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  • Funniest "Check in" places for Facebook?

    A question i just saw made me curious as to the names people call their homes when Checking In on Facebook.

    Whats the funniest "Check In" place you've seen on Facebook?

    My favourite is my friends house which is checked into as "Nirvana".


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  • THIS OR THAT ... ? :)?

    1) Violet Ruby OR Violet Eve OR Violet Kate?

    BQ: What do you think of the name Violet Ruby Kate?

    2) Oliver Zane OR Oliver Niall OR Oliver Logan?

    BQ: What do you think of the name Zane Oliver Niall?

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  • Pick your favourite from each list :)?

    Violet Ruby.

    Phoebe Lily.

    Eve Delilah.

    Poppy Sienna.

    Esme Willow.

    Scarlett Isabel.

    Oliver Zane.

    Archie Logan.

    Niall Sebastian.

    Toby Elijah.

    Travis Dean.

    Brady Noah.

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  • Pick your faves from the lists :)?

    Violet Ruby.

    Phoebe Lily.

    Eve Delilah.

    Poppy Sienna.

    Esme Willow.

    Scarlett Isabel.

    Oliver Zane.

    Archie Dean.

    Noah Travis.

    Toby Elijah.

    Asher Logan.

    Niall Sebastian.

    Rate. Comment on why you do or dont like them. Pick your faves :) ♥

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  • Childrens programme HELP (UK)?

    Does anyone in the UK remember this kids programme?

    I cant remember exactly what it was about but the beginning part started out with the characters on a carousel/ the ones you see at the fair but instead of horses it had seats or something. Anyway it spun around and the camera landed on one of the characters and depending on which character it landed on would determine the outcome for the rest of the show.

    Can anyone remember this, its doing my head in! Thanks.

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  • How many of you have had a reasonable question deleted?

    Im asking this because i recently got a question deleted because "it violates Yahoo! terms and conditions". The question was "What do you think of these names?" followed by about 12 names.

    I did appeal but it was denied.

    Now, ive come to realise that its users on Y!A that report questions which results in them being deleted. I feel this is a massive flaw and we as users have too much power. Do they even review questions before deleting them? Doubt it!

    So, im asking if you've ever had anything similar happen?

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  • What do you think of the name Violet + BQs?

    What do you think of the name Violet?

    BQ 1: Which first/middle name combo do you like the best?

    Violet Evie Kate.

    Violet Eve Kate.

    Violet Phoebe Kate.

    Violet Juliet Kate.

    Violet Isabel Kate.

    Suggest a middle name or two you think works well with Violet and then one or two which you think works well between Violet and Kate.

    Thanks ♥

    8 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • If you could build a theme park...?

    If you could build/own/design a theme park..

    What would it be called?

    What themed sections would you have?

    What rides etc?

    Go wild :D

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  • What do you think of these names?


    - Phoebe Alice.

    - Ruby Delilah.

    - Eve Willow.

    - Sienna Lily.


    - Oliver Zane.

    - Toby Austin.

    - Travis Logan.

    - Brady Eli.

    Rate + Comment etc :)

    18 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Phoebe or Evie plus BQ?

    These are my two favourite names and i can't choose between them. I can't use them as first and middle because they are too rhyme-y.

    Which name do you like best and why?

    BQ: Middle names -- Choose three of the names below for both Phoebe and Evie.

    - Delilah.

    - Lily.

    - Alice.

    - Eve.

    - Isabel.

    - Kate.

    - Violet.

    - Ruby.

    - Matilda.

    - Savannah.

    - Esme.

    BQ2: What do you think of the name Delilah?

    Thanks ♥

    19 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Suggest me some names?

    For a long time i've had a list of names that i've really liked but lately I don't feel the same and I can't figure out what I like anymore. It's quite frustrating. So using the names below suggest me five boys names and five girls :)

    These are names I like at the moment..


    - Zane.

    - Oliver.

    - Blake.

    - Toby.

    - Ethan.

    - Eli.

    - Jasper.


    - Phoebe.

    - Esme.

    - Eve/Evie.

    - Delilah.

    - Kate/Katie/Katherine.

    - Sienna.

    More suggestions for girls names than boys if possible :)

    Thanks <3




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  • Reccomend me some movies for tonight?

    Im looking for a movie or two to watch tonight. Can you suggest some that you liked please :)

    Comedy - Similar to Bridesmaids or Get Him to the Greek.


    Thriller - Similar to Salt or The Bourne Trilogy.

    ALSO - Any good indie films such as Thirteen, Bully, Donnie Darko or Brick.

    Thank you.

    6 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • Your thoughts on these names?


    - Ethan Zane.

    - Oliver Jasper.

    - Toby Jared.


    - Eve Katherine.

    - Sienna Ruby.

    - Mila Violet


    Not pregnant, just bored.

    11 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Which twin set do you like the best?

    One - Evie Willow & Ruby Isabel.

    Two - Lillie Kate & Esme Violet.

    Three - Poppy Alice & Phoebe Matilda.

    BQ: Using the names above what would you name twin girls?


    Not pregnant, just bored. Although, twin girls do run in my family :)

    --- ♥

    11 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Name twins using these names :D?

    First names...

    o Evie

    o Ruby

    o Lillie

    o Esme

    o Mila

    o Poppy

    Middle names..

    o Kate/Katherine

    o Violet

    o Matilda

    o Rosalie

    o Isabel

    o Alice

    o Phoebe

    o Willow

    o + The names listed on 'first names' can be used as middle names too.

    Thank you.


    Not pregnant. Just bored.

    --- ♥

    26 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • What do you think of these names?

    & do you think they go well together?

    o Evie Willow.

    o Ruby Isabel.

    o Poppy Alice

    o Toby Oliver.

    o Noah Finley.

    o Brady Travis

    --- ♥

    Rate, Comment, Suggestions etc.

    Not pregnant, just bored. Thanks.

    4 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • To dream of sleeping in a church...?

    I had a dream where me and a guy were sleeping in a church at night. I dont know the guy in real life but in my dream I liked him a little. There were some of my real life friends in the dream who too were going to stay the night in the church but they decided to go out for awhile.

    im not a religious person at all and in the dream we had keys to the doors of the church.

    Can anyone interpret this please?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation9 years ago