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  • My friend beats his pit bull?

    One of my friends just got a pit pull puppy. I am not sure exactly what breed it is, but I think it might be an American Pit Bull Terrior and it is about 3 months old. My friend is a really nice guy but he has no patience. The dog peed on his bed because I think it was excited or nervous about me being there and he still isn't totally potty trained yet. My friend flipped out, like totally flipped on the dog right in front of me. I don't want to go into much detail, but it was bad and I was honestly speechless or I would've stopped it. He said the person he got it from told him that its okay to beat him when he is bad and to show him who is boss, which I think it total BS. You have to give respect to earn it. My friend even said he didn't really want the dog anymore and should've never gotten it. He apologized to me and the dog and I told him that I don't really think he is going about training the dog the right way. Anyway, I can't stop thinking about what happened and I really want to adopt this dog from my friend if he is willing to since I have been thinking about getting a puppy for a long time. I am not very educated on pit bulls though, and I am afraid that he might lash out at me and has already learned bad behavior from my friend. Do you think its too late? Can you train pit bulls to not be aggressive even if you don't know their genetic background?

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  • Do I have dry socket?

    I got my all four wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and I barely had any pain the past few days. I have been rinsing my mouth with salt water like they say to do, but because I have no pain I decided to drink from a straw yesterday. I could feel the stitches this morning, but when I ate something a few minutes ago I checked for them again and they weren't there. I know that they disolve, but I am afraid I might have swallowed them or they came out or something because I have pretty big holes in the back of my mouth that aren't bleeding or anything. I know that that would be normal if it was a few weeks after, but it's only been 4 days since I got them out. Is it possible to have dry socket even though I am not experiencing any pain?

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  • My friends made me pay for my birthday dinner?

    Yesterday was my 16th birthday and two of my good friends, who I met through a common interest that we both have so they are both significantly older than me, invited me to go out for my birthday. I chose the restaurant and it wasn't an expensive one. One of my friends and I even shared something, so it just made things even more complicated when she asked the waitress to split the price of that dish. It is just really irritating to me that I am only 16, they are both in their 20s and married with their own house, yet they couldn't even offer to pay for my very inexpensive dinner that they invited me out to. They didn't even get me a card. I am not trying to sound materialistic or anything because their presence was greatly appreciated, but I was just wondering if my upset feelings are okay to feel.

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  • How to delete Adobe programs off of one computer but still keep them for later use?

    So, I don't know if this is even possible, but I got a refurbished macbook pro on Ebay a few months ago and it is in wonderful condition, except runs slow at times and occasionally freezes. I have come to the conclusion that it does this because the seller was really nice and loaded it with literally every Adobe software, Final Cut Pro, and a few other expensive programs. It would be great if I knew how to use them, but I don't want to delete them off of my computer forever. I am not very smart when it comes to technology, but I was wondering if there was a way to save the programs on a CD or flashdrive or something as long as I can get them off of my computer but still have it them I need to use them again.

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  • How can I let go of my best friend?

    I have been best friends with this girl since 1st grade.10 years later we are 16 and I've noticed some major differences in our personalities and views on life that and lately I always tend to leave her house or wherever we were together angry or disgusted at her behavior, especially towards her parents. She is extremely shallow and thinks she is entitled to everything. She throws a fit whenever she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it. She is extremely rude to her parents who do everything for her and she doesn't have a job- but still believes she deserves everything she asks for and if she doesn't get what she wants she says "its not fair". This weekend i went to the lake with her and all she talked about was how many instagram likes she was getting and blah blah blah. Haha anyway I am just so upset with her attitude and I have talked to her about it many times and she tells me that I am mean, even when she asks for my honest opinion about things. I am trying to get over my own personal problems and she is starting to make things worse. I don't know how to distance myself from her since we have been friends for so long and are used to hanging out almost every day. I don't want to hurt her feelings but I am miserable.

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  • How to turn a font into a picture?

    I am not really sure how to explain this but I downloaded a special font from and saved it into word and I can use it on word but nowhere else (unless I put it on a picture or something and save it) But I want to somehow turn JUST the font into a picture or icon kind of thing if that makes since?

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  • How should paying on the first date go?

    If your a girl and you were asked on the date, should you even offer to pay? Or do you just not say anything and expect the guy to?

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  • How to make friends in highschool?

    So I started high school on Friday and I know it takes time to make friends, but all the people there are friends with each other even the new kids because they did sports. It's really hard to go up to a big group of people and try to talk to them. Im more of the musical type anyway, and even though I had choir, it just doesn't seem easy.

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  • How to make new friends in high school?

