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мєxι . ♥

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___.ωнσ αм ι ? ωelL , ι cαn вe тнε sнιnιng вяιgнt sιdε., To чσüя вαd dαч. . иαмε .? ιvσииε _ call me whatever floats your boat . ( : ι don't bιтe.. unless you'яe ιnтo тнaт soятa тнιng . .sukk.ίт.нσε. ιll тreaт yoυ нow yoυ тreaт мeee . ι can вe really randoм aт тιмeѕ (; oh; &i can be really naughtyy . but, who isnt ? lets play a love game . ha . i live my life the way i want or can . you should try it ( : P&S is where im most likely to be found in . i gave up on P&S for a while, but now im back . &ima have fun while there. lets see how the new 'generation' gets aroundd. - two fingers up suckkerss. мєxι . ♥__! x