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  • Wireless router- can any AUTOMATICALLY provide DNS server addr's BUT static IP assigned to each MAC addr?

    Will sometimes be booted to linux, sometimes to one or more Windows OS's, sometimes will use a palmtop or other wifi enabled device. I haven't discovered ANY wireless router that can do this. But I haven't looked at them ALL. :-)

    Are there any? If so, how do you accomplish with each?

    Would like each device to receive the same IP address each time it boots or revives from standby or hibernate, yet have the DNS server info provided automatically as is done in a typical DHCP configuration.

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  • Looking for a 1999-2001 US movie with a blackboard scene in a classroom.?

    Was probably a 1950's or 1960's classroom, with a blackboard, but possibly more current. Probably 4th to 11th grade. In my recollection, movie has flavor of October Sky or My Dog Skip. Not Good Will Hunting. Can you name a few possibilities or point me to a site which lists all the releases for a certain year, possibly in order of revenue to screen out really unpopular releases?

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  • Anyone recall a 1999-2002 US movie with pi's value in a classrm scene shown incorrectly after ~the 10th digit?

    The value was shown twice in the same scene, as i thought it was wrong the first time, but confirmed it on the second viewing. As I recall, it was a 1950's or 60's setting, in probably a late elementary or junior high classroom, though it could have been high school. The value of pi was either on or above a blackboard, as I recall, taken out to about 16 digits or so. The scene may have been in black and white. I have pretty well scoured "My Dog Skip" and "October Sky," which each remind me of the feel of the movie. I don't find the scene in either one, but may have missed it. The value of pi is posted as something like 3.14159265 and then about 10 more digits. The first half or so are correct, the 2nd half seem randomly chosen. Perhaps their calulator only showed half the necessary digits, and they thought no one would notice. Have looked on sites such as "nitpickers" that feast on movie errors, to no avail. Thank you! Driving me crazy! :-)

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