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Since last November I have been fighting Liver Cancer. Now last week I found out that the Cancer has now moved to my lungs. Two large tumors and the chemobolism di not work that well when I had it June 13th. It is a surgical procedure. On Mon. August 29th I go see a oncologist.

  • Caretakers in California?

    Last November I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I am 53 years old. And this was not due to drinking. The cause is hep-c which I recieved from a blood transfusion in Feb of 1974. Hep C was not discovered until the late 80's. My prognosis is 2 years to live, give or take a few months.

    I know the time will come when I am going to need help with daily or weekly needs. I am curious in regards to caretakers. I have found guidelines online about caretakers that assist the elderly. See I am only 53. I am not elderly. I suppose what I am asking is - How do I gather information? Do I go the the County Department of Human Services? I reside in Sacramento, California.

    I do not need assistance yet, and I will only ask for it when I know the timing is right for me. I am looking for online links , or suggestions where to start, and/or whom to contact.

    Also even though have one of the worse forms of cancer (no cure at all), I accept my future. When I mentioned the hep-c? When I was a kid I had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia or A.L.L for short. Well St. Judes had just 3 or 4 months prior came up with the first combo that created a cure. Thats why I stay in a positive mood. I survived with never going out of remission for 37 years almost now. If St. Judes had not found this treatment plan, I was told I would only have 6-12 months to live.

    See I figure I got 37 extra years.

    Thanks to all for any help at all!!

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  • What is the number comparison between people killed on roadways by a drunk driver vs. a stoned driver?

    I have never in my life seen, read, heard about anyone driving stoned and crashing into another vehicle killing all inside that vehicle. If you have seen or heard anything like that? Do not just say it. Post a link to back up your answer.

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  • How many days in a row are Banks allowed to stay closed? And why?

    Obviously I know the answer. The first person thatt can answer both parts correctly will get the 10 point. Good Luck!

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  • There is probably going to be an upset in the quarterfinals. Question is: Which match?

    My upset prediction is 1-1, overtime, then penalty kicks leading Paraguay to an upset over Spain.

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  • In the upcoming quarterfinal games which game has the best match-up?

    Argentina vs. Germany is to this point the best match to happen. I just wish I did not have to wait until Saturday to watch it. I predict a 3-2 score for the winner. Either team can win the match, and going into the game it is a 50-50 split in regards to a favorite in my opinion.

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  • Has anyone actually read all 13 pages of the Arizona Immigration Law?

    This is a direct link to the PDF file. Read it and you will see that the law is NOT what liberals are trying to tell all of us.

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  • What is your solution to the Gulf oil spill?

    Mine is to bomb the hell out of it with 1000 pound bombs. With that much firepower they could simply bury it like they wanted to do with the TopFill. It is a mile down so I do not know if a nuke would be safe other wise they could use one of those.

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  • Now what happens with Lebron?

    Will he get that ring he wants ever? I have never been a huge Lebron fan. He is no Kobe and is no where anything like Jordan. So in this off-season where should he go if he wants that ring? History will judge him by the rings and nothing else.

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