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  • Looking for a good romance/adventure book to read?

    By book, I mean it could be a book, or fanfic, or just something someone wrote online that you liked very much. I tried looking on wattpad but they only let you search for one genre which sucks. It can be on any site though. But no harmful sites of course.

    It can be a manga, anything that has good romance and adventure in it.

    Something that you can read and look at is good.


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  • Are there any songs like Nick Jonas's Jealous?

    What I mean is, ya know, the beat and the feel to the song. Do you guys know of any songs like that? I dont mind ones without lyrics to it.

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  • Algebra 2. I do not the see what is wrong with any of their reasoning?

    Three partygoers are in the corner of the ballroom having an intense argument. You walk over to settle the debate. They are discussing a function g(x). You take out your notepad and jot down their statements.

    Professor McCoy: She says that 2 is a zero of g(x) because long division with (x + 2) results in a remainder of 0.

    Ms. Guerra: She says that 2 is a zero of g(x) because g(2) = 0.

    Mr. Romano: He says that 2 is a zero of g(x) because synthetic division with 2 results in a remainder of 0.

    Correct the reasoning of any inaccurate reasoning by the partygoers in full and complete sentences. Make sure you reference any theorems that support your justifications.

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  • Why do I feel like eating meat all the time?

    Lately, for a few weeks now, Ive been craving nothing but meat. Like, I just want to eat pork, chicken, steak, any meat, aaaaall the time. Is something wrong with me?

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  • Does this spanish sentence make sense?

    No juego nunca al deportes.

    Im trying to say I never play sports. Its for a spanish assigment Im doing in which I have to use two negative expressions in a sentence.

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  • Attachment image

    Are the PCI cables hooked up correctly?

    On the left side of the picture, there are two cables from the power supply of my desktop connected to a 6 port, as you can see hopefully. I think that is connected correctly but I'm not sure.

    On the right side, there's an 6 port connected to the power supply thing that I attached a 8 port cable to. It has an 8 port with 2 6 ports and I only connected one 6 port into it because I don't have any others.

    As you can see, I'm a huge noob at this stuff, hoping someone can help me. If there's anything wrong I'm doing, please tell me, and if you need more pictures or anything explained, I'll be glad to help.

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  • Im looking for a good gaming laptop?

    This one is in my price range but I was wondering if it was a good investment. Is the Lenovo Y50 a good one?

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  • Is this good so far?

    I'm writing a short story for my English class and I want to know if this is any good. Its kind of like a sequel to the Pomegranate Seeds by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Its about the Roman goddess Proserpina.

    It’s been a few years since the kidnapping incident and Proserpina is now the goddess of the underworld and wife of Pluto, the god of death. Another six months have passed and it is time for Proserpina to return to her mother Ceres, the goddess of the Earth. Proserpina meets Ceres by the sea and so spring begins.

    She walks up to Ceres and hugs her saying, “I think I have gotten used to this– going back and forth between you and Pluto. It is quite nice because I get to spend a suitable amount of time with the each of you.”

    “Yes well, I am glad that one of us is happy. Not seeing you for a whole six months is six months too much. You’ll understand when you are a mother,” Ceres replies. They both pull away from the hug and Ceres notices something about Proserpina’s hair.

    “Daughter, your hair…” Ceres whispers as she takes the gray strands into her hands and examines it. Proserpina can see her hair as her mother holds it out and gasps softly. There is only one thing that having gray hair can mean to a goddess.

    Its only the exposition part. Please tell me, and thank you~

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  • Roman Goddess Proserpina?

    Does she have any powers? What are her abilities? I tried researching but I cant find anything, although I might just be overlooking something..

    Im writing a short story about her and its where shes losing her powers one by one (if she has any) until she becomes human. The reason being is because people has forgotten about her and shes not being worshiped.

    Thanks for helping owo

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  • Does anyone know of any sad movies..?

    I'm looking for a really sad movie to watch.

    Can be any language, I don't mind. I watch all kind; English, Korean, Chinese, etc.

    I would really like it if it had romance in it.

    Im just in a really depressing mood and sad movies help me get through it for some reason. So thanks guys ^^

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  • Attachment image

    Rational Exponent and Radical Forms?

