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  • Professional Wrestling: Do you miss me Dave Hytmen?

    It's been a long time, I know you do. I think I might be back to fill that void John Cena's absence has left in your heart.

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  • WrestleMania 32: Your Official Rating?

    My overall rating for WM was 2 Stars.

    Match of the Night: Shane McMahon v. Undertaker

    Move of the Night: Shane McMahon Elbow Drop

    Performance of the Night: Sasha Banks

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  • Professional Wrestling: Why do you think Dave Hytmen blocked me?

    Could it be because I told him John Cena no can wrestle?

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  • Professional Wrestling: What Makes John Cena such a bad wrestler?

    Because it's awful? Predictable? Awfully predictable?

    I could literally not watch a John Cena match and commentate the outcome. If that is not an issue to begin with, I don't know what is.

    Your right, the signatures into finishers are a staple in WWE style wrestling. What isn't is getting beat down the whole match, every match, and not showing any type of diversity in offense. The only moves John Cena has branched out into about once a year he has botched, mostly because they are acrobatic moves and he is 260 of pure unathleticism. He has botched the STF every day for the years he has been doing it. In fact the only thing he doesn't botch are the five knuckle shuffle, shoulder tackle, spin-out powerbomb, and the AA. You'd have to have down syndrome to botch any of those moves other then maybe the spin-out.

    So not only is his moveset, in-ring psych, and technique awful....He is the worst seller in the business, and that my friend is a ******* fact. Actually Khali is worse but he has downs so that doesn't count.

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  • Martial Arts on US Navy Aircraft Carriers?

    I wanted to know from some people with either first hand or third hand experience on a few Carriers whether or not they had any Martial Arts things going on and whether or not they were like tournaments or something like that or actual lessons as well. I've seen some videos where they have like basketball courts in the hangar, so it seems possible, was just wondering if anybody knew anything about this and possibly what martial arts were there just to get a good idea.

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  • How about Eva Marie?

    Don't get me wrong, I always thought she was hot and had the look. All of a sudden though she can put some moves down. For those of you who don't know shes been personally training with The Kendrick and it shows with vast improvement. Her rope running went from worse then AJ Lee's to actually pretty solid. To hopefully the next Trish Stratus.

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  • Who would pay to see TheSuicides v. Dave "I often ask Rhetorical Questions" Hytmen in a pro Wrestling Match?

    I would pay. I'd make sure to work extra stiff too for you sweet Hytment.

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  • UFC best division rankings?

    I think it's pretty unquestionable.

    1. Lightweight

    2. Welterweight (Maybe Featherweight)

    3. Featherweight

    4. Middleweight

    5. Flyweight

    6. Light Heavyweight

    7. Bantamweight

    8. Heavyweight

    The divisions at the bottom three have pretty much no young talent with Bantamweight getting pillaged by Flyweight cuts. Flyweight just doesn't have the talent at the top and Middleweight the depth to really keep up with the other divisions that are just stacked.

    3 AnswersMartial Arts6 years ago
  • What did you think of Jericho's Podcast?

    I was fairly disappointed. Jericho was awful at questioning, either for his desire to have a second podcast or he is just that oblivious to what people want to know.

    Just as oblivious and out of touch, although we kind of already knew this, is John Cena. Thankfully, he managed to provide more excuses as to why he can be a face for another 500 years and managed to fit in the ole' "not everybody is going to like you" again, even though half the audience doesn't like you John Cena and that IS a problem when that is your job. In addition to his clueless ramblings to try and justify his role in the WWE over the past decade, I thought it was hilarious he had no idea how to please the fans and thinks it impossible. Oh how a trip to the IWC message boards could prove you wrong John.

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  • Should WWE switch to a Division format, even an unofficial brand split?

    I was thinking about ways to make the US titles/INC titles more relevant, and other then the obvious required changes, I think a division split would be good for the singles scene. Not Weight classes since that just doesn't work in professional wrestling. Have wrestlers be put in the US and the INC title divisions to finally give everyone some meaning. Then have the hottest however many, lets say 10 i.e. at the top of the ladder in the world rankings competing for that title.

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  • How many character unlocks? (Mass Effect 3)?

    I was wondering how many cards you must get to fully unlock all the customization options for a character in mass effect 3 multiplayer including the initial character unlock.

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  • How many character unlocks? (Mass Effect 3)?

    I was wondering how many cards you must get to fully unlock all the customization options for a character in mass effect 3 multiplayer including the initial character unlock.

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  • Best Monday Night Raw of PG Era?

    In lease your living under a rock you would know the dramatic differences in WWE programming of late. So much that you could argue that this MNR was the best of a brand new Era in the WWE. With a new man running the business, the return of the best commentator in WWE history, one of the brightest young superstars in the WWE today, and the best in the business at this very moment, CM Punk. The best part is the was just the beginning. Zack Ryder winning his first match on Raw in..I think ever? More importantly he was on there more than five seconds! Not only that but you got more profanity then probably ever in the PG Era, booty shaking, and Keith Stone! I think the promotion of beer seals the deal for this MNR since Attitude era, and best MNR of a new era.

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  • The Rock vs. The Miz vs. John Cena?

    Who do you think think has won the war of words so far?

    The Rock = 2 Great Promos

    John Cena = A Below average promo, and one of the worst promos in history.

    The Miz = Just copies The Rock's promos

    My answer is undoubtedly, unquestionably, postiveley, absolutely The Rock!

    So Miz and Cena gets ready for the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, I got a gift for you from Santa, an ***-whooping at WrestleMania right there in Atlanta! The Rock!

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  • What do you think of this new concept for WM to replace MITB? + BQ?

