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My beliefs are a mix, some conventional, some unusual. I try to understand everyone's views, but reserve the right to disagree. A VERY helpful site for all Y!A users to better understand the rules and find assistance: A reminder for us all:;_ylt=AvOKvp3Jk3Lu5CBrkph56HLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100812133735AAC0y8e Give an animal your love and a place in this world to call home. Contact a shelter in your area.

  • How can I change the font size on Answers?

    This new format is just about impossible to read due to the tiny, tiny font size. How can I change the size format without doing the zoom, which will enlarge everything I do on my entire computer. I only need to change Yahoo pages, particularly Answers.

    I tried a search for others who may have asked this, and I tried the help pages, suggestion board, looked in settings (there are no settings??? and the font on the Help page is overly HUGE) and any place else I could think of but haven't found anything, so thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Stupid question about Texas Lottery?

    Ok, I've only ever bought two lottery tickets before and that was like 20 years ago. You scratched off some numbers or let the computer pick for you, checked the papers the next day, and either celebrated or sighed. Simple.

    Well, I bought one today. The store advertised mega and power ball. The clerk did not speak english. When I asked for a ticket, he asked me (not what kind) but for tonight or tomorrow. Figuring either mega or power ball was tonight and the other tomorrow, I just picked tomorrow. He printed out a ticket, handed it to me and told me to come back tomorrow after 10:30 and put it into the machine (pointed to a machine). It looked like a small scanner...similar to price checkers in Walmart, and was next to a table top turnstile with many tickets that said not for sale.

    Huh? At least, that's the best I could make out that he was telling me. Other folks in the store were either giving me dirty looks or trying not to let me see them laughing, but no one volunteered to unconfuse me. So, I get home and look on the lottery website hoping to find out. Turns out I bought a regular lottery ticket, which is fine. But I can't find anywhere that it says I'm supposed to put the ticket into some machine.

    Why do I have to come back tomorrow after 10:30 and scan it? Is that 10:30 am or pm? Is this what the site meant by "validating" the ticket? Should I have scanned before leaving the store to validate for tomorrows drawing?

    Sorry for the long story and for being such an idiot but, as you can see, I'm pathetically clueless and lost. Thanks for any assistance you can give in explaining how this works.

    1 AnswerGambling9 years ago
  • Need Song Recommendations to Represent 13 Colonies?

    My daughter is doing a project on the original 13 colonies. She needs music to play in the background of a movie maker presentation on the original colonization and expansion to 13. We are clueless as to what music could be used to represent those times.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    2 AnswersHomework Help9 years ago
  • Can Something that Looks Like Tarnished Silver...?

    Can something that looks like tarnished silver or silver plate actually be something else that won't clean w/silver polish? Can silver/silver plate get "stains"? Thanks to whoever answers.

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 years ago
  • How Do I Turn on the Cheat Mode for the Playstation 2 Gaming Console?

    I know that many PS2 games have cheat codes and that the Master Code for each particular game must be input first. But....HOW do I access whatever I'm supposed to do so I CAN input the MC and then the additional codes that I want for a particular game?

    I've looked online for what seems like forever, but the best I can find ARE the codes. No where can I find how to TURN ON the Cheat Mode so I can enter the playing codes.

    I have an Autistic son and he cannot play/stay alive/win many of the games without the cheats. We used to have a Action Replay Max that worked great but lost it somewhere. I just received a replacement but it doesn't work very well and is very glitchy (I don't know why as it seems to be an exact duplicate of our old one).

    I'd like to be able to input any PS2 cheats that are available for games standalone, without having to rely on the AR or Gameshark.

    Thank you game players for any insights you can give.

    2 AnswersPlayStation9 years ago
  • How Can I Get Out of a Contract with a NY Realtor?

    My sister is in contract with a realtor in Long Island, New York to sell my parent's house. This guy does nothing...doesn't call her to set up appointments to show the house, rarely answers her calls, refused to help negotiate the one deal that did come in, which we lost because he never called with the buyer's counter offer so the buyer got fed up (thinking that we weren't responding) and went and bought a different property.

    We didn't even know the buyer was still interested or that there even was another counter offer on the table! While not what we wanted, we would have taken the offer to get my Dad out. His heath is very bad and he refuses to leave the house until it's sold. We fear that his continuing to fix it up to get offers will kill's already landed him in the hospital twice.

