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  • What temperature should you keep Indian dwarf puffer fish at?

    I'm buying things for my 5 gallon tank. I just want one or 2, and they are suitable for small aquariums. I had some guppies but they were attacked by my Betta and died. He has since been re-housed. I need to know what kind of heater to buy and what temperature to keep the puffer at. I'll be feeding him frozen bloodworms, and have plenty of plants and decor and a nice sponge filter.

    2 AnswersFish9 years ago
  • Can I keep shrimp in my 2.5 gallon tank?

    I have a 2.5 gallon tank with four feeder guppies at the moment. They are 3 females and 1 male. I was told by my LFS that 4 guppies would work well in my tank because they need .5 gallons per fish. I have several hiding spots and plastic plants in the tank. I also have four water wisteria plants growing in the tank as well. I do 1/3rd water changes every 5 days and add bacterial supplements which have always worked for my tanks. I'd like to add a few ghost shrimp (mabey 1 or 2) or cherry shrimp or an apple snail to eat the fallen food which my guppies will not touch. What would be the best and in what quantity? I also dont want something that will breed. The feeder guppies get fed to a turtle so them breeding is not a problem.

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  • BS in chemistry problems finding a good paying job?

    I'm going to be graduating soon with my BS in chemistry with an emphasis in biochem. I keep hearing people in the field tell me to get a PhD or an MS, and that it is hard to find a job without graduate work. I'm an honors student, GPA of 3.5+, and have 3 other AA's in Physics, Chemistry and Liberal Arts, but I am sick of school. Is anyone still hiring people with BS's? Or is it extremely difficult to find an actual job?

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  • What to get for gift for teachers? I've just won a scholarship and they wrote me letters of rec.?

    I'm in college and transferring. Two of my teachers wrote me several recommendations for colleges, internships and scholarships. I've won several scholarships and received several internship offers. How can I thank them for all that they've done, including the 5+ recommendations they wrote for me.

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  • What solvent should I use to recrystallize triphenylmethanol?

    I am trying to recrystallize triphenylmethanol.

    My impurities are diethyl ether, bromobenzene methyl benzoate, sulfuric acid, and Magnesium. The triphenylmethanol was prepared from a grignard reaction from bromobenzene with magnesium. Then the phenylmagnesium bromide reacts with methyl benzoate to form triphenylmethanol, which should be a white powder. I tried recrystallizing in boiling cyclohexane, but there are still yellow impurities. Does anyone have any ideas of a mixed solvent for recrystallization that might work?

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  • HgSO4 + H2SO4 (aq) yields?

    What is the general reaction for an organic molecule (specifically CH3CCCH3 with a triple bond on the 2nd and 3rd carbon)?

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