    Simplify the given expression to rational exponent form, justify each step by identifying the properties of rational exponents used.

    I looked all over my notes and can not find out the first step. If someone can help me get started with this problem, thatd be great.

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  • Rational Exponents?

    The 3s are supposed to be exponents.

    While simplifying some math work, Peter wrote on his paper that x^3 • x^3 • x^3 • x^3

    equaled x^3+ ^3 + ^3 + ^3 . Did Peter simplify his work correctly and completely to a final answer? Would Peter’s work be the same if he were to simplify x^3 + x^3 + x^3 + x^3?

    My answer is

    He simplified his work correctly but not all the way. The final answer would be x^12.

    No because he’s adding rational exponents, not multiplying.

    x^3 + x^3 + x^3 + x^3 = 4x^3 You add the bases, not the exponents.

    Is my answer correct? If not, can you help me to understand what I did wrong? Thank you.

    Mathematics7 years ago
  • Is my answer to this correct? Functions?

    Please help. I want to know if I got this right.


    Pedro has created the function f(x) = (4x - 3)/2 to represent the number of assignments he has completed, where x represents the number of weeks in the course. Pedro discovers that using the inverse function to solve for x = 30, he can predict when he will have 30 assignments completed. Explain to Pedro how to accomplish this, using complete sentences.

    Heres my answer:

    First, Pedro, we must find the inverse of the function. So set out your function: f(x) = (4x - 3)/2 .

    Replace f(x) with y: y = (4x - 3)/2 .

    It is looking more like an equation now, huh, Pedro? Switch the y and x variables, making it look like this:

    x = (4y - 3)/2 .

    Now multiply both sides by 2: 2x = 4y - 3 .

    Add 3 to both sides: 2x + 3 = 4y .

    Divide both sides by 4 to get the y variable alone:

    (2x + 3)/4 = y .

    Finally, replace y with f-1(x): (2x + 3)/4 = f-1(x) .

    This is your inverse function. Sadly, we are not done yet Pedro.

    You have your inverse equation; now you need to substitute the x's with 30 because x = 30.

    (2x + 3)/4 = f-1(x) turns into [2(30) + 3]/4 = f-1(30)

    Multiply 2 by 30 to get 60: (60 + 3)/4 = f-1(30)

    Now add 60 and 3 together: 63/4 = f-1(30)

    This is your answer, Pedro. 63/4 cannot be simplified any further.

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  • Is this a function? Algebra 2?

    f(x) = 10x + 14

    Is this a function?

    I mean, I plugged in numbers and there seems to be no repeat in the y values so.. I really have to be sure. I learn by getting feedback from others but I dont have anyone.

    So if anyone can help, thank you~

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  • Spanish 2 homework help?

    Hay una mesa y un conjunto de sillas en mi cocina.

    I am doing an assignment and I wrote this for my answer but what I am asking is:

    Is 'un conjunto de sillas' correct? Im trying to say There is a table and a set of chairs in my kitchen.

    Also, is my answer to this question correct?

    4. ¿Dónde come el almuerzo tu mejor amigo?

    >Mi mejor amiga come el almuerzo en la escuela cuando hay clases.

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  • Spanish 2 homework help?

    Im trying to write a sentence but I dont know whether to exclude las/los/el/la

    Heres what I wrote:

    Las zanahorias, el maíz y las habichuelas son verduras

    El agua, la limonada y el café son refrescos.

    Are these sentences grammatically correct?

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  • What is the name of this book?

    I really need to know what this book is called.

    In this book there were

    These 2 sisters.

    They both could go into this "other world" where they had magic powers and they killed people there.

    I think where they killed people, a tree would grow.

    There were some adult scenes in this book.

    I think one of the girls killed their father in a cellar. They may have chopped up his body.

    The main girl character was insane and the sister was crazy too but not as crazy as the main one.

    I remember the book cover having red on it, like rose petals or red berries, just something red dripping or flowing onto the title of the book.

    Please help me.

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  • I need some converting help?

    So if 1cm = 75ft

    How would you do this?

    if a square is 19cm by 24.5cm, what would be the area in feet?

    Can you explain the process?

    1 AnswerMathematics7 years ago