one I need . I m told to give him 5mL . But I have a ibuprofen syringe which goes from ( .625 ml , 1.25mL and 1.875 mL . With much more space ) and then other seringes that goes to 5mL which are much more wider because it s natural medicine so more is needed . Basically how much should I give him from the ibprohen seringen or is 5ml equal to one teaspoon ?? Please help I m lost lol 😩😩

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  • Allergic Reaction to pineapples?

    I let my 15month old have some of my pineapples on Saturday night round 9:00 . Later on that night I noticed he was itching in his sleep , nothing major so we continued to sleep . Early Sunday morning I noticed bumps/hives on his legs feet back , butt and a little tummy area . I put some antibiotic on it but it's not helping . I'm trying to hold of till Tuesday since he has an appointment . I'm just worried that it will get worse before then , if so what signs should I look for . ?? And could this possibley be pineapples ? What precaustions should I take ?? It's 2:47a.m Sunday and he's just going back to sleep since i rubbed him downs calcimine lotion and Vaseline

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  • electoral votes?

    Do us as in the People actually really need to vote if are vote doesn t even matter ? What are electroral votes , ?? How does it work ?? What are electoral colleges ??

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  • New lifestyle change?

    So basically I have to lose 25lbs . I'm 5"4 165-170

    What kinda of GOOD healthy foods could I eat ? Now please don't judge but I do not eat eggs nor oat meal . This is really serious . Any suggestions ? On things I should eat . exercise plans also


    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • Mail man job ?

    So me and my mom just moved into another home . To get straight to the point , our mailbox is build in on the outside of our gate towards the street (where it should be) . And we also have one up on the porch . last week my mom waited for the mail lady and stopped her to ask if we had any mail . She pulls out a stack and tells my mom she s not putting it inside our mailbox because she is not handicap . Which basically means she wants us to build a mailbox and place it on the outside of our house . First off my mom Is handicap . She has all proof . My thing is , it shouldent matter if she was or not. it s not right that she is keeping our mail because she doesn t wanna put it in the mail box . I have been waiting on very important mail that have been came in and I haven t received it because of her. She told my mom the lady that last lived in the house was handie cap . WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WOTH ANYTHING . Our mail box is where it s suppose to be . It s not out fault that it s build in. So basically I wanna know is she legally suppose to do that ? I m calling the post office today

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  • Can someone help me to figure out (start) this letter?

    pharmaceutical company requesting a “free drug” program

    Medicine4 years ago
  • Our next president ..?

    WHO IS BETTER TO LEAD OUT COUNTRY . Considering them both and the task of being Cheif .

    Hillary or Donald ?

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  • Am I crazy , paranoid or pregnant ?

    Ok , so I had unprotected sex (aug 29th) I had just had my cycle (August 19th) . Knowing during and after the fact I should have NOT did it . I did . I talked to the guy and of course he said he's %100 sure I'm not pregnant because he dident nut inside me . But every since the night we had sex I've been scared that I might have became pregnant ( guilt trip , and because I haven't had sex with anyone for 9mons prior to him because I was trying to remain celibate. Long story short I started taken pregnancy test because I was told pregnancy hormone can be detected 3 days after contraception. I did it said Negative , took more they also said negative . So I waited to see if my cycle would start . And it came one day and a half late (sept 21st) . I took five test(during my menstrual) and they all said negative. But I still feel like I'm pregnant not morning sickness or nothing but I feel little cramps in my uterus . Someone told me that could be a sign of claymidia of course I'm maken an appointment I just want to know before I go could I be in state of a mental disorder . Please don't judge me . We all make mistakes everyday . I feel so guilty , . I'm not sure if I can "think" myself pregnant but that's what I feel like

    1 AnswerPregnancy4 years ago
  • My husband got approved for parole . Can You explain this prison talk?

    Basically I just found out my husband has gotten proved for parole sept 28th . And next to it , it s says (

    FI-3R (11/2016)- Transfer to a TDCJ rehabilitation program, such as Changes/Lifeskills, and release to parole on or after completion and not earlier than three months from the specified date of 11/2016. ) can someone explain that to me in layman terms. Please and thank you

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Any good diet plans ?

    I'm 22 , 5"4 African American 150lbs the most . I have a nice body but I want to tone up and have more energy . please keep your asshole comments to yourself

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