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  • What s wrong with me?

    Firstly let me tell you I m 30 years old. I have the mirena implant. Ok so I haven t pooped for three days. The last two days I had such severe stomach pains, burning pain, that I couldntvstand for longer than five minutes. The pain would radiate threw to my back. Pain was just above navel. I never eat much normally but now I m not hungry at all until later then a bowl of cereal and I m good. I do not have a gulbladder. I took zantac 150 and pain seemed to stop for most part but still no poop. Took laxatives and no poop. I don t know what s wrong with me or what to do.

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  • Wiccans please help me?

    I am reaching out to my fellow wiccans. I have three girls 9, 2, and 1. My two youngest are being bothered badly by a spirit. I need help. How can I stop this spirit? It is not every night but offten enough. At first I thought nighmares but both my babies wake and scream at same time. I head a voice over the monitor that is not my children. Please help.

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  • 4 cm dialated what to do?

    I am 39 weeks and 3 days along. Lastnight my husband rushed me to tge hospital because i was having so much pain in my crotch area that it hurt to walk. While there they told me i am having mild contractions and am 4 cm dialated but since my contractions were not close enough together they sent me home. Not this is my third child and i have never had these issues before. My two older children were both early babies this one is just causing me pain. With my othwr two ibknew i was in labor nobissue and at 4 cm they kept me and broke my water. My water has never broken. What do i do?

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  • not sure what to do to help labor to start?

    So I am in such pain. I have a hernia in my belly button area and I am 9 months pregnant. I am constipated for the most part. With my intestions poking through the hernia I need to go more than a little bit every few days. I have taken stool softners and fiber not working. I just took two fiber laxatives. By doing that can I go into labor?

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  • Can drinking extra virgin olive oil induce labor?

    I have been doing research on how to possible induce labor naturally. In my research I have found that extra virgin olive oil can be used my either drinking 1 tbs three times a day after meals or 2 tbs chased by a juice or liquid of choice. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this since it is a laxative is taken alone.

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  • what are some ways to induce labor?

    I am not giving any information to anyone therefore you cannot judge. You only need to know I am less than two weeks from due date. I am seeking possible ways to induce or start labor at home. I've been dialated for some time and I'm ready. I have not pooped in three days so if intake stool softeners it may help me go but will it start labor. I need suggestions that have worked to start labor.

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  • can stool softners induce labor or contractions?

    I am 36 weeks and I have been fighting constipation. My doctor has yet to call me back and I really need to go. I have been drinking plenty of water and eating high fiber foods. Nothing is happening. My husband bought me some stool softner. It is 100mg per pill. It says nothing about pregnancy and it says to take two to four a day to loosen stool. I am worried that if I take that much I may go into labor. Are there any pfessionals out there that can tell me if it is safe and at what point should I worry about labor if I take them?

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  • how can I help my dialation along?

    I'm 35 weeks almond and I'm 1 cm dialated. My doctors tell me she is head down and when they check my cervix they can feel that she is pushing down on it. They agree that it won't be to much longer but there is always that chance she could be stubborn. I am seeking ways to help my dialation along.

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  • pregnancy pains and no relief?

    OK before I even begin to explain what is going on I need to make some things very clear. One I am not a child I actually have an 8 year old daughter, an 19 month old daughter, and am 33 weeks 5 days pregnant. I am not seeking to induce labor now I am nearly seeking advice. If you do not read everything or want to be rude and insulting do not comment.

    I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. My baby belly has dropped dramatically over the last few days. I was dignosed with a herniated umbilical cord ( ie. A torn muscle withing my belly button that allowed bowl intestines to stick out coming close to the surface of the skin. Causing severe pain and brusing.). I work as a manager in fast food not because I choose to because I have to in order to support my family. I deal with large amounts of pelvis pains along with back and other pains. My doctors have told me on several occations to deal with it. I am dealing with it I am just running Out of nerve. Any advice? My job is stressful, strenuous, and I must stand for ten hours a day five days a week.

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  • pregnant and doctors won't listen please help?

    I am 33 weeks 4 days. I have a herniated muscle within my umbilicle cord(belly button). I have been is massive pain for months. My baby is far far is my pelvis to the point that I feel her when I walk. I am still working ten hour shifts fifty hours a week in fast food. I have told my doctor I'm in so much pain they tell me to deal with it. I've tried telling them its unbearable at times they do not care. This is my third child and my last. They avoid even checking my cervix even though both of NY girls were early. I am considering home induction remedies. Please give me advice and if your going to just be mean or critical let me tell you I'm 30 years old not a child and am just seeking advice.

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  • how do i tell him or when?

    I had my period first day november 16th and my period was due december 13th. I am always on time if not a day early. So i took a early responce tet this morning and it was positive. Here is why i am worried, we have a ten month old baby girl and an eight year old daughter. Well after i had our baby i had to be taken to survery due to my uterus colapsed. They told me i could not have any more children. They told me that if that single chance and i became pregnant the chances of carrying were low and if i did carry i could not ever experience a contraxtion. The aspect of a contraction could cause my uterus to colaps possible killing the baby or botg of us so a c-section is a must.

    How do i tell him that im pregnant even though they told me it cant happen? Should i wait till after i see a doctor to see if the baby is ok? What should i do? I need advice and i can not talk to family.