    So, basically, this jerk lost us the only offer we've gotten in months. What I need advice on is what can we legally do to get out of this con artist's contract? We have heavy suspicions, because of his actions and the fact that he gets a special commission if he brings in his own buyer, that he's trying to force the price down further so he can bring in a flipper partner to buy it for a steal. The house is already priced lower than any other in the area.

    Do we start with filing a complaint about, what I believe is essentially HIS breach of the contract...not calling us, not showing the house, not helping negotiate, not informing us of the offer, etc? And if so, where do we file it?

    We can't afford to hire a lawyer to help us with this and folks must get out of contracts from incompetent or unscrupulous how do we? I truly appreciate any advice on legally getting out of this contract as soon as possible and apologize for the length of this Q.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • What is the CS reputation of

    We have a laptop picked out and are looking to get it through TigerDirect. We've ordered other stuff through them without problem but, then, we've never needed Customer Service before as they've been inexpensive items. However, this is a high-end laptop that could easily arrive damaged either due to warehouse, shipping, etc.

    We need to know if TigerDirect has good, reliable, helpful, and willing Customer Service. Are the reps knowledgeable about the products? Do they pay return shipping? If an item arrives damaged or not as described, will they take it back or replace it without an arm, leg and DNA sample?

    Anyone out there with a personal experience in dealing with CS, particularly a damaged or incorrect item, would be most useful and appreciated. Thank you.

    2 AnswersOther - Computers9 years ago
  • Is it possible to translate an iTunes download into an MP3 format?

    My daughter is doing a school project that is to be a computer collage with music that relates to a book they read. The project is due this Monday.

    We purchased and downloaded 3 songs from iTunes today but are unable to get them into Windows Movie Maker (I think that's what it's called) because they aren't MP3 format.

    We had no idea that iTunes wasn't MP3 and I'm clueless as to what format they are. Is there a way to convert them to MP3 so she can use them for this project? Any other suggestions on how to make this work? We appreciate any advice. Thank you.

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players9 years ago
  • Need Advice on Renal Failure Cat?

    Our 12-year old cat is in the very beginnings of renal failure. We were lucky to catch it so early. We are giving, or trying to give, subcutaneous fluids by IV, 150ml twice a week per the vet's instructions.

    We need advice on ways to get him to be still long enough to get that 150 into him. Today was the first time we nearly got it all in. We've had to change it to 100ml 3/week to get in what we can before he bolts out of our hands but, even then we've not gotten it all in.

    We've had to do this in the past with another cat years ago but she was a different personality and would allow us to do anything for however long and wouldn't budge. This guy is squirming within a few minutes. We pet him and talk to him and reward him with allowable treats when we're done but it's not helping.

    We really need the advice of folks who've been through this and what worked for them. The tech at the vet just advised to squeeze the fluids bag to speed up the process but that's not working.

    We truly appreciate any assistance you can give in ideas that may help us.

    6 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • Why Are My Two Emails Overlapping?

    With all this Pulse nonsense, I chose a few weeks ago to create a completely new and separate email to protect my privacy...I don't want to share my Answers activity as updates with my child's teacher, my neighbor, or the plumbing company I just ordered from, nor do I want to receive their updates.

    My old email is still being used for everything Answers and Yahoo and it's where I kept my Answers contacts. All NON Answers contacts have been deleted from the old one and transferred to the new. Additionally, all new non Answers contacts are added to the new addy.

    So, basically, the old addy is being used exclusively for Answers Contacts only and the new addy is being used for everyone else. Each email shows which contacts are online at any given moment by listing them on the right side of the screen.

    Now, when I pull up the ANSWERS email, I can see on the right hand side those of my contacts who are on line at the moment, right? So, here's the deal....

    ....can anyone please tell me why I'm seeing contacts from the OTHER email account?

    I've also been having the user names of both emails mixing up with each other back and forth and when I sign into one email, the other email listing pulls up and vice versa. There are other similar strangeness but you get the idea.

    Why won't the two completely separate email accounts stay separate?

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail10 years ago
  • Can Someone Tap into Your Electricity?

    We've lived in the same house with pretty much the same electrical requirements for over 15 years. Our usage has always been pretty predictable. A little more than a year and a half ago, our electrical usage (according to our bills) more than doubled.

    I'm not talking dollar amounts due to rate increases but the ACTUAL WATTAGE USAGE. This was no gradual increase month the bill lists the wattage usage as normal and the next month it doubled and has been so every month since.

