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  • Name This Hippy Family?

    Surname: Eden, Grey, Nightingale, Denali, or Holland

    Father: Shepherd, River, Asher/Ash, Judah, Beck

    Mother: Daisy, Freja, Lilo, Esme, Saffron

    Son: Jonas, Sebastian, August, Bear, Dakota

    Son: Wolfe, Kai, Bishop, Jovian, Mykelti

    Daughter: Evie, Delilah, Farrah, Noella, Cova

    Son: Atlas, Finch, Jasper, Nakoa, Gabriel

    Daughter: Sparrow, Eulalie, Posy, Rinoa, Gemma

    Daughter: Cleo, Naomi, Rosemary, Gwendolyn, Maia

    Daughter: Willow, Scarlett, Indigo, Calla, Arrietty

    Son (triplet): Julian, Phoenix, Sage, Orion, Leo

    Daughter (triplet): Echo, Wren, Desiree, Arabella, Cecily

    Daughter (triplet): Brynn, Juniper, Lena, Sasha, Thisbe, Ever

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  • Name This Family?

    Surname: must be a noun


    FN: must end with an A (or an A sound)

    MN: must be biblical


    FN: must start with an N

    MN: must be a color

    They have 5 children (you can pick the gender)!

    Child 1

    FN: must be a the name of a disney character

    MN: must be plant inspired

    Child 2

    FN: must be 6 letters long

    MN: something common and classic

    Child 3

    FN: must end with an E

    MN: must be an animal

    Child 4

    FN: must be an irish name

    MN: must have a B in it

    Child 5

    FN: must be a name that's usually a nickname

    MN: must be a hawaiian name

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    I can't remember the name of a female video gamer character and it's driving me absolutely insane!!! I can't remover what game she's from (maybe world of warcraft or final fantasy but idk) and it sounds simailr to Rowena!!! I'll know it when I see it and best answer goes to the person who finds it first!!! I tried searching a bunch of different things to find it but I can't so I need your help!!! This is driving me insane!!!

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  • Help with girl names?

    For twin girls which name pairs do you prefer?

    Naomi Elizabeth & Cleo Anastasia


    Naomi Anastasia & Cleo Elizabeth


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  • How would you complete this sibset?

    Jonah Gabriel, Winnie Elizabeth, Delilah Rosemary, August Jacob, ???

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  • Opinions on these girl names?

    Brynn Anastasia

    Cosette Rosemary

    Daisy Juniper

    Dakota Scarlett

    Esme Noelle

    Harlow Arabella

    Sasha Eleanor

    Winifred Delilah "Winnie"

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  • Opinions on these boys names?

    Jonah Gabriel

    Micah Bishop

    Nikolai August

    Noah Jacob

    Wren Malachi

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  • This or That?

    (these are all girl names)

    Anastasia or Arabella

    Brenna or Brynn

    Cosette or Cova

    Daisy or Dakota

    Elsie or Esme

    Fiona or Freya

    Genevieve or Gwendolyn

    Hannah or Harlow

    Imogen or Indie

    Juliet or Juniper

    Katerina or Kaya

    Lana or Lena

    Maia or Mia

    Nicolette or Noelle

    Odessa or Orion

    Poppy or Posy

    Quilla or Quinntessa

    Reagan or Rosalie

    Scarlett or Sonnet

    Talia or Thea

    Uranah or Urilla

    Vera or Vivian

    Winnie or Willow

    Xandra or Xara

    Yana or Yvette

    Zaidie or Zoe

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