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  • What is wrong with my Zucchini? [pic]?

    I picked two zucchini today, one looked fine but the other was yellow on the underside. It was at the bottom of the plant and I couldn't see it all until after I maneuvered it off the stem. It is still really firm, but it has weird indentations on it and is completely yellow on one side.

    Here is a picture of the zucchini:

    Also, why have my pepper plants not started to produce peppers? I had one green pepper about a week ago on a very small plant, and it hasn't grown or gotten more peppers. We have about 5 pepper plants, the yellow plants are starting to get some small peppers but the plants are really smal??? Do we need cages for the branches to grab onto, or will they be fine just out on their own?

    Please can anyone give advice on when to pick the zucchini and why my pepper plants aren't fruiting?

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  • Is there a legitimate online stream planned for the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2010?

    Will us Americans be able to watch this event anywhere??

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  • Cyber Monday: A Cheap Men's Winter Coat?

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for a cheap mens winter coat. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on any Cyber Monday deals. I saw a good one at Old Navy, but I was wondering if there were any more that are a little more trendy. I like the snowboard coat look, or a peacoat/overcoat, but I don't wanna spend more than 75 bucks and better if I can get below 50!!


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  • Best way to go about getting a non-local job?

    I have just recently graduated college and have been applying to jobs all over the US, but haven't got any callbacks yet. What's the best way to get an out of town job? Should I go through a staffing agency? Use Monster/ Find job postings on online media sites in other cities? Do I need to have some other consideration? Should I mention the fact that I want to relocate in my cover letter, or just write the cover letter as I normally would?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  • Is there a place where I can publish an article once and it will publish on all my social networking sites?

    I want to create some content on the internet about guitars, and I want to publish it to one place and have that software publish it to all the social networking sites or sites with user generated content that I am apart of. I had something like this for videos, I could upload the video once and it would appear on 30 websites, but now I need it for articles.

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  • Any bakers in the house? Bread from a machine -- why did it turn out this way?

    We followed a machine whole wheat bread recipe, and it turned out really little and dense/hard.

    We just poured everything into the machine and set it.

    1 and 1/8 cups water

    1 tablespood gluten

    1.5 table spoon sugar

    a sprinkle of salt

    4-5 tablespoons of honey

    3 cups of whole wheat flour

    and 2 tea spoons of yeast (nearly a whole packet)

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  • cooking a pork roast... sear the meat?

    im cooking a pork roast tonight for dinner, and I wanted to try to sear the meat before I cook it in the oven, because last time it came out without any color on it and it was kind of dry.

    do i season it with all my seasonings before or after I sear it? How long should I cook in the oven and at what temp after its been seared? Does anyone know of an easy glaze to put on it after its been seared that's made with stuff I have in the kitchen (no special vinegars or mustards) or any particularly good/easy recipes of seasonings and stuff?

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  • What is the evolutionary benefit of fatty and greasy foods tasting good?

    Anyone have any scholarly articles or papers written about this? It seems to make more sense that nutritional foods should taste better to us than fatty and greasy ones.

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  • Anyone know of any unbiased studies on High-fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)?

    I am trying to stay away from any HFCS, Aspartame, and any other un-natural sugar substitute. I am wondering if there is any scientific proof of any ill effects to health? I'm not talking about just correlations between HFCS and obesity, because sugar makes people obese too.

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  • Is there any GOOD, non-cliche, shows scheduled for Fall 2009?

    I like when a show has one big plot per season, and each episode progresses the plot, and anything can really happen. Shows like Damages on FX, Mad Men on AMC, and Kings (canceled) on NBC.

    Shows where there are mini plots in each episode don't interest me in the slightest, even if they do have a larger over-arching seasonal plot.

    So far for Fall 2009 I'm looking forward to Damages, Mad Men, and Glee looked kind of good from the pilot episode I watched. Are there any I'm missing? I did glance at lineups from NBC, CBS, and Fox, but it all seems like the same show reskinned with slightly different twists.

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  • MSSQL Query Syntax -- Deleting Duplicate Records?

    I have a MSSQL database with 15million + records. I have just learned that the parser I'm using to enter data is putting duplicate records (as many as 20+) in because there are records with identical serial numbers. Can anyone write a query to scan and then delete all except one records that have identical serial numbers? It is important to leave one instance of a particular serial number in, but delete all other instances.

    DB = test_database

    table = tradeMark

    column = SerialNumber

    10 points guaranteed if it works and ur first!

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  • MSSQL Query Syntax -- Finding a record in a specific table and column...?

    I am wanting to perform some queries to find a specific record in a certain column from a certain table in my database. What is the correct syntax to do this?

    Could someone write a query if i wanted to search "Microsoft" in a database called test_database, a specific tabled called "tradeMark" and a specific column called "MarkIdentification"

    10 easy points!! this is basic MSSQL stuff!

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  • Obscure 1990's RTS game??? Anyone have a clue?

    I remember playing this obscure 1990s RTS game when I was little.

    All i remember was there being a grid (it was all 3D though, had decent graphics for its time)

    A bunch of alien races

    A genesis torpedo?? (or something to that effect?)

    I think the distinguishing fact is the bunch of weird random and completely ficticious races.

    It's not anything that is well known, or part of a franchise.

    Thanks if anyone has a guess!

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  • Why is sound only coming from one ear, and really faint and scratchy?

    Just bought new AudioTechnica ATH-M40fs studio headphones. They had a big connector so in order to use on my computer I had to buy a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter.

    I have tried fiddling with the audo settings on my computer (changing to desktop spears, 5.1 surround, headphones, etc) and nothing is working.

    The audio is really faint and only coming from my left ear (the side of the headphones with the cord). The audio that I can hear is scratchy and bad quality.

    These are really expensive headphones.

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