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  • Legal grounds to sue?

    In August 2015, my son and I went to Las Vegas, NV to see his father. I took my car to a car wash and subsequently my back window was bust out by the car wash machine at a local 7-11. This was on a Friday evening, I was told the insurance company would not open until Monday. Luckily, I had a 96 special liberty that had been approved by my commanding officer so I was sure my car would be fixed by Monday. It wasn t. I ended up sitting around Monday until Thursday when they finally decided to fix my car. I asked for reimbursement of loss wages, for them to pay for the hotel expenses and food (since I was restricted to the hotel and had to eat there (good service was expensive) and that ALL damages were to be fixed. They only fixed my window and will be fixing my tail light. The right side bumper and back door to the truck still has damage they claim was "already there" when I sent the photos. Now, my son was in the back seat when this accident occurred and as a result if he sees a car wash he will scream and shake uncontrollably thinking I m going to go to the carwash. The emotional distress that my son goes through causes me emotional distress and I feel like I will NEVER be able to go through another carwash again without thinking of this could potentially happen again. After going back and forth they decided to give me $235 for hotel and food (whereas I paid way more than that) and want me to sign a form releasing them of liability.

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  • Getting out of apartment lease because of bee infestation?

    I live in an apartment complex and today I was moving groceries from the car to the apartment. Once I got in I heard a weird buzzing and found out that it was 3 bees. I'm severely allergic to bees and to top it off I am pregnant. I'm wondering if the landlords don't remove the hive or exterminate them will I be able to get out of my lease? I am a California resident and I know that there are special circumstances that allow me to get out of a lease. Even though there isn't a bee infestation in my apartment, I do walk in that direction to get to my car and I'm scared that one day I'm going to get stung. Thanks for the responses.

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  • What is the instruction on tattoos?

    In the military do you still need a chit for tattoos that are covered in uniform or only the ones that will be exposed in uniform?

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  • Grounds to file a grievance for false sexual comments?

    I have someone who came to me and told me that a guy she was on deployment with is spreading rumors that they engaged in some sort of sexual intercourse. Obviously she is upset because this is a complete fabrication, but what she wants to know is can she talk to someone and file a formal grievance because this rumor is defaming her character. She isn't a part of the boat, but has people who called her up and informed her. A lot of people will say oh suck it up, people are going to talk, but there needs to be some form of judicial punishment for guys who lie about incidents such as this for the simple fact that she's married, he at the time was married and he told everyone that they engaged in sodomy, which all are punishable under the UCMJ. Thanks for you thoughts!

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  • What and where did this saying come from?

    You hold the tail while I skin the cat... My family has been saying this forever, but I want to know who first said it and what it means or your interpretation of it. Thanks!

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  • What qualities do you look for in a man or woman?

    Just curious to what people think about and what they look for in a potential partner. Thanks in advance!

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  • Is Fantasia Innocent?

    What is your opinion on Fantasia and the whole alleged alienation of affection law in the state of North Carolina? For those who may not know she was or is being sued by the wife of a married man she had been seeing for over a year. Also there was a suicide attempt made shortly after this all came to light around August.

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  • Treating a vaginal yeast infection with Garlic?

    Ever since I have joined the military 2 years ago, I have been suffering from reoccurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. I have taken Diflucan (Fluconazole) and Metronidazole (flagyl) and every other medicine you can think of with no positive results. Anybody in the military knows that they don't really try and get to the root of the problem, they will just give you the medicine and send you on your merry way. I read an article on using a clove of garlic and vaginally inserting it to cure yeast infections. Has anybody ever personally tried it? What are some other natural remedies that I can use to treat a yeast infection so that I won't have to continually go back to medical?

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  • Money problems with coworker that's in the Navy?

    Can someone get in trouble for borrwing money and not paying it back? Under what instructions can they get in trouble? I let someone from my squadron borrow money with the intent that I would get it back the next pay day. It's been a month and so far her car has been repo'ed, she's been dodging me and I've tried explaining to her that I'm the only person financially stable to help out my sister who is a full time college student and needs my help. She went to Las Vegas for New Years (we got paid on the 31st at 9:00) and that pissed me off. How can you go to Las Vegas and not pay me my money. Can she be UCMJ'ed or Captains Masted? Under what articles? Thanks

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  • How can I get the IETMS for H-60S on my personal computer?

    I've tried google, yahoo, askjeeves and anything else you can think of. I can't find the IETMS to put on my computer. It would be an advantage to me because if I had that on my computer I could study and learn the system, it's components and how it operates in the comfort and privacy of my own home. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of anything PLEASE let me know. I am trying to MAKE 3rd in March and the only way I have access to the info is by going into work and using the shop's computer.

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  • The definition of aiding and/or abetting?

    I need a simple term for aiding and abetting.Take this scenario for example: You find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you with another girl and you guys break up. He suggests that if you guys want to fight then to call her. He proceeds to then direct you to her apartment and up to where she lives. Her roommate opens the door for you. You guys confront each other and fight. My question is this: If charges were to be pressed, can the ex boyfriend be charged as an accomplice or aiding and abetting? Would there be ANY possible way for the ex girlfriend who entered the apartment to be charged with burglary if the roommate invited her into the apartment? This scenario didn't happen to me, but I was reading about it and I was curious as to what you guys thought. I would very much so value your opinion. 10 points to the best answer.

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  • USN, Go Navy, Smooth Sailing!?

    This is only for sailors who are either active, reserves or retired. What was/is your rate, rank and how many years did you (or currently) serve? Why do you think that your rate is/was the best rate? Although I'm in Avionics, I won't be biased. Anything you'd like to write.

    AEAN Martin, USN

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  • For all the Halloween fanatics?

    What character are you going to be for Halloween? I don't celebrate Halloween, not because I necessarily think that it's evil, but because that's never been anything my family has been fond of. I would like to know what costume you will be donning and how you came to pick that item and the significance behind it. Thanks!!

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  • Do you think that I'm wrong for doing this to my husband?

    I'm 21 and my husband is 22. We've been together for 2 and a half years and for 1 of those years I've been in the Navy. Well, he moved up to San Diego, Ca with me in June and has been searching for a job, with no luck since. Because of this, I take care of all the bills, rent, electric, cell phone, car note, car insurance, credit cards, and anything else that is to come up. This paycheck that just came up, all of my bills got paid on time and as a result I had .60 in my account. My sister owed me money so she put $150.00 in it, but I never told him. Now he's upset because he's discovered that "we" had money the whole time. Like, what is $150.00 I wipe my *** with that. We have one joint account together and then I have my own separate account because HE doesn't know how to manage money. Should I even care that he's upset because at this point he can eat a #@$!

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  • About to cook some chicken gizzards?

    I've cooked them probably 6 or 7 times in my lifetime, but I'm looking to do something different with them. I normally fry them. Any new or excited recipes I should try that's great and inexpensive? Thanks!

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  • What do you think about my situation?

    My husband has just come up here to stay with me in San Diego, CA. I'm in the military and he's a civilian, we dated for 2 years before we got married, but we never "lived" together. It was always him spending the night over my apartment and then going back to his parent's house. Well now that we are officially living together and are married, I noticed that his mood has changed. He seems agitated all the time, more prone to emotional and verbally abusive.I told him once that I was buying a ticket for him to go back to Florida because I refuse to be disrespected in my house when I'm the sole bread winner and I'm the one out there working 12+ hours a day, not only for him, but to defend my country. Is it just nerves on his behalf (he's never left the east coast before) and he's going to eventually adjust or do I need to just send him back to Florida? In the two years that we've dated and the 5 years we've known each other, he's never acted like this before.

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  • Only for navy/avionics working on helos?

    I am getting sick and tired of the petty officers treating the airmen like ****. Case in point, I work nights and it's 0030 and people want to get home. A bird has to be moved before we can do that and so they make me wing walker and I have to hold the chocks too. As per IETMS you are NOT to walk beside the tire or in front of it. A second class decided to ***** at me and say that I was walking by the tail of the bird, but if the blade is by the tail that's where I need to walk to get a clear vision of both blades. When I explained to him that what I did is in the PUBS and fully in regulations he decided to pull rank and the "discuss was finished." I really want to write a note to the CO or at least to the MO. Would that be pushing it or am I well within my rights? Had I not would have been experienced as a wing walker and had taken his advice, I would have unknowingly been putting myself in a dangerous situation: The tire could blow out, I could trip and fall and get ran over. I want to hear from other airmen about this or someone who has experienced this from another ignorant superior such as this guy.

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  • Recipes for Cornish hens? Rib eye steak?

    My husband comes up in 3 days! I'm very excited and yesterday I went to the store and bought 156.00 worth of food, but I don't know what to make with the dishes and what to use to cook them with. What are some good suggestions for Cornish hens (what seasoning and glaze do I use) with garlic mashed potatoes from scratch. What vegetable should be with the dish (he hates asparagus and that was going to be my first choice). Your comments are much appreciated. I'm am in the Navy and he's a civilian, we haven't seen each other since March because we decided that he should work and save up some money before he moved up her to California with me, I am about a 7 out of 10 when it comes to cooking but I want this night to be a special (a 10 out of 10) night for us.... :)

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  • Just bought a wii for my husband...?

    What kind of games should I be looking for so that it will be a surprise when he comes up here. If I ask him about it, he's going to figure out what I've done. I'm in the military and it kind of sucks for him to be moving from state to state following me around because he's my dependent. I just want to do some nice things for him so that he can transition smoothly to the West Coast's way of living (which sucks by the way). Any idea on the games or other systems?

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