    I know this is such an over asked question but Im really scared about making friends in higshcool. Basically I went to a private school my whole life so all my friends are going to different schools, but I'm going to a private high school and most of the other private schools where I live are going there so they probably already have cliches and stuff. I'm pretty shy and I can't see myself going up to someone and being like "Hi, I' m Emma!" so is there any other way to make friends? I know you should join clubs and stuff but I'm afraid I'll just be the shy girl sitting there not talking. :( Help! And my school has uniforms so I can't just be like I like your outfit lol.

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  • What are some good pop/country singers?

    So I love Taylor Swift and her songs, and I want a good artist like her. They don't have to be famous or anything. Or just songs like taylor swift style, like songs that are easy to relate to lol if that makes sense. If you know any like her. I don't really want super country stuff. Thank youu :)

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  • How to ask your mom to go to a guys house?

    So this guy and I have been talking for like 2 months, but I've known him for a long time. My mom doesn't like him because he sent me this text asking me if I did shrooms and she saw it, not realizing or believing he jokes like that. I don't really like him like that and he only admitted he did yesterday because he said he couldn't date me. But anyway that's not important, I just need to ask my mom to let me. His parents are gonna be home, and the reason I'm going is because we both do music and are writing a song together but she is super protective and ughh. How do I ask? Thanks :)

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  • I'm going to a new high school and know Absolutely no one?

    What should I to to make friends, but not introduce my self being like "Hi, I'm ___" I know you should get involved in clubs and groups but how do you confront the person. What should I do at lunch when I know no one?

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  • Best friend chose boyfriend over me?

    So me and my best friend are really close we get in fights a lot but I've never been as mad as this one. She met this guy at my school less then a month ago and they started going out. I was always really nice I her boyfriend t school he would always talk about her nonstop so I tried to give him advice about her. Lately I've been feeling like I've been blown off for her boyfriend. And to add to all of this I got in a fight with him te other day for ignoring me and it got bad. Today I told her i was tired off it and like I was being blown off for him and she said that wasn't her problem (even though she said that if any of her boyfriends were mean to me she would always stand up and be there for me) she said I was making her choose and I didn't even say that. Then she started replying with cool and ive never been so hurt by her. Idk what to do and I never thought she would choose her boyfriend of a monh over her best friend of years.

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  • My best friend is choosing her boyfriend over me?

    My best friend just got a boyfriend two weeks ago and ever since we've been fighting a lot because she seems like she doesn't care. Last night she was ignoring my texts and then she's like sorry I was talking to my boyfriend. I've been telling her about how I feel and she's like I don't see I'm doing anything wrong what more do you want. It really hurts because now her texts are one words and she just acts so careless. She said I'm still her best friend but if their relationship doesn't work I'm sure it'll happen with the next guy too and idk what to tell her. Help!

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  • My parents won't leave me alone and controls my life?

    So I probably sound like the typical teenager, but I really need help. I am 14. My mom is the worst for this, she grounds me for every single thing I do wrong. I get basically all A's with the occasional B and on my last report card I got a B- and she freaked out at me. She's like that's not acceptable. Anyway, she has the stupidest rules. I JUST got a new phone on Friday and on Saturday she comes into my room at 9 o'clock and says shes taking my phone for the night. I didn't do anything that's just her new rule or something. Even my dad disagreed with it and she yelled at him. I don't understand. Every five minutes she yells what are you doing and if Im not studying or playing guitar she screams at how im so unproductive. Half the time I'm treated like a little kid the other half its like im old enough to pay the bills. I have to clean my whole house, literally. I have barely any time for myself. I have to pay for clothes, my phone, etc and I don't even have a job yet. Apparently I'm on the computer too much so she says I can only be on for 30 minutes a day. Im so tired of our fighting I just want to sit in my room with my phone and computer in peace without my room being barged into for not doing something perfectly. My mom slaps me if shes close enough to. I have NEVER done anything bad like snuck out or lied about something, did drugs etc. A couple months ago I had this fight with my friend and she went onto my facebook and read my messages. Then she changed my password so now the only way I can get on is with her entering it and she being right next to me. How is that teaching me how Im gonna live life when I move out. She has her eye on me every minute. I don't see how I cant be trusted. How am I supposed to be respectful if my parents don't even respect me? How do I get them to lay off?

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  • Four teeth pulled and can't chew at all?

    On Tuesday I got all of my "second molars" pulled and I ate milkshakes she first day and all that, but now its just irritating. I got them pulled for braces, and the reason I need braces is because I have an open bite so my front teeth don't touch when I bite down so its hard to even chew using my front teeth. Im really tired of eating only soft foods, but when everything "heals" I don't think ill even be able to fully chew until my braces move my teeth enough. Ugh, what do I do? And what are some soft foods besides milkshakes and applesauce etc? :/

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