    A match where 10-20 tables are set out to 8 wrestlers. Inside 1/10 or 1/20 of the tables is a WWE Championship Contract. So it's basically a guessing game to guess which table has the contract and put the opponents through the table...the person that is sucessful in putting the challenger through the table gets the contract. This is a creative unique concept that WWE could start another Mania tradition to replace the MITB match.

    BQ: What other concept would you choose or create to start to replace the MITB match at Mania.

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  • Is Zack Ryder The Next IWC Star?

    The IWC has been on a blaze of praise for Zack Ryder after CM Punk's twitter comments about Ryder's Youtube videos and potential, sparking a sight for Ryder's true potential and skills. I've seen a lot of people praising Ryder here in particular since then, and I myself have agreed for a long time that Ryder at least deserves a mid-card push. When I compare Ryder to someone such as the Miz though who is currently the Champ, I see Ryder just as good or better in every category especially wrestling. I'm also suprised WWE hasn't taken advantage of the whole Jersey/Long Island...etc phenomenon like TNA kind of has lately. Pushing Ryder can be a very big success for WWE in that regard as well, but he's also a very unique wrestler. Something that always get's praise from me.

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  • What Tag-teams would you make/use to form a Tag-Team Division?

    It's a fact that WWE's tag-team is unimaginably lousy, in fact I have no idea why they still have the Tag-Team championship. WWE uses tons of time re-airing stuff and booking matches/promos with no meaning. With good tag-teams in a division they can take a nice chunk out of that poor characteristic of WWE programming.

    My Tag-Teams:

    The Fortunate Sons (Ted DiBiase Jr. & Brett DiBiase w/ Ted DiBiase as Manager)

    -Ted DiBiase Jr. seems to get more irrelevant by the day since Legacy's disbanded and I see it only getting worse. Ted DiBiase Jr. needs more relevance, and WWE needs tag-teams. So why should WWE let another superstar go to jabroniville, when they can use it as time on WWE Programming, something they clearly lack and which they can replace with the re-airing of promos that they do to fill their slot that always loses viewers. Brett DiBiase as shown much promise in FCW and looks to be ready to jump to the WWE together with Ted they can form a great heel tag-team along with their father to help get them over as a staple to their success as a tag-team.

    The Jailbreakers (Trent Barreta & Johnny Prime (Lucky Cannon))

    -Trent Barreta has showed he was great talent with his matches with McIntyre which look like it could be one of WWE's half-**** pushes and proved correct. Trent Barreta seems to be jobbing again, so why not make him relevant again, this time permanently as a great tag-team with FCW star Lucky Cannon. He isn't doing anything relevant either and both together can form a good tag-team as the Jailbreakers. A 50's styled prison rulebreakers tag-team. Both wrestlers are better as heels especially Cannon (with a switch to his old name Johnny Prime) and both would fit that theme very well together, creating a second strong tag-team to rebuild the division.

    The Hart Dynasty (D.H. Smith & Teddy Hart)

    -The Hart Dynasty were one of the few tag-teams that WWE has been able to make succesful in the PG Era and joins the list with the Edgeheads and Crymetyme as tag-teams that WWE has had that were half-way decent and dismantled them to release them and turn them into jobbers. D.H. Smith may face release after Mania season in the regular spring cleaning that takes place in the WWE and the only thing that may protect him is his name, but it won't make a difference if D.H. continues a path down jabroniville which he deserves if he stays a single wrestler. A solution, bring in a "real" Hart to team with him, Teddy Hart. Teddy is a great talent and can make up for D.H. Smith's dull personality with his high flying moves and charisma on the mic. A possiblity for Bret's son Blade Hart to team with D.H. Smith is also there. Either way the Hart Dynasty can be another succesful tag-teams and spark a very nice feud with the next following tag-team.

    The Outcasts (Tyson Kidd & Rick Victor)

    -Tyson Kidd seems to be another member of The Hart Dynasty entering jabroniville, but wait, why have him enter jabroniville when he can form another tag-team in the WWE with fellow a wrestler who have much in common with each other and can feud with The Harts. That person that Kidd can team up with is Rick Victor, a star currently in FCW and was also trained in the Hart Family Dungeon before it closed. Together they can form an incredible tag-team called "The Outcasts" as they were outcasted out of the Hart Dynasty and can start arguebaly the best tag-team feud of all time.

    I think they should also keep Gabriel & Slater after The Corre, and finally bring up Los Aviadores. That gives WWE six solid tag-teams, a great start for rebuilding their invisible tag-team division. WWE doesn't even really have to bring in anybody that they don't already have, and nobody who isn't currently irrelevant to their programming. So they should make them relevant, and WWE needs to know that Main-Eventing isn't the only relevance as well.

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  • Who Agrees This Raw Sucks?

    I'm not talking because all you retards didn't get Sting tonight, because you thought he was coming, because of the poor script of it. First Cena responds to The Rock, showing The Rock's is superior, burying Cena again. Next they job morrison who just had of the most impressive performances in the WWE ever, and just completely overshadows it and acts like it never happened. Next they a decent promo by Miz who copies The Rock's phrases and decent diva match. Then they have The Undertaker, Triple H stare down. Seriously? A cow having sex with a pig makes more sense then this match. You have two of icons who one got put out for 10 months, and the other for four months come back and face each other, completely ignoring their feuds with Sheamus and Wade Barrett who put them out. Next you have Sheamus getting beat by Mark Henry, and then sets a promo to where he will be set to feud with Daniel Bryan on his ride to mid-card hell...somewhere he never visited on his quick jump to the main-event scene. WWE...your such a ******* screw up...I really wish there was a better wrestling program then this.

    11 AnswersWrestling10 years ago