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  • Can my employer dismiss me after I give him my two weeks notice?

    I currently and working in fast food as an assistant manager. I am supposed to start my new job as an assistant general manager on may 9th. Well if I was to give my current employer a two weeks notice can he dismiss me from my job even if I do not want to go yet? I work in PA. Which is a work at will state. I am wondering if I should even bother giving my notice or not. I have done some research and have found that unless I am under contract I am not required to provide a notice. So if I do give my notice can he just let me go?

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  • Is it possible that I may be pregnant?

    First off let me start with I will not tolerate people judging me or bitching at me. I am mearly seeking advice and opinions not straight forward answers.

    I am 28 years old I have a seven year old daughter and a three month old daughter. Well here is my issue both of my girls were conceived while using birth control, properly. Well I gave birth 1/22/13 I hemeraged about four hours after delivering and was rushed to the OR. I left the hospital a day later but before I left I was given the depo shot. Well unfortunately I am not one to listen so my husband, who is a nimpho, and I have sex less than a month later. Last month the doctor switched me to the pill because I was supposed to get my tubes tied but I lost my health insurance. Well I didn't want my period so I intentionally skipped the last week of pills and went right into the next pack. Therefore I didn't get a period.

    Now for the good stuff......

    For a few weeks now I have been getting queezy at the same times every day. My appitie has gone down again, I'm constipated (mind you I have no gullbladder), my nose is running away all the time, sometimes I smell food and want to vomit. Two days ago I had random spotting that was darker than normal spotting and it only came for three days but was defffuently not a period. It was random spotting that through three days occurred once or twice each day. Mostly only one time I would notice it after urinating.

    Now something you should know....

    My husband and I have more sex than most couples. We go about two to three times a day depending on the day. I do not know if this would edfect the birth control or not.

    Like I said before I do not have insurance so going to my doctor right now is out. I am seeking advice and opinions. To please why do you think? Could I very we'll be pregnant again??

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  • Is it possible to get pregnant with the shot?

    I gave birth to my daughter on 1/22/13. Before I left the hospital they gave me the birth control depo shot. Well I did not wait the full time to have sex I only waited like two weeks. Well for the past two weeks now I have been having pregnancy symptoms. I am now taking the pill for a little over a week. Is it possible that the depo failed me and I could be prego? I am not exactly sure when my next period is due once the depo cause a prolonged period and spotting. I am sure that its in the next two weeks. I hope at least. I plan on getting a test tomorrow but I need opinions. Is it possible that the depo didn't work and I could be pregnant? Both of my girls I got pregnant with while on birth control but different kinds. Plz help I'm scares out of my mind

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  • Help I've had my period for nine days?!?

    I have birth to my daughter 1/22/13 and my uterus dropped so I ha to have surgery. Well the day I left the hospital the doctor gave me the depo shot. They told me that I could never get pregnant again or it could kill me. Well anyways I ended the after birth bleeding a little after she turn one month. I started my period on 3/6/13 and am still bleeding. Is this normal or what? I have a doc appt today but still want advice. Should I worry or not?

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  • Why do I have pain durin sex?

    I had my daughter on 1/22/13 and a few hour I had her I hemeraged causing Prolapsed Uterus syndrome. They were able to repair my uterus. Now that I have stopped bleeding my husband and I do have sex but it seems that every time we do it becomes painful. The pain seems worse in the doggy position as well as the missionary with my legs up on his shoulders. The pain is sharp and hurts like hell. Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can stop it from hurting?

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  • Why do I have pain during sex?

    I had my daughter on 1/22/13 and a few hour I had her I hemeraged causing Prolapsed Uterus syndrome. They were able to repair my uterus. Now that I have stopped bleeding my husband and I do have sex but it seems that every time we do it becomes painful. The pain seems worse in the doggy position as well as the missionary with my legs up on his shoulders. The pain is sharp and hurts like hell. Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can stop it from hurting?

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  • 34 weeks and in so much pain, how can I kick start labor?

    I am 34 weeks and I am in so much pain. A few days ago I had BH so intense that my husband took me to the hospital. They said my cervix isn't showing signs of labor and the computer didn't register contractions. Well I work 10 hours a day as a manager at a Burger King. You would think I sit all day right, well I don't! I have to be moving around and on my feet for at least 9 hours a day. I have a hard time walking without any pain. It hurts in my lower abdomin and the more I'm standing the worse it gets. I know it is probobly muscle and joint pains but I can't take it no more. I am looking to kick start my labor. Now bridge you go judging me you should know that my seven year old daughter was a month early. I was a serogant mother to four children. So my body is used lol! Unfortunately the last child I gave birth to was very large. Please help me kick start labor!!!!

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  • How can I enduce labor at home?

    I am not looking for judgment I am strictly looking for ways to enduce labor at home. I am 33 weeks and have been having so much pelvic pressure that I nearly cry. My doctor says there is nothing wrong and the baby is fully developed. I have been researching online different ways to enduce labor at home naturally and I was wondering what has worked for you. This is my sixth delivery but my second child. I was a serogant mother for four children. I have a tendency to give birth early as it is and I just want to know my options. Again do not judge me or lecture me. Thank you

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