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  • Anyone in the Mid Missouri area interested in trading/swapping ambient music cd's?

    I am a big fan of Steve Roach, Erik Wollo, Mark Rownd, etc. and I am looking for someone that would like to trade back and forth. My goal is simply to rip the cds and save them in a lossless format on my audio player. I have around 40 cds, mostly Steve Roach, that I can swap for titles I don't have, and then we can trade or just get our original cds back. Please respond if interested, thank you.

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  • help with norton internet security?

    I am rather frustrated at the moment. I seem to be unable to download items from the internet. I tried to download camstudio....nothing happened (a page would pop up and then disappear in 1 second). I tried opening the link in a new tab...nothing, in a new window....nothing. I can't even download internet explorer 10 from microsoft's website! Worst of all I don't know how to fix this. There is no pop up blocker bar where I can allow access, there is no dialog box telling me why it is not downloading. I am currently using ie 9. My only guess is that norton is somehow blocking the downloading, but it does not tell how, why, what, or when! The only thing I can think of is to totally uninstall norton internet security, download the files that I want, and then reinstall norton. If anyone has experienced this or knows how to help, please let me know! Thanks!

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  • Anyone else have lots of credit card debt?

    My credit card debt is too much. I actually had all of them paid off several years ago, but now it is back to having to pay a balance. I have finally got a decent job 3 months ago and I am making more than I ever have, but the task of paying off the cards is frightening. From my experience it is very hard to save because things just happen. Doctor bills, rising fuel costs, and on and on. Can anyone give me some motivation on getting out of debt, or can sympothize with my situation? Thanks.

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  • Antibiotics question.?

    I have some antibiotics that are leftover from a previous condition. These are still good until late this year. Is it safe to take these for something else without consulting a doctor? My experience with doctors has left me in much debt and I am trying to avoid that. It may sound like a dumb question, but it seems like antibiotics are safe and are used to treat many different conditions. Please do not answer if you have a smart-alec reply, thank you. I am looking for an honest answer.

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  • Sore on my foot?

    Several weeks ago, I noticed what appears to be a "callous" on my foot. It has since then gotten bigger. I decided to open it up to drain it and cut off the excess skin in the hopes that it would go back to normal faster. (I only recently found out on webmd that I should not have opened it). I am currently covering the spot with neosporin and a large bandaid that completely covers the area. I am hoping that this will work. I am trying to avoid seeing a doctor because of the high expense. I am still fairly young and I am in good shape so I am thinking that it will heal on its own. This same things happened several years ago on the same foot in close to the same place and it healed itself. Any advice? Thanks.

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  • If space is so cold, how do the scientific instruments on the probes work?

    Machines need oil or some other lube, and I read that the temperature of space is near absolute zero.

    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • The great pyramid question.?

    I have been watching some documetarys about how the pyramid was built. One idea suggests that there is an inner tunnel that spirals to the top and this is how they hauled up the heavy stones. If this is the case, how would they place the capstone on top? Also, is it possible that the river Nile used to run much closer to the pyramids and that the people used large balsa wood rafts to carry the stones or granite from a worksite?

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  • Is the X-wing fighter (from star wars) a possibility for future military bases?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the design, engines, and weaponry?

    2 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • What did the ancient people do after work?

    There were no:

    computers, phones, electricity, engines, tvs, radios, gadgets, electronics, ... What were the actual conversations after dinner?

    2 AnswersHistory8 years ago
  • Did people make their own sandals or buy them from shops 2000 years ago?

    Sandals must have been a part of nearly every household of ancient times. What percentage of households actually made their own? And what did they make them out of?

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  • Thoughts on the ancient water clock...?

    What were the actual conversations that took place around these ancient devices? Did the people say:

    1. Ok, the water level is rising to the 4th line, I'd better get ready for dinner...

    2. How often do we have to add some water to account for evaporation?

    3. Look, the water clock is halfway between 3 and 4...we'd better go let the sheep graze...

    4. I wish I had one of these at my residence...

    5. Come on, lets go to the river and get some water for these new clocks...

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  • When was the remote start for cars invented?

    This was a great invention. Now I can push a button from the comfort of my house and not go out into the 40 mph winds and 13 degree temp.

  • When was the exact moment that Thomas Jefferson realized that slavery was not right?

    Was he drinking tea? Was he strolling about the gardens?

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  • Are there any haunted houses still open around Columbia Missouri?

    I saw fearfest and necropolis on the internet, but it seems that they stopped in october. Any year round haunted houses that you know of, thanks!!!

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  • Is anyone else skeptical about the orbit of Sedna 90377?

    I am referring to the wikipedia article on this object. According to the article the "orbit" of this object takes 11,400 years to complete. It was discovered in 2003.

    If the first sighting was in 2003, then no one else in history would have seen it before then. How do they know that it is orbiting our soloar system? Perhaps in came in from deep space and happened to get a tug of gravity from our solar system, but the extreme orbit shown in the picture is so huge, that it seems like Sedna would not orbit, but simply drift back out into space. At the far reaches of the proposed orbit, look how far away it is from the sun. It is a huge distance and I do not see how any gravitational pull could keep it in the orbit pictured. Has anyone else thought about this?

    9 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago