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D.H. (a mother of 2)

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I am a mum that has a "mood disorder" and has a special needs child, who is an awesome boy (age 4). And a developmentally delayed awesome daughter (age 2). And a third one on the way...woo hoo. I couldn't abort anyone, I grew attached when I heard their heartbeats.

  • How do I get through to my husband?

    I am at my wits end! I don't know how to get it to sink into my husband's head. That his family needs him to be as active at home as he is at work. He just started this job in April of 2013. He is proud of himself and rightly so. He worked his tail off. Promised he'd spend more time with us when work slowed down in October. I figured ok he would (during October it just got worse). He missed our wedding anniversary. He just has missed so much. I tried getting counseling set up. He was okay with going (oops something came up got to work I will make it up I promise). He's bragging he can pick and choose his hours. And I'm just exasperated beyond belief. I feel like I am raising our kids by myself. I may not be the best parent. But I'm as involved as I can be with my daughter's school. Parenting classes and committees and taking care of kids myself. I have told him he works too much. He hears me, but I'm not sure it has sunk in. I don't want to deprive my kids of their daddy.

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  • I got a new car with ALL my own money.?

    Now the guy that wrecked my other car is he still liable for the value to the other car? Because the car I got now he didn't give any money towards it or anything else. I assumed cause my husband told me it was a family car I had some say in it, as well as the insurance was in his name and mine. When he asked me I told him no,he's not aloud to use it (the old car that is). And he went over my head and asked my husband.Giving him a different story than he gave me for sympathy and use of the car. Well hubby reluctantly said yes. Less than 2 hrs afterward we got a call from him that had a cockamamie story to it. Saying some dude pulled out in front of him or something. Well we had to get a tow truck to tow it home. The witnesses and cops said a different story to us. As well as you could see the evidence of the wreck. Maybe the guy is hoping cause he is considered, "disabled" they will give him leniency. We even saw his driver's license and everything and it was still current. Well his insurance won't pay for his hospital trip/ambulance ride due to it was an auto-accident. And our insurance won't cover him either due to we found out he was an unlicensed driver. So we got a $1900 hospital bill due to his negligence. Which we are NOT paying due to I was the primary driver on the insurance due to my better driving record. I'm sorry but I am not wasting my money and stuff on him when he flat out lied, and basically tried to commit suicide in someone else's car (without thinking about the repercussions to that family, ie mine). And I was the one who told him no in the first place.

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  • Is a third degree misdemeanor punishable by time in jail in Pennsylvania?

    Now my room-mate may (rightly so). Get criminally charged with lying to a police officer about his identity. He (the state police officer) was on the fence about it. But he has been lying to everyone, including his girlfriend about it. And my husband told the trooper so. I hope since my husband and myself are such outstanding citizens it has some sway to the trooper's decision. My question is since that would be a third degree misdemeanor, Would he (the room-mate) get any jail time? If so, the minimum and the maximum amount.

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  • When someone refuses to pay back for car repairs due to an accident that they claim wasn't their fault?

    My husband let a friend drive our car and he wrecked it. Claimed it was another driver's fault and that the driver stayed close by to provide all the info. But it turns out it was just a eye-witness who stayed to give a statement to police. The way he said the accident played out plus eye witness accounts don't match. Plus the cop told us he lied about who he was and found out he didn't even have a license as well as evidence of drug use on his arms.(the car was in my husband's name but the insurance is in both ours). Plus we only have liability only on it. And the repairs to the car are more than the kelly blue book value. So we thought we'd be nice and let him pay x amount per month Toward the KBB value instead of repairs as we only had liability. But the first month being more due to he had US paying towing as well as gas to go get HIS KIDS TO VISIT. We were coersed into having part of our car sawed off so repayment could be made for towing. Now he doesn't like the payment plan we have set up and refuses to pay (cause the first month is more due to towing and gas to get the kids). And he insists on having kids around us all the time. So we won't do anything to him while they are around. But now we are expected to entertain them, bathe them, feed them and give general basic care. Cause his ex is too busy to do it right now. And he is too busy talking or texting his ex/the new gf/or buddies on his cell or using the house phone for it. I want to know what recourse we possibly have.

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  • track marks and lying about who you are?

    Now my room-mate that I come to find out has no license (told that by a state trooper that arrived on the scene of his wreck with my hubby's car). And also found out he told them that he was his brother (another thing state trooper told hubby). As well as he was speeding and he hit the only thing in the middle of the yard as well as maintains that someone pulled out in front of him (you could see it in yard that he hit the only thing right dead center of yard as well as the nearest interestion was over 500 yards away which he would have had time to stop). Then he made US pay for towing when he thought smokes and rum and coca cola were more important than paying for towing. And whined to his dr that he was really really hurt so he could get vicodins (that he sold 10 of to a friend to get spare money). When is enough, enough that I can make my other room-mate (the one that owns the house) kick him out? The room-mate the wrecked the car don't do anything and we all clean up after him anyway.

  • Annoying neighbors, that won't stop mooching?

    I just moved in with a room-mate (my husband, daughter and myself). And we got these neighbors that at first were ok. Now they are coming over everyday to use our internet, our telephone, our cable (cause they are too cheap to get theirs turned back on). Oh heck the neighbor even had the audacity to ask for a ride to work (he pays $5 gas sometimes but that's not the point). He mooches cigarettes and coke (very rare and seldom does he buy any though) and even when he knows it is around our supper time he and his family will come up to eat. I have told him point and point again that we cannot afford to feed our family and his too. For the past 2 months we have lived on half what he and his family does. And still have a moving and legal vehicle, garbage removal, food, telephone, internet and cable. A few times they even asked to come up and do laundry (of which we even have a washer and dryer). Thing is I keep our door unlocked (and they walk right in). So basically since we moved in with our room-mate we'd been supporting him, ourselves and the neighbors. If they were truely hard up I could possibly understand. But they make twice as much as we do (for the same amount of people). And his kids are always HUNGRY when they come here (eatting my two year olds lunches). As well as his live in girl friend or whatever you want to call her. Goes on a crack binge once a month (Yes I know for a fact that she does it...even taking bill money out of his underpants for her habit, but hey that ain't my problem if she can do that they can pay bills and feed their kids). But as a problem also I know for a fact that they abuse the welfare system (which makes it even worse one for doing that two for the fact that they still depend on us). Imagine the fact that 4 people living off of $698 a month and still manage to get by. And 4 moochers if you will living off of $1400 plus still mooching off of us. Normally this would still be a pretty big problem, but I am 7 months pregnant and it is just irritating the heck out of me.

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  • How good is sonoline pocket fetal doppler?

    My husband picked this up in the store today for like $60. I just want to know for the most part how good it is. Seeing as how I am in my 17th week of pregnancy.

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  • What was your experience with showing during pregnancy?

    With my son I didn't start showing till I was 7 months pregnant (first pregnancy). With my daughter I didn't start showing till I was 8 months (second pregnancy). I am now entering my 4th month with my third (and already showed at 12 weeks, now I am in my 16th week). I thought with each one you started showing sooner and sooner cause of the muscles being lax. How is it possible that I didn't start showing sooner (in fact showed later) with my second and am showing way sooner with my third?

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  • This is so not right?

    I am sooooo mad right now. I am 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Both my husband and myself were bitten by the same damn dog. Only 19 days apart. I was bitten on the 28th of last month (it looked infected it was beat red around the bruise as well as it was extremely bruised, black blue and purple). And I still have the scar from it. My husband told me oh just put some perxiode on it, it will be fine. My husband got bit last night. And it is just turning a little pink around the wound. And now all of a sudden the neighbor is in a tizzy over it. An oh I'll take you to the dr and pay for it and the shot you may need and the meds. All this after my husband got bit. I even told him that the dog bit me the day he did. And his MIL was right beside me when I got bit. It wasn't the neighbor's dog it was his MIL's but she lives on the property with him. I know he didn't know I was pregnant, but my gosh mine looked a whole helluva lot worse than his. And nothing was ever done about mine, I just sucked it up and put perioxide on it. Even though I am not really sure if perioxide is ok for a pregnant woman to use on a bloody, open wound.

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  • Dog bite while pregnant?

    I am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. And I got bit by my parents yappy little wiener dog. It took a big chunk of skin and left a mark the size of a susan b anthony coin. That was saturday and I still have the mark from it on tuesday. Well apparently my parents wanted me to keep it hush hush. Cause they yelled at me when I said anything to anyone they heard from. I am so mad, but my dad's trying to blackmail me into not allowing me to see my brother this summer if anyone else finds out. Mind you my brother is only 12 going on 13 years old. And I think that's a crock of ****.

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  • Dry throat and pregnancy?

    Today my throat is sooooo dry that I feel like I am about to gag. I keep guzzling water like its going out of style. But the moment I swallow the water my throat is bone dry. Ugh, anyone else have this?

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  • I am very worried....?

    That from all I read my BFP is a false positive. Even though I am almost 2 weeks late and back aches in the morning. And get nauseous at various points during the day and cramps along my uterus, and get light-headed

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  • wal-mart brand Equate +/- red dye pregnancy test?

    My vertical line was dark pink/red. But my horizontal line was light pink/peach. Can I trust this positive? And even after 18 hrs it still appears the same color. And the color for the horizontal line appeared in 3 minutes.

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  • Faint Pink BFP on walmart brand equate HPT?

    How accurate is the wal-mart brand equate HPT? I got a faint pink one that looked like it was positive.

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  • 16 DPO could I be pregnant?

    I am 16 DPO (got a + OPK on 04/03/2011) And my LMP was 03/18/2011. In the past few days I been really tired as in going to bed way early. Despite taking a vitamin B12 for energy (which I have for a month and a half now). My boobs are sore from time to time. From time to time nausea that comes and goes. And been really irritable to everyone. And I am 5 days late, and I am hardly ever late except for when was pregnant. Could I be again?

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  • 16 Days Past Ovulation, pregnant???

    I started AF on 03/18/11 (tmi). I got a positive OPK on 04/03/11. Now I am 16 DPO and my boobs hurt, lower back hurts, having slightly creamy white CM (tmi) feel sleepy in the past few days despite taking a B12 vitamin (which I been taking over a month and a half now). Food adversions and cravings, could I be pregnant. I am like 5 days late and I am never late.

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  • SS website and local SS office is saying something different?

    I make 698 a month in SSD (don't judge me I worked for 10 years). And had applied in June 2010 for auxiliary benefits for my daughter, and was approved. But they say I am making the maxium family allowance for my family. But my daughter's entitled to half of my benefits. I checked their website. And it is saying my maximum family allowance is 1048. So she should be entitled to receive some.

    I make 698, I have a friend that makes 1500 and his kids are entitled and get 750 a month. Why is she not entitled to her 350 or whatever.

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  • Could I be possibly pregnant?

    I am 6 DPO. I am feeling a little nauseous from time to time. I noticed a sensitivity of caffeine (can't even drink 1 can without getting sick). A sensitivity to smells (cooking foods, perfume). Sorry tmi (creamy white CM). A extremely high cervix and after a bath my chest looks like a road map. And a fuller feeling in my stomache. And the need to pee more and slight backaches on the left side.

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  • question on anwser OPK?

    I detected a thin dark (very dak) line yesterday and a lighter line today. Does it mean I ovulated yesterday? Because before yesterday I was getting lines so light they looked a little like an evap line.

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  • Is moaning a problem?

    My husband complains I dont moan loud enough during sex. I didnt think it was that big of deal. But obviously he seems to.

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