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  • 10 points for simple Probability normal distribution question!?

    Bottles at a boteling company are supposed to contain 375ml of soda. But the contents vary according to a normal distribution, with mean=373ml and standard deviation=3ml.

    i)What is the probability that an indevidual bottle contains less than 375ml of soda?

    ii) whats the probability that the mean contents of the bottles in a six pack is less than 375ml?

    iii)What is the probability that the total volume of two bottles selected at random will be greater than 750ml?

    okey, so i got the first answer, using statistical tables (normal distribution), im just not sure what approach i should take for more than one bottle etc.

    Just got no idea on how to answer ii) and iii) any help would be greatly appriciated ;)

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  • Dear Maths genius 10 points for easy fourier series question?

    hi ppl, ive been studyin abit of fourier transforms,

    I understand, most of it... the basic, find the fourier series of the function et...


    im stuch at a point, where it is is stated,

    "we deduce (-2/n cos (n*pi) = (-s/n)(-1)^(n+1)) "

    im guessing its maclaurin series or something... can anyone give me 1) the back ground to what we are doing, making this deduction...

    2) and how can we do this for other trig functions, like sin(n*x), tan (n*x) etc...

    *i went over maclaurin series, and it seems differnt

    PS. Really urgent, i know theres a few smart ppl out there, 10 points for the first good answer... thnx

    (look at the link, you will find the working of the proble)

    Thanx a bunch ;)

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  • Freindly people in Vietnam?

    Ill be going to beautiful Vietnam for 5days on the 17th Dec,

    one of my freinds told me that its one of the most amazing countries they have ever been to. Aparently theres alot of wondeful food, the scenerary is spectacular, and the nightlife is second to none.

    Anyone interested to show some of the great places?

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  • "Ali the movie (2001)" music?

    Hey ppl, just wanted whether anybody knows the name of the song that was played, when Ali (will smith) was jogging in Africa... (really nice african song).

    I remeber pictures of army tanks, and a painting of Mohd Ali, when he was running.

    Thanx ;)

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