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  • Why do people on Yahoo Answers Anthropology not understand race?

    Lots of people ask about race on here, which isn't suprising because it is an interesting and significant topic. However, I do find it surprising that so many people answer by listing a finite number of discrete races (typically caucasoid, mongoloid, australoid, negroid and capoid). Even worse, these answers are often selected best answer.

    These answers are totally unscientific. There is no evidence to suggest that our species has discrete races. Instead we vary continuously. There are differences between us but there are no places where you can draw a line. This is confirmed by genetics. There is almost as much genetic variation within a population as there is between so-called races. This has been known for decades. No creditable anthropologist or biologist still believes in the outdated, illogical and racist concept of biological race.

    Considering this, why are discrete biological races so popular on yahoo answers? If you think discrete races exist, please justify yourself. This shocks and annoys me every time I see it and I feel like I'm surrounded by people who are both racist and antiscientific.

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