    We are at a total loss as to how our wattage usage in the same house with the same demands can remain fairly constant for over 13 years and then, suddenly and without warning, double and remain so despite extensive energy saving efforts.

    To further describe our dilemma, last summer we were gone from home for 3 weeks out of a 4-week billing cycle. We expected our bill (which had been showing double for several months already) to be close to half the wattage usage if not less, as that's the usual pattern. To our shock, it was barely less than a 8th lower. How can one use, say an average of 26 watts a day while at home and still use 22 watts a day when gone from the home?

    My husband is convinced that it's impossible to tap into someone else's electricity, but I'm not.

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What are Day Stables?

    We've been looking at country properties and some of the community developments with acreage that allow horses mention Day Stables. The communities are boasting of having riding trails so we'd assumed that day stables meant a place to put your horse if you rode the trail to the picnic grounds.

    Photos of the community areas and buildings say "View of Day Stables and community buildings. Can be used for Picnics and BBQ." The buildings look like small club houses or pavilions, definitely NOT horse facilities. We’ve come across this same type of discrepancy twice so far.

    Is this just a term for these public buildings or should we be seeing actual stables? If we should be seeing stables, what is likely to be the terms of usage?


    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • What are the pros and cons of Guardianship vs Power of Attorney?

    We are in the process of applying for legal guardianship for my son who will be 18 in February. We've been told that we may be better off just getting a full POA. He has Autism, Apraxia, OCD, Epilepsy, SI, CP and smaller goodies associated with these. He should be able to hold some type of minor job, but will never be able to live outside of a medically supervised setting.

    We are very confused. If we have guardianship, will he still be eligible for SSI, medicare and other state/federal aids? If we have POA, will we be able to keep him on our family health insurance through my spouses employer? The ins now carries him as a dependent though 18 and as a student through 25 (he'll be leaving HS at 22).

    I know there is way more involved in all of this, which is why we are asking advice from folks who've already been there. We have an appt with a lawyer, but she's only talking guardianship. Our son's autism therapist feels we may be better off with POA, which the lawyer never mentioned and we didn't even know existed. We would really like to know the pros and cons before our appt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    6 AnswersPeople with Disabilities1 decade ago
  • If Someone Blocks You, Can You Still Edit Your Answer?

    I was recently asked this and I have no idea. I usually ask this kind of stuff on the Suggestion Board but I felt it was time to spend a few points.

    So, if you answer a question, and then the asker blocks you, can you edit the existing answer?

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Computer Error - Can Anybody Help?

    The computer has been working perfectly and gave absolutely no indication that there was any problem about to erupt. When we turned it on this morning, we were greeted with this message:

    STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

    The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000).

    The system has been shut down.

    What does this mean and is there anything we can do ourselves? It is out of warranty.

    We appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    8 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Computer Error - Can Anybody Help?

    The computer has been working perfectly and gave absolutely no indication that there was any problem about to erupt. When we turned it on this morning, we were greeted with this message:

    STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

    The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000).

    The system has been shut down.

    What does this mean and is there anything we can do ourselves? It is out of warranty.

    We appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • What Book Can I Get For A 10-Year-Old Boy?

    I need ideas for a birthday gift for a boy turning 10. He's very shy and quiet and not very physical. I thought a book would be best but have no idea what good books are available for boys this age. I think he already has Harry Potter. I also thought maybe some myth and legend type book or a mystery. What's out there that's good for 10-year-old boys? I really appreciate the help, his party is tomorrow and I've been going over this for days.

    13 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • Once your question has gone into Voting, can you still choose best answer yourself?

    If I forget to choose best answer and my question goes into voting, can I still be the one to choose best answer? If so, will it show up as "by asker" or "by voters". How would the votes on different answers by others effect my ability to choose best answer to my question, especially if I'm the only one to vote on the one I choose. Will it be the Best Answer, or will it go to tiebreaker? Thanks.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Is there a way to see who reported you? Just curious.?

    I just had a question removed. The violation notice only said that it did not conform with the guidelines or terms of agreement. As far as I can tell, it conformed just fine. I even went out of my way to apologize in advance for insulting anyone and explained why it had to be worded the way it was, since I understand that many here have fragile sensibilities. Well, I made an appeal and was curious if appeals were ever taken seriously or just automated. I find several folks mentioning being able to identify those who reported, spammed, or trolled them. How? I'm curious to see how many didn't even bother to fully read my question before taking a hammer to the button. This information is also good to know in future should I get trolled and whatnot. Thanks.

    7 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago