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  • Coca Cola Song Commercial?

    So in a Coca Cola Commercial where this tan skinned dude, invents like a whole new dance move because the glass bottle drops and he does something with his foot, and it shows this whole commercial of coke and how he ends up on a video game, and he does a music video with some wallpaper that makes you dizzy O.O and he ends up giving or taking dance classes with his dance move? WHAT SONG?

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  • After closing my laptop? Does something weird?

    So, before.. When I closed my laptop, and opened it again, it would show the log in screen, but. Now, every time I close my laptop, and open it, it will restart all over again, it would show that black screen with those options? and then say windows starting, AND THEN show the log in screen, and when I logged in, everything I had open before is closed, it's like it restarted all over again, but it use to just open and every screen I had open, Internet, word, etc. would still be there, and all I had to do is log in. It's weird that now, the whole computer just restarts itself as soon as I open, please help.. This is getting on my nerves.

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  • Confused on what religion I am?

    So. I believe in A god, one that accepts anyone no matter what. One who does not believe in anything but the purity of humanity. But I don't believe in the bible. I think the "rules" in there, are ridiculous. I don't think homosexuality would ever be a sin, neither would shaving. Or any of that. It is said to be men who wrote that down, stating they HEARD God say to them those words. But I don't trust them. Trust isn't very big on me, therefore I don't believe those men, neither the beliefs they wrote down. I don't understand why God would discriminate someone on who they chose to love. So. I believe in one that accepts everyone in every way. I still believe a God made Earth, and everything on it. And some of the stories, I guess. But mainly not the beliefs. Many say Deism, but I just want to make sure. Please no harsh comments on my beliefs. and no convincing me to another religion like Christianity, or Atheism. I respect in you believing that, but I don't personally believe in that. And if you're wondering on why I care about my "label" it's because when someone asks. I don't like to explain, they can go look it up on their own time. I just want to have something to say to them. I was just wondering, thanks! :D And Again please no harsh comments on my beliefs. Had to much of that. I prefer an answer not convincing comments. Thanks for your time.

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  • I think its normal. she doesn't. -.- HELP?

    So my friend Brittany is 13. she has had her period for five months now, and is still a 34A. She is sooo worried about never getting bigger breasts. I told her it is just a matter of time, and that she needs to calm down. but she won't. so im just asking this. Is it normal? I think it is. And she wonders how long before she starts developing breasts? I find it that its just a matter of time. but she is sooo stubborn. So yeah? Is it normal? maybe how long will it take?

    8 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • How much does it cost to get your ipod screen replaced/fixed? By Apple, Best Buy, etc. Whats the cheapest way?

    Please don't give me websites to where i can send it to or w/e. I want places i can go and for how much it might cost. I really need help. I doubt that my parents will pay 120 dollars for apple to fix the screen. Also, if the screen is super wrecked, will they have to replace the WHOLE ipod? Because i can't let that happen. And its a 4th generation ipod touch with camera of course.

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players9 years ago